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Capture a Year of Homeschooling Adventures

For many parents, the concept of preparing a portfolio for each year of learning can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you want to create a portfolio simply to capture the year of learning as a keepsake or for a school record or evaluation, this easy-to-use guide has been created just for you!

Portfolios 101 has been developed to give parents confidence in their preparation of a school-year portfolio for their child/children. Whether you’re required to submit a portfolio to a state agency or not, there are some wonderful benefits to building a portfolio.

Amanda has gathered loads of helpful resources, ideas, and forms in this fantastic tool that will make it simple for you to create a remarkable portfolio that captures your child’s year of learning. PLUS, this guide is interactive, providing not only valuable guidance, but also forms that you can use over and over again through the years ahead.

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A helpful tool no matter what type of curriculum you use, Portfolios 101 is reusable for years to come!

Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Portfolios 101:

” . . . I was excited to see this portfolio resource, complete with interactive forms. I’m telling you, it doesn’t get much simpler than this! Each year, as I continue to homeschool and my kids get older (and their work gets harder and more time-consuming) and I find myself expanding in my business adventures, I have less time to pour myself into creating those custom portfolios of old. Portfolios 101 is great for me because it will allow me to create a simple, yet complete, portfolio. … The first 20 pages of the e-book are introduction and help sheets–telling you exactly how to get started with putting your portfolio together. This section also contains interactive links and places for you to record notes. The “meat” of the e-book is the actual forms that you can fill out to include in your portfolio. I can’t think of anything that is missing here. . . . I can definitely see this resource filling a need for many, many people. . . . With the ability to be used over and over again throughout the years, with multiple children, the price of $14.95 seems very reasonable to me.”
Heidi Strawser, Senior Editor, Homeschool Mosaics

“Completing portfolios is not something we would have thought to do had it not been required by [Pennsylvania] state law. At times it seemed like such an aggravating and overwhelming undertaking! But after 10 years of homeschooling those annual portfolios are treasures and keepsakes to us now.
How I wish we’d had a product like Portfolios 101 when we were getting started. First, It offers so many ideas and guidelines on the types of experiences and accomplishments to record. Then, it provides tools to compile these memories, milestones, and attainments into an organized and meaningful portfolio, in either digital or print format. The wide variety of printable and typeable forms are a big timesaver, and would bring a cohesive and polished appearance to a portfolio. Provision is made for including sketches, photographs, and other ways to customize the pages.
I think this product would be a big help to both experienced and first-timers in putting together a portfolio. It strikes a nice balance between providing useful, practical suggestions and tools, and allowing scope for individual learning styles, preferences, and creativity. As eclectic homeschoolers, we know our kids are learning and getting an excellent education. If a portfolio is required by law, this product is an excellent tool to showcase and record this learning in a format that more traditional educators will understand and appreciate. And if the portfolio is just for your student and family to enjoy, you will appreciate the focus and clarity that using Portfolios 101 can provide, as well as the comprehensive scope of experiences it records. Highly recommended!
Eleanor in PA