Gathering For Autumn Traditions

At our house, autumn brings the observation of a unique collection of family traditions. With the start of autumn, you would see chrysanthemums in pots on the front steps. They start off on the front steps, and then are planted in the ground when they finish blooming. Dad collects several bales of hay, some corn stalks, and a few pumpkins and gourds to make a fall decoration by the driveway—Dad’s autumn masterpiece, as the kids call it.

With the advancing cooler weather, we enjoy some autumn traditions here on the farm–traditions that we created as we went along. For example, we make a big production of the first fire in the fireplace each autumn, enjoying the beauty of the fire and Dad’s homemade chicken soup around that first fire.

With the cooler weather, we also have weekend sky-watching gatherings around a campfire so that we can watch for stars and planets and satellites, and enjoy the Milky Way as it spreads out in the dark country sky. Family and friends come from all over to join in the tradition, and while we don’t work out ALL of the problems of the world, adults and children alike enjoy the time together.

Here are a few more traditions that we’ve enjoyed since our children were very young:

Whether for birthdays, seasons, holidays, or other special times, traditions can make up an important part of family life. Traditions will be passed from generation to generation, perhaps changing a bit as time goes by, but the core values and family love will carry along with the tradition.

Why are traditions important?

What are your favorite traditions? Ask your children about their favorite traditions. Ask your children about their favorite parts of autumn, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You just might be surprised at the things they remember from years past, and consider as “traditions”.

Enjoy these days, for these ARE the good old days for your children!

Amanda B.