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Unit Study Adventures
Downloadable, Four-Week Unit Study
Grades K - 12

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Space: a wide-open, never-ending collection of places and things that we are just beginning to explore! Help your children begin to see the vastness of the universe God created. The study of space opens up a child's world as well as his imagination and curiosity about everything that is in the night sky.

We will study telescopes, remote telescopes in space (the Hubble), satellites that circle the Earth, probes that travel to the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond, orbiting observatories (the International Space Station), as well as space travel past, present, and future. We will learn about planets, stars, moons, meteors, constellations, galaxies, black holes, and so much more!

The Space unit is in electronic format, meaning your children can work through the study interactively, clicking on the links in each lesson to further their own investigation. Each day's lesson plan has been written in two levels: Lower Level (elementary grades) and Upper Level (junior/senior high grades), enabling the whole family to learn together!

Join us on our adventure into space!

"I had the privilege of meeting Gene Cernan several years ago and hearing him speak about his moon mission and what it felt like to walk on the moon. He shared his excitement about what it looked like and why it is important to keep learning and journeying into space. I highly recommend that if you get a chance to hear an astronaut speak, go and listen and learn. Introduce yourself!"  —Amanda B.

Take a peek inside this unit.

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