Heroes of Chivalry


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Is your student curious about the Crusades–what they were about and the men that were considered the heroes of this time in history? Not a unit study, this digital collection of stories provides an interesting perspective of the days of knights and chivalry, religious conflict, and a turbulent time in world history for your 8th – 12th grade student.

Based on a book written in 1905, Amanda has updated the language, adding interactive Internet links to help study the people and places in-depth, along with illustrations. From the original introduction in the book:

“These brief historical sketches were written primarily for young people, though it is hoped that some older readers may find pleasure in renewing their acquaintance with heroes of chivalry whose names are familiar still, but whose deeds are only vaguely recalled. It is the purpose of the book to enliven the study of history by giving the adventurous details omitted in textbooks, and to enable the readers to form a more vivid and lifelike conception of the great men with whom it deals and the turbulent and picturesque times in which they lived.”

The stories include:

Roland and Olive
The Cid Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar
Godfrey and the First Crusade  
Richard Cœur-De-Lion (Richard the Lion Heart)

In the Heroes of Faith story collections, Amanda has rediscovered and updated the language of the stories of heroes throughout history for today’s students. Unlike her unit studies, these stories simply tell the tales of history’s heroes in story format.

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