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From rhinoceros beetles to luna moths, edible insects to insect-eating plants, this one covers the globe. Did you know that the largest beetle in the world, the rhinoceros beetle, can lift up to 850 times its own weight?!IncredibleInsects_Spread

With Incredible Insects, your student will explore:

From a look at the smallest and longest insects, to exploring habitat extremes, like the coldest and the hottest, this study is fun, fascinating, and unforgettable.

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Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Incredible Insects:

Incredible Insects truly is incredible. We have done many of Amanda’s studies and this one is a total hit, as are all her others. Boys and girls alike will love Incredible Insects. Amanda includes ideas for finding bugs . . . something that could be a potential frustration while doing a study on bugs. There is a bug of the day, information on a bug’s life cycle, its classification, projects, family fun ideas . . . even a day buggy themed joke that my kids loved! Moms will love it equally as much because of its ease of use and all the subjects it covers. Every day includes a book list that can easily be taken to the library or bookstore. In this world of growing technology, there are apps included for using on your iPad or iPhone which is great fun. I loved that this study included not only the science of bugs, their anatomy, classification, life cycle, and in-depth descriptions . . . it covered so much more! I loved that there are quotes to use for memory or copywork, there are mapping activities, math concepts, geography, and art are all covered. I love that. Not only do your kids learn a ton about insects through daily videos, reading, nature walks, and hands-on activities, they also will complete a beautiful lapbook to refer back to for years to come . . . a great portfolio of their study on bugs. If you are new to homeschooling and are unsure what a lapbook is, like I was when I first started, there is a terrific section all about lapbooking, including great descriptions on how to make one and instructional videos too. Boys and girls will both love this study. It would be great in the spring when the bugs start appearing or even in the winter when you’re wishing it was warmer . . . enjoy this great new study by Amanda Bennett!”  Alicia in NC

“This is our first DNG (Download-N-Go) unit study and I am so impressed! DNG is a perfect title for these unit studies because everything you need is right here! With your computer and a few inexpensive items for your lapbook you are ready to begin. This DNG unit study allows you to gather the kids (all age groups) and together you can learn about some very incredible insects!! In just one week you will learn some interesting facts about insects. For example, how do fireflies flash? How do insects breathe? And what is the difference between an insect and a bug? You will learn about one particular insect each day such as the grasshopper on Day 1 and the butterfly on Day 3. Every day has an Insect Safari for you and your little bug hunter to explore on a nature walk. There is spelling/vocabulary words, a book list, lapbook activity, and a “just for fun” section each day. But the most important thing to our family is how God’s amazing creative hand is revealed in each incredible insect through each lesson. Amanda Bennett has done an excellent job of packing this study with lots of information and awesome resources.”  Cantina in TN

“Have you ever wondered: How do insects breathe? How do fireflies flash? What is a Luna Moth? Why do cicadas screech? If so, chances are you are like me and have children, and like all children, mine love insects. Unfortunately, I am no entomologist and don’t have the resources readily available to answer these curious questions. That is until now. Incredible Insects is an amazing unit study by Amanda Bennett that has my children all a ‘buzz.’ In this unit study Amanda Bennett reels my children in by focusing on their inquisitive natures. Answering buggy questions about where insects come from, where they live, and how they talk. The links provided took us to a world of vivid and beautiful pictures of rare insects and amazing videos. Additionally, the extensive book list provided gave this grateful home school mom an excellent resource to use when answering all of my little insect lover’s questions. Best of all, my children learned that all creatures, big and small, are created by God and that all life, even tiny insects, have a purpose and should be respected and cared for. We even incorporated walks in the park and woods to look for insects to enhance our learning experience. Now, instead of my children always bugging me with questions about insects, I can now bug them.”  Sarah in AR

“It’s summer . . . It’s hot . . . And the bugs are out in full force . . . So what better way to make the most of summer, even if you have to be indoors from the hot, summer heat, than taking a journey and discovering the world of insects, using the latest, Download and Go™, Incredible Insects. The kids love creepy, crawly insects, even if it means dealing with days they are yelling for protection from the ant they see crawling on the ground, or the flying bug that they are convinced comes from another planet, so this was the perfect study to work with them. Incredible Insects has everything, from videos, book recommendations that can be found at the library or if you prefer to own your own copies, can be found inexpensively online or at the local book stores. Then there are the lapbook components which is a thing I love about Incredible Insects is the fact that it is really, across the page, for different ages so it makes it easier for siblings to work on together. It really impressed me how Incredible Insects also included recommendations for apps that with the portability that is being provided by e-readers, tablets, iPhones, iPods and smartphones, nature studying has become hi-tech. Kids are encouraged to use the multimedia resources that are available these days to further their understanding of the world around us. . . Another thing that makes not only just this unit study wonderful, but like all the classic Download and Go™ titles, you have a combination of science, art, copywork to help with writing skills, links to interesting videos and books to read, while learning all you might not have known about Incredible Insects. We really enjoyed Incredible Insects because it really reminds us that learning can be a fun experience, doesn’t have to be drab and all book reading, and when it comes to insects, as creepy as they may seem, Incredible Insects really helps reminds us of the uniqueness and how incredible, insects can be. Colorful, innovative, inspiring and just plain fun, Incredible Insects made a really great addition to the school and this is a unit study that can be used as a supplement, as core. Maybe you find yourself in a busy time of life, there is enough range in the Download and Go™ series to cover holidays, major topics in sciences and just plain, change from the usual school routine.”  V. Clark in TX

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