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If you would like to help your children learn more about American history in a fascinating way, these classic stories should help meet that desire. With interesting stories about Americans like George Washington, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, and many more, this book will help students enjoy American history (1492 – 1865) while laying a sound foundation for future study.

These stories, suitable for 4th – 8th grade students, were originally published in the early 1900’s, and were written almost 100 years closer to the lives of these heroes than those written today. The stories are all here in digital format, along with some added features that have been included to help with the learning adventure.

Perfect for a read-aloud, this collection will offer interesting insight into many important people and places in American history. With 29 stories included, your children can work on one each week for 29 weeks, or read one story daily to learn more about American history and heroes over a six week period.

Here are the story titles:

  • Columbus, Who First Crossed the Atlantic Ocean
  • Ferdinand Magellan, Who Found the Way Around the World
  • Francis Drake, Seaman of Queen Elizabeth
  • John Smith, The Father of Virginia
  • Samuel de Champlain, The Founder of Quebec
  • Miles Standish, Commander-in-Chief of the Pilgrims
  • Peter Stuyvesant, Last Dutch Governor of New York
  • King Phillip, Chief of the Wampanoags
  • The Men Who Explored the Mississippi
  • William Penn, Who Founded Pennsylvania
  • George Washington, The Young Soldier
  • James Wolfe, Who Captured Quebec
  • When Pontiac Besieged Detroit
  • The First Day of the Revolution
  • Israel Putnam, Soldier of the Revolution
  • A Christmas Surprise
  • A Winter at Valley Forge
  • How “Mad Anthony” Took Stony Point
  • How the “Swamp Fox” Made the British Miserable
  • George Rogers Clark, Who Gave Three States to the Union
  • John Paul Jones and His Sea Fights for America
  • Daniel Boone, the Kentucky Pioneer
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Who Showed the Way to the Pacific
  • Oliver Hazard Perry, Who Captured a British Fleet
  • Dolly Madison, Who Guarded the Nation’s Treasures
  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • David Crockett, The Tennessee Pioneer
  • Christopher Carson, Trapper and Guide
  • Abraham Lincoln, Pioneer and President

In this series of story collections, Amanda has rediscovered and rewritten stories of heroes throughout history for today’s students. Not a unit study, this story collection simply tells the captivating tales of history’s heroes in story format.

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