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Unit Study Adventures
Downloadable, Four-Week Unit Study
Grades K - 12


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Remember wishing you could fly when you were a child? Flight has held man’s attention for thousands of years, and still fascinates children today. This four-week unit study will teach your children the history and science of flight while introducing them to famous flyers, inventors, and other brave aviation adventurers.

Come join us as we discover what has been happening in the world of flight since before Leonardo da Vinci first began sketching his ideas for a flying machine! Did you know that Marco Polo witnessed kites carrying humans in China? And don't tell the kids, but in 1010, a Benedictine monk was the first man to fly for some distance with the aid of wings—before falling and breaking his legs. In addition to the history, we will delve into what makes an airplane fly, how it is controlled, and so much more.

The Flight unit is in electronic format, meaning your children can work through the study interactively, clicking on the links in each lesson to further their own investigation. Each day's lesson plan has been written in two levels: Lower Level (elementary grades) and Upper Level (junior/senior high grades), enabling the whole family to learn together! Includes Flight Notebooking Pages.

Come enjoy the adventure!

Take a peek inside this unit.

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