Heroes of American History – American history comes to life!

Jump right into American history feet first and head for an adventure that is much more memorable and interesting than dry condensed, and predigested textbook material. Launching into the era of colonial America with Heroes of American History, we first learn about King George and his decision to burden the American colonists with the Stamp Act, raising taxes for his kingdom. The war with the French had put England in great debt, and now King George needed a way to raise money quickly.

You probably know that Americans hated the Stamp Act and that it was this act that began the American Revolution against England, but did you know that the colonists could only buy the goods they needed from England, and that it was illegal for them to sell the products produced in America to any country but England? People like Patrick Henry helped change the course of America with his brave words and deeds to win our freedom, but wait until you read about all of his misadventures along the way!

While not a unit study, this collection of stories for grades 4-8 was written to convey the feelings and ideas of the people of those times, holding the reader’s interest with chapters on Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Nathanael Greene, John Paul Jones, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, John Sevier, Robert Fulton, and more. Other topics covered include the Revolutionary War, the expanding frontier, the Wilderness Road and the Erie Canal, along with the coming of trains and railroads and Samuel Morse and the telegraph.

This book makes an excellent follow-up to the Heroes of America by Amanda Bennett. With 210 pages, there are sixteen illustrated chapters. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions for the students to answer, along with Internet resources for the material. Grades 4 – 8.