It’s National Agriculture Day, and the Gardens Unit Study Adventure is on sale TODAY

Today is National Agriculture Day, a day set aside to recognize farmers and ranchers for their contributions to the nation’s outstanding quality of life. Farmers help put fousab child cows ag_11329215od on our tables, and so much more – and they work hard, rain or shine, with the hopes of successful crops. Today, remember farmers, and if you happen to go to a farmers market, thank the vendors for what they do.

I come from a family of farmers, and we continue that tradition. I’ll never forget the bumper sticker that made my uncle (a farmer) laugh out loud – “Don’t complain about farmers when your mouth is full!” ;) He was a hard working man, and he went to great lengths to raise his family and keep food on the table and food off to the market.

usab child garden planting rows $5_9357828To celebrate this special day, the Gardens Unit Study Adventure is only $5, and I’m hoping that you’ll give gardening a try with your crew. My husband once said that teaching a child how to grow their own food was one of the best things that you can teach them – they’ll never go hungry. I believe he’s right, and all of our kids know how to grow food crops, pick beans and tomatoes that never end, and several of them learned to drive on the farm tractor, of course. ;)

Amanda B.

gardens_lowresCheck out this great adventure!