Cavernous Caves


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Cavernous Caves is a fascinating adventure to the depths of the Earth! From the longest cave to the deepest cave, your young spelunkers will virtually explore caves, learn about cave wildlife and cave safety, investigate some of biblical mentions of caves, and much more!

Day 1: What Is a Cave?CavernousCaves_Spread
Day 2: Where in the World Are Caves?
Day 3: How Caves Form
Day 4: Science Secrets of Caves
Day 5: Cave Experiments and Cave Safety

There are so many things that captivate children when learning about caves: the cool temperatures, the constantly dripping water, the oh-so-different kinds of animals, the sounds, and the twists and turns of tubes and tunnels all through the caves. This Download N Go® study uses their interest and curiosity to help children learn about history, science, geography, and much more.

With Cavernous Caves, get ready to roam through some fascinating topics, including: extreme caves, main types of caves, cave creatures, and more!

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Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying
about Cavernous Caves:

“Get ready for a virtual adventure inside the deep, dark recesses of caves! Your family will travel around the world and learn about five extraordinary caves. Did you know that the Krubera cave located in the Republic of Georgia and Abkhazia is the deepest cave in the entire world? Wait until you find out how deep it is. You will be shocked. During your travels you will learn about the different types of caves, how they form, where they are located, who lives there, and more. Stalactites and stalagmites have never been so much fun to learn about. You will definitely want to go spelunking after this unit study. And you will be prepared for that as well after completing this unit study since you will learn all about safety and caving terminology. As with all of the unit studies by Amanda Bennett there is a great list of books, videos, and resources to help you on your journey. The corresponding lapbook is lots of fun and has bright, colorful pictures, cute mini books and even a game. This is a fun unit study . . . a fun unit study . . . a fun unit study! Wait a minute is there an echo?”  Kathy in GA

“A lovely study starting with a firm definition of caves and caverns (through images, video, & room for sketches). The layout will help students understand how caves relate to the Bible in ancient times (through the stories of Elijah, the rising of Lazarus, and verses from Jeremiah); to how caves relate to our everyday life (it is God’s pleasure for us to learn more about and explore His creation). I enjoyed the mention of the stalactite organ located in Luray Caverns, VA (unique to the area, and we hope to make a visit soon). My son enjoyed cutting and pasting pictures of the four main caves into his lapbook and narrating new information into his notebook. We also enjoyed the study of bats and incorporating measurement and comparisons into the study of mathematics and caves. Overall, this unit study was well-researched, well-done, and students can glean useful information from the process of this study.” Susan in NC

“Our family loves unit studies they are just great for a break from your regular studies or to do as your full curriculum. We were recently able to work through the newest D-N-G — Cavernous Caves and I was surprised that my girls fell in love with this study. They have become infatuated with all things caves from stalagmites to stalactites to cave spiders and bats. Even their 3 and a half year old brother was happy to sit and watch the videos that go along with the days lesson. If you’ve never tried a Download-N-Go you should. All the work has been done for you. Each day planned out which includes videos, links to maps and pictures as well as to definitions and historical facts. Then there are even lapbooking pieces that can be done each day or at the end of the week as a culmination of the week’s studies. Cavernous Caves lapbook books will remind the children later of what they spent the week learning including the five types of caves, the zones inside a cave, specific cave creatures, special cave formations, and even cave safety. Once again, Amanda and her team have outdone themselves with remarkable work and a study that captures the hearts and minds of my children. My girls have raved about caves to everyone that will bend their ear and listen. I am also so happy that my son, even not in kindergarten yet, was still wowed by what he saw and heard. Thank you for continuing to make the learning process fun and fulfilling!”
Kellyann in SC

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Grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

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