Spring Surprises


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Now that the weather’s warming, are your kids exploring the great outdoors?

How many ways can you combine your child’s enthusiasm for learning and exciting activities with all the delights of springtime? Begin counting with this adventure!

Winter wonderland has faded into memory, change is in the air, and it is an exciting season for kids of all ages.

Spring is emerging differently for all of us in our own particular places in the world. There’s so much to see and discover! Your child will be fascinated by the delights and discovery of change with signs of new growth all about him.

Oh, the surprises of spring are many—and children do take notice! Why not take all of their pent-up excitement and enthusiasm and put it to good use as they spring right into learning about this new season and all that it holds?

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Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying

about Spring Surprises:

“Spring Surprises Download N Go™ lessons will reflect all that you do with your family at this time of awakening . . . With spring in the air and the warmer weather coming, it is wonderful to be encouraged to go out of doors, to touch, to smell, to taste, to dig your hands in the dirt, to grow and learn about God’s creation first hand. I am really enjoying the concept of this lesson as a family unit . . . The lapbook itself is fairly simplistic . . . I think we will probably add to it or take from it so it fits the needs of all learning levels in our home. It is a good basis for a beginning of a lapbook journal of our spring session.” Nichole in PA

“We all marvel at the new life and surprises that we find if we put on our exploration hat and begin searching God’s creation in spring. The masterful way in which Amanda Bennett . . . brought all this together into this unit study is also a marvel . . . Mrs. Bennett has certainly done her research in pulling together a vast base of knowledge and making it into a cohesive study . . . There is a long list of suggested books that are commonly found in most libraries or book stores. I think that even if our family had the highest speed Internet connection, we would still choose many of the books as we just love the warm, cozy feeling of gathering around our couch learning through literature . . . If you need a spring break, set aside those textbooks and workbooks and celebrate spring through the Download N Go™ Spring Surprises unit study.” Dawn in KY

“Spring is many things to many people. But there are many events that spring brings that we can all depend on. . . . Spring Surprises, will have you thinking about the many questions and events of spring. As always, there are minimal effort, supplies, and planning on the part of the user, making the Download N Go™ Series a great project for any homeschool. Winter is still in the air. But, believe it or not, spring is just days away. What better way to get ready for all the fresh air and sunshine than to Download N Go™ . . . Spring Surprises, that is!” Dana in TN

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