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From its mind-boggling life cycle to the way that it flies, these creatures help bring the world of insects into focus for children around the globe. There aren’t many animals that are more beautiful than butterflies, and children are captivated with these well-designed and colorful creatures!

With the Butterflies unit study, you will set off on a fascinating learning adventure with your child. Just imagine:

What can compare to the animals that God has created? From the smallest amoeba to the largest whale on earth, God has made each one and fashioned them with amazing and unique features. Let the children see and learn about Creation from some of His most intricate handiwork. Through the adventure quests in this study, children will be able to clearly see the life cycle and beauty of this amazing insect as they explore the many unique features and characteristics of the always-changing butterfly.SAMPLE orange button_11969371
As you begin Butterflies, get ready for a wonderful learning adventure that focuses on one of the most kid-captivating insects on the planet. Your child will investigate the smallest and the largest butterflies known to man, as well as some of the science of insects, butterfly flight, and more!
Each quest will take them on an exploration of different butterflies and their habitats. From the metamorphosis of butterflies to their ability to “smell” with their feet, the fascination grows as they meet the challenge of each quest!

“I know every bird in the mountains,
 and the insects in the fields are mine.”
Psalm 50:11


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Grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

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