Passport Geography: France

Pack up and get ready to travel to France with Amanda Bennett’s new Passport Geography series! This one-week unit study has been developed to provide your student with a virtual tour of France, covering the geography of this nation, as well as some of its history, art & literature, landmarks, and interesting people.

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From online strolls through Paris, to touring ancient Roman structures, you will visit historic and unique sites and marvelous places that span the nation that is officially called the French Republic. Some of the regions you will be visiting include:

You will see and hear the sights and sounds of cities and villages, people, daily life, tourist spots, and historical places, all from the comfort of home—no passport required! Some of the spots that you will be visiting include:

With the new Passport series, you will see places that most people never get to visit. From learning about some of the food they enjoy, such as truffles, crepes, and cheese, you will be heading on to chateaus and cliffs, as well as the Champs-Élysées and Fourviere Hill. Pack up and get ready to travel to France with Amanda Bennett’s Passport Geography™ series!

Passport France Scout Sample Pages:
Passport France Explorer Sample Pages:

Here’s what parents are saying about Passport France:

“France is an amazing and beautiful country. And even though you may not get to actually visit, Passport France will allow you and your kids to discover this country right at home through engaging videos, Internet sites, cooking projects, science lessons, research, books, and more! What I love about the Passport Geography studies are the variety of tools compiled into one unit study. Countries are explored through activities such as Map It, VIP (Very Important People), Get Some Culture, Creature Feature, and Family Projects. There are so many different ways that learning can take place and the the study is rich in subjects like geography, history, art, language, culture, science, and more! What a fun and exciting way to immerse your family in another country. The Passport France unit study is totally flexible and customizable for use with different ages and abilities. There are even two separate studies available to you, one for elementary ages, and one for Jr./Sr. High. We can’t wait until we get the opportunity to begin our trip through France!”     Lisa W.

“Passport France is a fantastic one week unit study, jam packed with wonderful learning opportunities! While you may not be visiting this country in person, this study gives you such a feel for this beautiful country! Passport France takes you on a tour of some of the most beautiful and well known cities, such as Paris. You will also visit some cities that you may not be as familiar with, places like Corsica and Nice! Passport France covers a myriad of topics including geography, map skills, animals, landmarks, rivers, science, sports, and so much more! Each day you will learn about a different French VIP, learn some of the French language, with a new vocabulary word each day. Tour to a few cathedrals and famous landmarks! Oh and French food! You will learn about French cuisine and have the opportunity to make a few with the recipes linked within the study. Passport France covers all the areas of France. One of the neat parts of this study is learning about a Kids life in France! I think it is so fun to show my children how children in other parts of the world live and to learn about their culture and how they spend their day! Passport France has a wonderful list of books you can use to go along with this study as well as interactive and embedded links to enhance your learning experience. I really love the extras that are included at the end of each day. You can get the entire family involved in this study with the daily Family Fun projects and the additional Internet resources provided. This study is wonderful for elementary to high school students. There is a wonderful lapbook filled with colorful graphics to go along with this study. Passport France makes me want to pack my suitcase and head to Europe and explore!”     Michele in NJ

“Passport France is an exciting new way to travel through France without really being there. The daily video clips make you feel like you’re really there and the questions are sure to peak your children’s interest. Each day you will learn Scripture, geography, important and interesting places of each country, fun food, science and so much more. One of the great features of this unit study, is the lapbook. It presents a great way for your children to learn and creates an instant portfolio of what they’ve studied. It’s a great resource for your children to look back through in the years to come. Passport Geography offers Scout and Explorers levels, which allow you to use this wonderful tool for all grade levels. This is a great addition to the unit studies. Amanda Bennett has really outdone herself with this new series. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.”     Lori in MI

“France, France lovely France . . . brings to mind music, food, and laughter . . . Why? I don’t know, it just does. :)   Passport France is all about France; divides this country into five different regions for easier study; including on a daily basis things such as Scripture, maps, important people, places to visit, things to see, animals, and much, much more. You will get a good resource list, be connected with a variety of links from all over the web, watch interesting videos, and see and learn so much!. . . .  I have to admit to being shocked to learn that France has beavers and had to go check that information out for myself. I had thought they were a particular animal to North America. So good to learn something new and it’s a good way to build connections for children. If you want to learn about France, get Passport France, with the resource list and this ebook, your students will learn a great deal of information. Viva La France!”     Annette in Ontario

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