Athletes In The Bible


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Many children show great passion for sports, and you can use this Bible study
to combine their sports interests with God’s Word,
building character traits that last a lifetime.

Blend sports and the Bible with this fascinating study focusing on the Athletes In The Bible! This Bible study spotlights David, Elijah, Samson, Peter, Paul and Jesus, and how they used their athletic abilities to face challenges in their lives as they worked to be obedient to God’s will. Students (grades 4-8) will learn some of the history of Israel and Christianity, as well as the importance of character values.

Designed with flexibility in mind, this book offers an intriguing learning opportunity with lessons on both biblical athletes and the Bible itself. Different from Amanda’s unit studies, this Bible study has 44 study sections and can be used many ways, perhaps as a one-semester course (19 weeks) or as a full-year course (38 weeks). Be sure to click on the orange SAMPLE button below to see a sample of the study pages!

Athletes in the Bible spotlights:

Students will be introduced to the athletic abilities and character traits of these men of God as they follow them across the Holy Land, tracking the paths of their lessons and their lives. Throughout this study your students will learn Scripture that will equip and strengthen them for athletic pursuits and life itself. Check out the sample from Athletes in the Bible:

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Read what others are saying about Athletes in the Bible:

Amanda was able to connect my family’s love of sports with real life stories from the Bible. We were amazed to learn how fast Elijah could sprint and the colossal strength of Samson. We were reeled in with Peter as he went fishing and cheered along with all of Israel as the underdog, David, took on the champion, Goliath of Gath. This study took the time to show my family the importance of harnessing our God-given physical abilities to bring Him glory. There were no missed goals or “air balls” in this study, it was a slam dunk. Most importantly, your young athletes will learn the importance of letting Jesus be their coach.  Athletes in the Bible is a great in-depth biblical study that moves with the speed of an Olympian while keeping your children engaged and asking for more. The book list at the beginning was a helpful resource to get us running down the right track, and as always, the links were a home run… Amanda Bennett has created an MVP Bible study that will surely make it into your Hall of Fame!” —Sarah in AR

“My teenage boy loves this sports-minded Bible study! Good role models can be hard to come by on ESPN these days. If your boys love sports as much as mine do, why not point them to the Athletes in the Bible? Amanda introduces them to David, Elijah, Samson, Peter, Paul, & Jesus from a physical standpoint. I love how she has them digging into Scripture to examine the physical demands that were placed on these men in their time. From there, she moves them from the concrete to the personal application of Godly character traits. The book list will encourage your young athlete with lots of titles that highlight professional athletes and coaches of our time with a strong faith. This Bible study will keep them coming back for more! —Lani in AR

“Athletes in the Bible is fascinating! This study is full of amazing links and information. I like how this Athletes in the Bible lets me really explore the information, and doesn’t just make me sit and read it. The Internet links, apps and games make it seem like something fun to do, rather than school. The interactive notes are very cool–you can type answers instead of having to write them. Learning about these Bible heroes as athletes is a new perspective; it made me think of them in a new way. Thanks for making a Bible study that incorporates Bible heroes and sports!
—Samuel in AR