Crafty Learning: Create a Garden Table Cloth

For those of you getting ready to begin the Gardens Unit Study Adventure, consider creating a garden tablecloth as part of your study. You can use a white or light color pastel twin size sheet and indelible paint or markers for this work of art, making sure that you keep newspaper or plastic under the sheet in case the markers bleed USAB child watering can_l_33547741through the sheet! On the sheet, the students can plan the garden layout, list the types of seeds or plants planted, draw diagrams of the plants as they grow, and make plans for the fruits of their labor. Recipes for pizza, salsa, and other cooking from the garden adventures can be added to the cloth. Eventually, the tablecloth will tell the story of your family’s garden. Pull out the tablecloth from time to time over the years to laugh and remember the times of their lives…