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Kids and ducks simply go together, from watching a duckling hatch from its shell, to learning how they fly and what the feathers do, kids simply have fun with these creatures.Cute white Pekin Duck standing in water

Living on every continent except Antarctica, ducks come in all shapes and sizes. From the tiny Bufflehead duck to the majestic Redhead duck, they are stunning and oh, so much fun to investigate.

You are about to set off on a fantastic learning adventure with your child:

Discovering what makes ducks “waterproof.”
Learning about the anatomy of birds and how they fly.
Having fun learning the story behind two famous ducks: Daffy and Donald.
Discovering the why and where of duck migration.

In this study your child will learn about the anatomy of ducks, from their webbed feet to the different types of feathers and why ducks preen their feathers. They will discover where the down in coats and pillows comes from, making the connection between ducks and people in many ways. There will be science discoveries, such as learning about the swimming and diving skills of ducks and the different kinds of ducks. Your student will learn a bit of history as he learns about Creation and studies Duckline in waterthe life and drawings of John James Audubon, a gifted naturalist and painter.

Get ready for an unforgettable learning adventure into the world of these fun and quacky creatures!

Check out the Dynamic Ducks lapbook:Duck lapbook

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Here’s what parents are saying about Dynamic Ducks:

Who knew there was so much fun stuff to learn about ducks?! Dynamic Ducks is a fantastic 5-day study that will help you and your children discover all sorts of cool things about these feathered creatures! Amanda Bennett’s unit study has pulled together all of the books, videos, websites, apps, and facts you’ll need to become duck experts! As always, my boys really enjoy the videos, but the duck poems and jokes were a big hit this time around as well! I love that this lesson about ducks also covers vocabulary and writing and so much more! We will be adding this to our summer science focus!
Erin in Nebraska

Dynamic Ducks is the perfect study for warmer months like spring and summer. Of course you could do it any time of the year, but in the warmer months you can go out and find some real, live ducks! This is perfect for your science/animal subjects or as an add-on during the summer. I love all the links to videos so your kids can see ducks and ducklings in action. Also the book lists, including both fiction and non-fiction books makes planning very simple. You and your kids will learn everything there is to know about ducks; different kinds of ducks, how to identify them, and the parts of a duck are just a few of the things you’ll learn. Get ready to have a blast!”
Alicia in NC

“Throughout this unit study you will travel around the world and learn about the different species of ducks that exist on every continent except Antarctica. Along the way you will learn duck terminology like dabbling, brood, Mallard, etc. You will also learn all about duck anatomy, how they fly and what makes them waterproof. You will also travel back in history and learn all about James Audubon.
I really LOVE all of the fun hands-on art and craft ideas that are in this unit study . . . like how to draw ducks, make origami ducks, make your own duck call, make pillow cases and much more. And of course, like all of Amanda’s units, there are amazing recommended resources and links to websites and videos.
I am going to rate this as one of my top ten favorite unit studies. Dynamic Ducks is a unit study that the entire family will enjoy. Get all your ducks in a row and get ready to dive into Dynamic Ducks!”
Kathy in GA

“They float magically on top of the pond, poised with long necks, and swimming in smooth straight lines. The sound of their wings flying overhead letting us know that winter is soon on its way. Ducks are amazing creatures that captivate the attention of children and adults alike. When we received our unit study Dynamic Ducks by Amanda Bennett my children and I were all quacking to take a peck at it! ;)
Amanda Bennett did not let my family down. I instantly went to the library list that is provided and checked out all the books that I felt would fit the ages in my family. It is such a joy not to have to lug my family to the library in search of books that match our unit study. That asset alone is what sets Amanda’s studies above the rest. The Bible verses that are incorporated in each lesson are a wonderful way to teach my children that God truly has His hands in all things including learning about His wonderful creation. Amanda Bennett has incorporated all learning in one unit study: spelling, reading, vocabulary, hands on crafts, and so much more. We are never disappointed when we dive into a unit study by her!”
Sarah in AR

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Designed for grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.