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ExpeditionChina no ngWould you like to bring geography to life for your K-4th grade students? Then check out this collection! It is interactive and ready to use, no prep required! It includes:

Expedition_Africa coverwithoutNatGeolm11014reducedsize   ExpeditionAustralia no ng   ExpeditionIrelandCover noNG

ExpeditionCanada no ng   Expedition Mexico cover ABcom   ExpeditionIsraelCover noNG

“We have only done unit studies for 2 weeks but already it has changed the atmosphere in our schoolroom. They (5 and 7) are happy, eager to learn and asking me to “do school” on the weekend! Praise God and THANK YOU AMANDA!!! . . . No more tears and tearing out my hair. I was always sure that homeschooling was the right thing to do; I taught for years in a public school and wanted better for MY kids, but I tried to teach them the way I taught my 32 5th graders. It didn’t work. Unit studies are so fun and engaging–I’M LEARNING SOMETHING from them too! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart–it has already made all the difference!”    Mollie from CO

Don’t forget that these are digital studies and you will be sent an email with a secure link to download your studies (pdf file) immediately.
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