Sailing Ships Unit Study Adventure


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Sailing ships—a thrilling and adventurous topic for your next study! What a moving sight to see a tall ship under full sail. Even though you may not be able to see them under full sail in person, you can use this study with your students to learn more about sailing ships and their history, learn some of the basics of sailing, and “see” the ships through many resources.Weathervanes with bay and yacht in background.

History is interwoven with sailing ships of all kinds – through centuries of exploration, colonization, naval battles, and world-wide trade. Take an interactive look at these magnificent ships, mixing history with excitement and adventure:

The Sailing Ships study is part of the Unit Study Adventure series, designed to be a four-week study for grades K-12. Take a new look at these magnificent ships, mixing history with excitement and adventure! The daily lesson plans have been written in two levels in this study:Sailing Ships ABcom 2

By having these two levels for each day, the whole family can learn together. This study also includes Sailing Ships Notebooking Pages.

Join us for hands-on, interactive learning that puts your student at the captain’s wheel with Sailing Ships!

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See what parents are saying about Sailing Ships:

“As I began this review, I became so excited I just HAVE to tell you about this unit study . . . If any of the other unit studies she has written are as great as this one, I’ll have to completely drop all other schoolwork and do these studies . . . If you are like me and have been afraid to start a unit study for whatever reason, but have wanted to do one, this program is for you.”
Debbie M., Eclectic Homeschool

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