Pizza Party Night

Over the years, we developed a fun tradition for Friday nights – Pizza Night! It was the end of a busy week, and everyone would gather together and create very unique pizzas, and oh, the great memories that we made. :)  I learned to use my bread machine VERY well to make dynamite pizza dough. Then I would turn the entertaining pizza-building job over to the family, and they have been doing this since they were toddlers! I had a plan . . .

On Friday afternoon, I would prepare the dough in the bread machine and let it rise. When Dad came home from work, thrilled to be starting a weekend, he would round up the kids and they would begin their “build.” They would stretch the dough and try all kinds of toppings, and they developed some very creative ways to block off “their” parts of the pizza—from onion pieces stretched out like dividing lines to rows of tightly layered pepperoni—just to make sure that their favorites didn’t touch their sibling’s zucchini or mushrooms. Works of art, indeed!

You can’t beat homemade pizza—the build, the anticipation, and the laughter around the table as everyone enjoys the fruits of their labor. They learned about toppings and their origins (yes, even the dreaded anchovies), as well as fractions and the importance of the kitchen timer to avoid burned pizza. Try the Pizza Party Download N Go™ unit study for a fantastic background that includes  the history of pizza, how yeast works, how mozzarella cheese is made, geography of Italy, types of pizza from around the globe, information about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, facts on Galileo’s experiment and other history, five historical figures, and so much more! Give it a try, and have some FUN!

Amanda B.