Homeschool Tip: See How They Grow

April 5, 2017

usab see how they growHomeschooling Tip:

Kids change so fast, and one of the best ways to connect their growth to what is happening outdoors is to pick a spot in the yard or park, and take a daily picture of your child against the same setting of trees that are about to leaf out or flower this spring. If you can, take the same picture for about four weeks, watching spring unfold around your unknowing child. :) Then, have them put the pictures in order in a slide show or photo collage – you’ll have to help the younger kids. It is fascinating to watch them watch how much change has taken place so quickly.

Do the same thing in following years, at the same spot outdoors, if you can. Your child will grow and change much faster than the trees will. This is a captivating experiment to do over the years, and their collages and/or slide shows just might be something they will want to have printed someday.

Enjoy these days, for these ARE their good old days!