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Many childhood dreams are found amid dirt, roots, leaves, seeds, and branches. Remember berry picking, tire swings, “maple seed” helicopters, tree forts, and wildflower bouquets? Trees bring out the kid in us and hold many treasures—from the tallest to the smallest!

Unfold a canopy of delightful learning and adventure within the pages of this title from the Download N Go® Series . . .

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There’s a thoughtful reason to celebrate the season at this beautiful time of year! Embark on a fun living and learning opportunity right now in your own home and neighborhood! You’ll find this information simply amazing! From roots to leaves to tree rings, children will research fascinating facts and encounter scientific incentives to learn about trees, keeping them encouraged to learn more.

Wouldn’t it be fun to take a tour of the amazing world of trees? Trees happen to be one of the most useful things in the world that God created, and they can be amusing too! Take a close look at these diverse and marvelous gifts to us while traveling through some beautiful countries around the world!

With this unit study/lapbook, your child will learn all about the Tree of the Day and Trees in the Bible while investigating many interesting facets of trees! There are games, map work, crafts, and a wealth of Internet links, resources, and information. Learn about the tree life cycle, major parts, different types, and even dendrochronology (that’s the process of dating trees through their rings)! Join in the fun and learn about trees, from the smallest species to the giant redwood, investigating both common and uncommon trees.

Take in the exciting panorama of Tremendous Trees, from the smallest species to the giant redwood, investigating both common and uncommon trees. Many children dream of having their own tree house hideaway, and they’ll love exploring that fun area of this study. There’s even an opportunity to design their perfect tree house!

Day 1: Trees—What Are They?
Day 2: Getting to Know Trees
Day 3: Trees Provide Many Gifts
Day 4: The Science of Trees
Day 5: Cool Things About Trees

Your young nature enthusiasts will seek to answer thought-provoking questions like these:

What’s the view like from the tallest treetop?
How do leaves change colors?
What do trees provide for us?
What are the most unusual trees in the world?
How can grafting produce magnificently shaped trees?
What is the most important tree found in the Bible?
What would happen if there were no trees?
What is the most accurate way to measure a tree’s height?
And so many more!

Each day, your child will explore and investigate the world of trees, creating and adding more learning components to his Tremendous Trees lapbook, building a wonderful reminder of all that he is learning, to be treasured for years to come. Enjoy your choice of Fun Family Ideas plus additional Learning Links and all lapbook components—ready to go! As a special reward, students will earn the Tremendous Trees Certificate of Completion at the end of the study!

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Here’s what parents are saying about Tremendous Trees:

Okay, I’ve got to say this is probably my favorite Download N Go™ yet! The graphics in this one are just so lovely and eye-catching that I wanted to print out everything… Our favorite project was the accordion book. My oldest carried it with her on our trip so she could check out the different types of trees around Canada… It brought practical application into our homeschooling and made our “tourist” visits more alive! Not to mention, there were so many other interesting activities in it, and some very cool videos that showed us some amazing trees that we hadn’t really realized before just how ‘tremendous’ they really were!“
Amy in Canada

Tremendous Trees earns a ‘Bravo’! The videos are great, and the websites are something my kids will definitely enjoy! Amanda has really done well putting this unit together. I can’t wait to share this with my boys . . . This unit is so fascinating! Each day covered something different about trees. Each day you also learned about a different tree. The activities that were at the end each day and also at the end of the unit look especially fun! I plan on taking my boys on walks in the parks near our house to explore the trees in the area. . . . The activities for the lapbook are beautiful. Your child will definitely enjoy learning about Tremendous Trees.”
Beth in PA

“I have always been fascinated with trees, and so are my children. This … has many fun things to do having to do with trees. You will learn all about some very special trees in Washington, D.C., and where they came from. We have been lucky enough to visit and see them. The lapbook is adorable. The graphics are clear, and the activities are simple and concise. I was able to use it with my older child with more intensity and my younger ones with less writing and intensity. If you enjoy trees, this is a must-have. Everything is ready to go for those busy moms. It is divided into units for each activity that are very clear. Thanks again, Download and Go™.”
Nichole in PA

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Designed for grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

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