Elections 2018 Unit Study Adventure


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Election time is rapidly approaching here in the United States, and we are introducing the new Elections 2018 Unit Study Adventure. Every two years, we have national elections, and they are often accompanied by state and local elections. In 2018, the congressional elections are in the spotlight, while there are also many state and local elections and issues on ballots across the country.

With this unit study, your student will learn about:

The study requires no other books–it includes Internet links throughout the lessons for the use of the students when other resources are helpful.

The Elections 2018 Unit Study Adventure is in electronic format, meaning your children can work through the study interactively, clicking on the links in each lesson to further their own investigation. Each day’s lesson plan has been written at two levels: Lower Level (elementary grades) and Upper Level (junior/senior high grades), enabling the whole family to learn together! Includes the new Elections 2018 Companion Lapbook.

Help your children learn the role and importance of American elections,
as well as how they can make a difference. What an exciting year to begin this adventure—watch and learn as history unfolds!

Elections 2018 Unit Study Adventure
4-Week Unit Study
Grades K-12

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