Unit Studies 101


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In Unit Studies 101, Amanda Bennett offers her world of knowledge on the basics of unit studies, how to research and create your own unit studies, how to use unit studies effectively, and much more.

After more than 18 years of homeschooling, authoring more than 100 books and speaking to thousands of parents and teachers across the country, Amanda has assembled a very useful and helpful tool for understanding, creating, and using unit studies.

This comprehensive resource includes the basics of using unit studies, as well as many helpful resources for creating your own studies. You will find a wealth of organization and research tips, as well as clickable links that can save you hours of your precious time. Unit Studies 101 includes hard-to-find resources that will help you understand yourself, your children, your learning and educational goals, how to create a learning environment and make the most of your homeschool experience. There are helpful, printable forms for developing and using unit studies.

Some of the topics addressed in this guide include:

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Here’s what parents are saying about Unit Studies 101:

“If you ever want to write your own unit study you need to look no further than Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies 101. This comprehensive guide, however, is much more than a unit study guide. It would be a blessing to any homeschool mom. Unit Studies 101 begins with a primer on what education is and how to set goals for your students. It also covers what unit studies are and how to differentiate for varying learning styles. I enjoy reading Amanda’s easy to read style and gleaning from her years of experience as a homeschool mom and unit study author.

Unit Studies 101 is loaded with research links (so many that I didn’t realize existed) and multiple forms to help you plan your own unit studies and keep track of everything. This book takes you step by step from brainstorming, to putting it all together and implementing your own unit study with lots of fun ideas to include as well. The final chapter has ten unit study starters to get you started. I wouldn’t even think of writing a unit study without this book.”
Karen in RI

“Unit Studies 101 is an excellent resource to help you design a simple, hard, fun, challenging study to encompass what YOU and your child(ren) desire to learn about a particular subject. Amanda Bennett has written not only wonderful unit studies but she has given us the tools to go beyond her studies and help us to design and tailor fit our own studies to complement our curriculum, give us a break from our every day studies, or even to fill in a gap while we’re trying to decide where to go next with our schooling. If you are new to unit studies I’d highly recommend trying one out so that you can see the way that someone else has laid it out. But that is not necessary. Amanda talks about everything you need to know to create your own study using every type of resource. There are 12 chapters . . . and so much support that you cannot go wrong! The most important reason for me to homeschool my children is that I want to give them the best education and to make learning fun at every level and stage of their lives… I am thankful for these resources to help me to do what is best for my children.”
Karilyn in ND

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