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October 16, 2017

Why Choose Unit Studies?

As the process of “education” has developed through the ages, people have slowly categorized and compartmentalized almost everything in our world into specific areas of learning. These include science, history, geography, art, and many others. However, to a child that is eager to learn, the world is viewed as whole pieces, not segmented bits and parts. When they see the vast ocean, they see it as teeming with whales and dolphin, full of sunken pirate ships and octopus and seashells, covered with rolling waves. USAB unit studies work from this perspective, taking one topic at a time and explaining the way that it works as a whole to the child that already sees it as a whole. It can make all the difference, and we’ve already done the work for you!
Amanda B.
Want to know more? Check out Amanda’s article, What is a Unit Study?

This Week’s Specials

Holiday Set Sale

Sale Price: $25 (Ret. Value: $63.70), Grades K-4
This week, you can take advantage of holiday learning adventures and enjoy fantastic savings with our Holiday Unit Study Set sale! Holidays are exciting and interesting for most children, and the six holiday unit studies in this set will captivate and teach them about these holidays, history, science, geography, and so much more!
This set includes six unit studies: Thanksgiving DNG, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter Promise.


American Government Unit Study Adventure
Sale Price: $6
(Reg. Price: $14.95)
Grades K-12, 4-Week Study
“There is such a wealth of information in this study [American Government], like all AB Unit Studies, the links, resources – you could easily use this information for SO much more beyond the four week plan, with library trips, local government field trips, projects, the possibilities are endless! I am so happy with every study that I’ve ever purchased!”
Homeschooling Mom of Four, Marie E.


Handsome Horses Download N Go Unit Study

Sale Price: $4 (Reg. Price: $10.95)
Grades K-4, 1 to 2-Week Study
“If you have a horse lover in your household you are going to love the latest Download N Go unit study, Handsome Horses. Introduce your younger children to the beauty of this wonderful creature or provide opportunities for more in depth study for your older children. The flexibility of Download N Go makes it a great choice for your children in grades K – 4 & beyond. In this unit study all of the work is done for you…” Karen in RI

Horses Unit Study Adventure

Sale Price: $6 (Reg.: $14.95)
Grades K-12 , 4-Week Study
“This is my first year to use Unit Studies. After purchasing “Horses” for my 8th grader and seeing her dive right in with such enthusiasm, I got her 5 more! She was so excited to pick the topic of her learning, I was humbled. We are all SO excited about our new adventure in homeschooling this year using these Unit Studies. Thank you so much Amanda, your studies are making all the world of difference in our homeschooling experience, wish I had discovered them sooner.” Anna in AZ


Veterans Day Unit Study Adventure

Sale Price: $3 (Reg.: $6.95)
Grades K-12, 1-Week Study
Veterans Day–what does it mean to you? The history of this holiday is important; it exists because of the strength and conviction of past generations of men and women who helped defend our freedoms. On December 10th, Veterans Day, we will honor our veterans and their sacrifices for our peace and protection. Use this week-long study to let your children become familiar with veterans, their sacrifices and their courage. Learn about the American military system, how it protects us, & more.


Passport Germany:
Scout Unit Study: Gr. K-6 Sale: $5 (Reg.: $12.95)
Explorer Unit Study: Gr. 7-12 Sale: $5 (Reg.: $12.95)
1 to 2-Week Study

“I was blown away to discover the content of that [Passport Germany] was more than I could have imagined. Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett] products just keep getting better and better.”
Nicolene in the U.K.

All specials end 10/21/17.

The Gift of a Childhood Filled With Time For Daydreams and Exploration

Did you ever wonder why summer seemed to fly by when you were a kid? I think it was because we got to be absolutely free – to play with the neighborhood kids, to build tree forts and ride bikes up and down the street…

Autumn Crafts for Kids

With over 100 USAB Pinterest boards, we’ve developed quite a collection of fun Autumn Crafts, and here are some new favorites:
Autumn Leaf Rubbings
Colorful Leaf Printing
Paper Plate Owl
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