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Amanda has assembled a set of her favorite learning tools for parents and teachers in this set, and the savings help out, too! If you are new to unit studies, first take a few minutes to read: What Is a Unit Study?

Amanda Bennett has long been deeply committed to helping parents enjoy the learning process with their children, as they help their children discover the world, as well as themselves.

Thomas Alva Edison said, “We do not know one millionth of one percent about anything.” And yet people still worry about having “holes” in their children’s education. As Amanda creates unit studies, one of her goals is to teach your child how to think, connect thoughts, and research to find answers. In this day of information explosion, those are the skills that will be most valuable in their adult lives.

Her goal in developing the support materials in this set is for you to be successful in homeschooling. The following resources are designed to help you do just that–without long hours spent on preparation and, most importantly, without stress!

Unit Studies 101 is a tell-all book in which Amanda Bennett offers her world of knowledge on the basics of unit studies, how to research and create your own unit studies, how to use unit studies effectively, and much more!

Unit Study Journal is a value-rich, 103-page record keeping tool, filled with interactive forms to make your unit study adventures painless and stress-free.

Portfolios 101 has been developed to give parents confidence in their preparation of a school-year portfolio for their child/children. Whether you’re required to submit a portfolio to a state agency or not, there are some wonderful benefits to building a portfolio.

These three titles make a great tool set as Amanda simplifies the process,
and helps you to see each step along the way!