Valentine’s Day


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Is Valentine’s Day more than just giving cards and chocolate? Absolutely! With this captivating study, your child will learn as they enjoy preparing for the big day! From how our hearts work to how those cute conversation hearts are made, they will have a fun time as they learn explore the history and science of Valentine’s Day, and much more.

What Is Valentine’s Day?
The History of Valentine’s Day
Celebrating Valentine’s Day
Science and Valentine’s Day
Goodies and Gadgets of Valentine’s Day

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Cooking together, decorating tablecloths, and visiting neighbors with special Valentine’s Day cards—children will learn the importance of showing love to others!

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Here’s what parents are saying about Valentine’s Day:

“Each day children will do a little of the lapbook learning all about love. They will learn the history of Valentine’s Day, how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, how to make candy hearts, how the heart works, and Bible verses containing the word love. All of the planning is completely done for you. A list of books is included and categorized to go along with each lesson . . . Not only will we learn about love, but I can show them love and care as we go through this lesson. I have children ranging in a wide span of ages from elementary to high school, and I believe this can be adapted to any age of learning. Finally, a project we can all work on together.”
Nikki in PA

“Why do we give cards and roses? What do we know about Valentine’s Day, and what is legend? Find out in Valentine’s Day, the newest installment in the Download N Go™ Series from . . . Amanda Bennett. And what better subject to spend a week on than Valentine’s Day? From fun candy hearts and Valentine’s gifts to how the heart works and what the Bible says about love and the heart, Valentine’s Day is sure to leave you with a new appreciation of all the pink and red and a new outlook on an old tradition.”
Dana in TN

“Lapbook templates and instructions are included in this fun-filled unit study. Are you new to lapbooking? Then this is the product for you. The activities are broken up … so it is a simple and gentle way to start lapbooking. Internet links are included to help illustrate the folding and making of mini-books. The Valentine’s Day unit study begins with an amazing book list with many fabulous titles to enrich learning. Bible, math, science, history, geography, literature, crafts, and even cooking are covered over the study. I enjoyed the educational video links provided with each lesson.”
Erika in TX

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Designed for grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

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