Passport Geography: Germany

Pack up and get ready to travel to Germany with Amanda Bennett’s new Passport Geography series! This one-week unit study has been developed to provide your student with a virtual tour of Germany, covering the geography of this nation, as well as some of its history, art & literature, landmarks, and interesting people.

“I was blown away to discover the content of that was more than I could have imagined. Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett] products
just keep getting better and better.”

Nicolene in the U.K.

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From Lichtenstein Castle to the sights and sounds of colorful Frankfurt, you will visit historic and unique sites and marvelous places that span the nation that is officially called the Federal Republic of Germany. Some of the places you will be visiting include:PPGermanyScout_Spread

You will see and hear the sights and sounds of cities and villages, people, daily life, tourist spots, and historical places, all from the comfort of home—no passport required! Some of the spots that you will be visiting include:

With the new Passport series, you will see places that most people never get to visit. From learning about some of the food they enjoy, such as strudel, sauerkraut, and bratwurst, you will be heading on to castles and cliffs, as well as the Zugspitze and Schloss Charlottenburg. Pack up and get ready to travel to Germany with Amanda Bennett’s new Passport Geography™ series!

Passport Germany Scout Sample Pages:

Passport Germany Explorer Sample Pages:

Here’s what parents are saying about Passport Germany:

” . . . grab your kids and your passports and head on a virtual field trip to Germany. Like the other Passport unit studies this one-week study is packed with loads of wonderful information and a great lapbook. I think every subject is covered in the Passport Germany, including math, writing, reading, history, geography, art, home economics, religion, social studies, music, foreign language and science. If your kids beg for more, like mine often do, don’t worry, Amanda’s got you covered and includes an excellent list of recommended books, videos, Internet links, games, activities and [more] to enhance your learning experience. Your kids will explore Germany and learn lots of geography terms along the way. They will experience beautiful landscapes . . . be exposed to historical figures . . . they will learn about The Berlin Wall, World War I and II. . . . Did you know you can make your own Gummi Bears at home? Science will be covered as children learn about native animals, clocks, x-rays and thermometers. And if you have some reluctant boys, like mine, just tell them they will be learning about castles, the Autobahn, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen factory. I’m pretty sure that will get their attention. Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett has done it again that’s for sure. She has created an all encompassing curriculum that makes learning fun and interesting for both kids and adults.” Kathy in GA

” . . . Having studied German as a language myself years ago and living In a town that is twinned with a town in Germany, I was looking forward to the study to introduce my children to what I knew and much much more. I was blown away to discover the content of that much much more was more than I could have imagined. Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett] products just keep getting better and better. It is definitely the most eclectic study to date, covering almost everything from clocks, cars, and classical music to glaciers, thermometers and x-rays. I love how it brings in my daughter’s favourite fairy tales and turns them into a wealth of knowledge, and how we are introduced to the German language. I certainly can’t wait to serve up some of the delicious looking recipes given for each day; what a tasty way to learn! I’m in awe of how Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett] managed to accumulate such knowledge in sciences, history and language in this one study. There are again, amazing suggestions for not only books but apps, puzzles and games, really going above and beyond! For the Explorers the wealth of knowledge blew me away! I myself would have loved to study this unit in this style when I was of that age. I see something in it for all my older children, from the Berlin Wall to Einstein while popping into the Haribo store along the way. Just amazing! I love the maturity of the Explorer section, how they can take control of their own learning by writing their own research paper, and be inspired by some of the famous quotes along the way. . . . Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett], thank you for creating these products. I wish I could just pop by and give you a great big thank you hug for all the fun and memories you are helping me create with my children.” Nicolene in the U.K.

“Passport Geography offers Scout and Explorers levels, which allow you to use this wonderful tool for all grade levels. This is a great addition to the unit studies. Amanda Bennett has really outdone herself with this new series. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.” Lori in MI

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