Expedition China


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When you study a country, do you check out the animals, inventions, people,
special places, and missionaries important to its history?

How will your child measure up, compared to a giant panda?

Who is Lottie Moon, and what did she bake to help make friends with the Chinese children?

Day 1: Where on Earth Is China?EC_spread
Day 2: Some of the Special Places in China
Day 3: A Bit of History
Day 4: Cool Things to Know About China
Day 5: Fun and Games in China

A whole new appreciation for this nation will shine through as geography, science, history, and more are worked into the activities!

Enjoy an adventure with your children through Expedition China . . . your computer will become a window to an amazing world!

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Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying
about Expedition China:

“It is getting so that anticipating Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go™ unit studies is becoming one of the highlights of my homeschooling month! . . . You see, if you are unfamiliar with Amanda Bennett’s shorter, bite-sized (as I have come to think of them) unit studies, it really doesn’t matter what you are currently studying in your homeschool. You always have time either to take a short break to work on the current Download N Go™ topic or, as is more usually the case, to work the current Download N Go™ topic into your present course of study . . . Another wonderful part of this unit study is the animal and geographical features of the day. My children couldn’t wait to find out what the animal would be each day. Even better, these animals are tied in to the optional, but included, lapbook component of the unit study! Finally, and in keeping with the winnowing benefit I so love, Expedition China contains several videos featuring aspects of China that my family will only ever see over the computer. Once again, there are thousands of such videos online. Amanda Bennett has done all of my legwork (fingerwork?) for me, and has found examples of the best videos, which correlate to the relevant portions of her unit study. All my children and I have to do is sit back and enjoy.”  Laura in TX

“DNG has done it again! Expedition China is now our favorite unit study yet! My boys (ages 4, 6, and 14) were all completely consumed in the materials provided throughout the series. From animals to geography to history, Expedition China covered all kinds of information, including lots of things we never even thought of. The unit study was very thorough, easy to follow, and fun to do with the boys. Videos and hands-on activities really brought China to life for us, and we feel blessed and fully nourished academically on this beautiful country. We were finally able to grab our Hudson Taylor book from the bookshelf and incorporate its usefulness to this lesson.”  Katrina in NC

“I would not hesitate to recommend this series to my fellow homeschooling families. As the ‘school year‘ winds down, I can see choosing some of the ‘fun’ units (like Pizza Party or Soccer, for example) to do for the summertime. Great value, great fun, great learning! Our favorite aspects of Expedition China are the missionary profiles, the Great Wall information, pandas, and just the basic facts of the country. . . . We are spending more time on this unit and lapbook, but the information is easily adaptable for that. I’m also glad to have the clickable Internet links embedded right in the Download N Go™ to take the guesswork and frustration out of my own Internet searches. Just try Googling China and designing your own age-appropriate unit study from the results! Talk about overwhelming! I can’t give away any ‘trade secrets’ on what is included in this unit study and lapbook, but rest assured that the subjects of geography, history, science, math, and language arts are covered very well. Two thumbs up for Expedition China!”  Sara in NY

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Grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.