Unit Study Reviews & Customer Testimonials

USAB Simple Effective Sunflowers“I printed the unit choices off from your website and my kids are sitting down with the choices and wanting to do them all! Thank you for putting the hard work into creating these (making it easier on busy Moms) and making learning so much fun for the whole family!” Jamie H.

“Sometimes, I think I get more excited than he does and not sure that’s even possible!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work.….it shows! We’re “addicted” to your unit studies ;)” Vasti B.

“I have only recently discovered the Unit Studies site. I’m really not even sure how I found it, but I know the Holy Spirit led me to it! It has breathed LIFE into, and changed the whole direction of our homeschool. My little guys are SO excited about this new way of learning, and the adventure the lapbooks will be. THANK YOU!!! I’m a fan for life.”   Jennifer A.

“I had purchased unit studies . . . from another company . . . . I must say that the Download n Go’s are much more user-friendly. I didn’t realize how nice they are until I tried using another one. Thank you for such a great product.” Nancy B.

“. . . My son and I love your unit studies, you have taken the BORING out of our schooling and the joy of learning has returned to our homeschool Praise the Lord! Thanks again.”   Martha

“We love your products and they are a huge blessing to use in teaching our daughter who has ADD & Dyslexia.”   Gretta J.

“Another great product from DNG! [Astonishing Animals] I really appreciate the DNG astonishinganimals low restitles because a little of everything is included! There is truly something for everyone in the family! There are lapbooks for hands-on and crafty learners, there are videos for the visual learner like me, and there are books listed that you can get at the library . . . I really appreciate how much DNG draws the Bible and Creation into this study! . . . There is something about a cuddly, furry thing (or even a prickly one) that draws their interest and attention in! Even if you aren’t normally a unit study user—I would recommend this particular DNG because it may even provide just the little break you need from your normal routine to chase away the mid-term doldrums and bring in a little exciting change with some fun learning! This is a bright topic that I think most families would enjoy!“  Wendy in OH

Astonishing Animals  was perfect for my kids whose age ranged from pre-K to 1st grade…Since my son loves turtles, he enjoyed learning about the loggerhead sea turtle the most. He found it enjoyable to know more details about this lovable sea creature. The fun project allowed him to use his imagination while appreciating the animal. He loved it when we made a model of a sea turtle using modeling clay. As the lesson suggested, we also tried creating several baby turtles heading for the ocean waves. Aside from the lapbooks, the kids had the most fun when we did the scavenger hunt family activity. They loved putting the clues they have learned together and looking for more clues around the house. As a mom, whenever I see the kids learning, I am truly very happy. It is a bonus when I see them having fun learning. It makes the retention of the lesson more effective too!”  Christine in the Philippines

Astonishing Animals… is a perfect way to combine the love of animals and the love of learning into one unit study and lapbook project!. . . DNG lessons can be tailored to individual interest and learning levels. They make fun projects for the whole family to enjoy together. Even Li’l Sis (3) has enjoyed many of the books on the included recommended reading lists as we read them aloud together. Astonishing Animals has been one of our favorite DNG units. I recommend it to anyone who wants a jumping off place for more in-depth animal studies or just a fun addition to your daily lessons. You really can’t go wrong with the ease of use and value of the DNG Series.”   Sara in NY

This [Creation Camouflage] was such a fun unit study to do! The links to the CreationCamouflageCoverSMpictures of animals and those who study them were really interesting. I would say that this DNG was much more scientifically related than any of the ones I have reviewed in the past, and I love the scripture support for the animals and their environments. This study really captures and intrigues the mind, especially thinking about the how and why did God create this or that feature in the creatures that surround us! Very enjoyable for the whole family to do and we just absolutely adored it! The series is easy to follow and written out in a “doable” structure that flowed from one thing to another. As always very thorough and well thought out. Be sure to take time viewing the links in this study; there is so much more information there to glean on—just watch out because the kids will get into the “why” questions until late in the night!”  Katrina in NC

“I love these so much and so does my husband. He has had a lot more free time and has taken a more active role in helping with the homeschooling of our children. He winged it the first week and was a bit overwhelmed, but the second week I gave him a Download N Go™ Series unit study. He was literally in heaven. He was like, “This is awesome! . . . it’s all here in one neat and organized download! Everything I need. One trip to the library and you’re done. All I had to do was print it out and we just did our work and it included Bible verses.” He was very impressed . . .  Creation Camouflage Download N Go™ Series not only fulfilled my husband’s desire to make homeschool hassle-free for him, but it also made for well-educated children who learned all about the camouflage of animals, insects, reptiles, birds, and fish around us. They were so proud to show me what Daddy had taught them for the week and how it was all displayed in a beautiful keepsake lapbook . . . For any homeschooling family who needs a simple, well-put-together unit study but still wants their children to get a full workload and education, I would highly recommend any of the wonderful Download N Go™ Series. However, if you want your child to be excited and on fire with a new-found passion for science, Creation Camouflage is the latest and greatest in this wonderful series.” Hollie in TX

“ . . . you will find interesting facts and questions, which will keep you and your children wanting to learn more. You will also meet some well-known people who love animals while going through this study. Children appreciate people who have a passion for what they do, and those featured in Creation Camouflage definitely do! There are arts and crafts, videos, vocabulary and spelling words, and a favorite of ours—daily Scripture. How can you not ponder God and all of His greatness while studying His creation? These lessons are always so well thought out—not just for the educational aspect, but for the fun learning truly can be if it is done right! . . . Everything about DNG revolves around the family gathering together to learn and make wonderful memories in the process. I can’t say enough good things about this product! I am so thankful to DNG, Amanda Bennett, . . . for making homeschooling so fun.”  Samantha in KY

“The more I use this product, the more I love it! [Dolphin Days We have done DolphinDaysSMseveral now, and each subsequent one gets better and better. The quality of the links, pictures, and activities never ceases to amaze me. The writing activities are very accessible for a first grader. Quint loves that he can click on all the “blue links” and that each one takes him to a new website or video. Plus, he gets to learn an important, real-life skill. I especially love the vocabulary cards for each day—there are only four per day, so it is very easy to pick the ones on your child’s level. I also REALLY love the Fun Family Ideas that Amanda added at the end of the book . . . We have gotten some really fun and easy ideas from her—and also remembered that even if we don’t live near dolphins—we CAN still see some!”  Alexis in VA

“We don’t use unit studies in our everyday school, so these are a nice change of pace. They are geared to K–4th grade, but can easily be adapted to include older or advanced kids. At the end of the week you have a fun lapbook where the kids can review what they’ve learned or have something special to show Grandma and Grandpa. This particular lapbook [Dolphin Days] introduces kids to dolphins in general, different types of dolphins, lots of facts and information about dolphins, and more . . . It is Creation based and has some Creation-based activities included.”  Janet in ID

Dolphin Days Download N Go™ offers a special kind of schooling for our students—it’s unit study, lapbooking, and video schooling all in one . . . With dolphins being such dynamic and interesting creatures, it would have been a waste to just study them from pictures in books. This unit study is filled with videos that you and your children can watch as they learn about dolphins. As they see the dolphins in action, they will definitely be in awe of how wonderful these creatures are. Since this is a unit study, geography, vocabulary and spelling, Scripture memorization, and a lot more are incorporated into the study . . . The beauty of this study is that there is very little need for prep time for Mom before teaching.”  Michelle in the Philippines

Who knew there was so much fun stuff to learn about ducks?! dynamicducks_lowresDynamic Ducks is a fantastic 5-day study that will help you and your children discover all sorts of cool things about these feathered creatures! Amanda Bennett’s unit study has pulled together all of the books, videos, websites, apps, and facts you’ll need to become duck experts! As always, my boys really enjoy the videos, but the duck poems and jokes were a big hit this time around as well! I love that this lesson about ducks also covers vocabulary and writing and so much more! We will be adding this to our summer science focus!
Erin in Nebraska

Dynamic Ducks is the perfect study for warmer months like spring and summer. Of course you could do it any time of the year, but in the warmer months you can go out and find some real, live ducks! This is perfect for your science/animal subjects or as an add-on during the summer. I love all the links to videos so your kids can see ducks and ducklings in action. Also the book lists, including both fiction and non-fiction books makes planning very simple. You and your kids will learn everything there is to know about ducks; different kinds of ducks, how to identify them, and the parts of a duck are just a few of the things you’ll learn. Get ready to have a blast!”  Alicia in NC

“Throughout this unit study you will travel around the world and learn about the different species of ducks that exist on every continent except Antarctica. Along the way you will learn duck terminology like dabbling, brood, Mallard, etc. You will also learn all about duck anatomy, how they fly and what makes them waterproof. You will also travel back in history and learn all about James Audubon.
I really LOVE all of the fun hands-on art and craft ideas that are in this unit study . . . like how to draw ducks, make origami ducks, make your own duck call, make pillow cases and much more. And of course, like all of Amanda’s units, there are amazing recommended resources and links to websites and videos.
I am going to rate this as one of my top ten favorite unit studies. Dynamic Ducks is a unit study that the entire family will enjoy. Get all your ducks in a row and get ready to dive into Dynamic Ducks!”  Kathy in GA

“They float magically on top of the pond, poised with long necks, and swimming in smooth straight lines. The sound of their wings flying overhead letting us know that winter is soon on its way. Ducks are amazing creatures that captivate the attention of children and adults alike. When we received our unit study Dynamic Ducks by Amanda Bennett my children and I were all quacking to take a peck at it! ;)
Amanda Bennett did not let my family down. I instantly went to the library list that is provided and checked out all the books that I felt would fit the ages in my family. It is such a joy not to have to lug my family to the library in search of books that match our unit study. That asset alone is what sets Amanda’s studies above the rest. The Bible verses that are incorporated in each lesson are a wonderful way to teach my children that God truly has His hands in all things including learning about His wonderful creation. Amanda Bennett has incorporated all learning in one unit study: spelling, reading, vocabulary, hands on crafts, and so much more. We are never disappointed when we dive into a unit study by her!”  Sarah in AR

“Oh, boy, have my nature lovers had a great time this week! I used this study [Goofy GeckoCoverSMGecko] with two of my children, ages 6 and 8. Both children love nature and animals but lack enthusiasm for the paper-y work of mini books and such. We did this study over three days . . . The three of us sat around our family computer, learning all manner of facts and figures on these creatures. The videos were wonderful! We especially loved the one where we watched the gecko turn from brown to green in real time. We were all amazed. One of my children commented on how wonderfully God created our world . . . I really enjoyed that all of the work and research was done for me. It almost felt too easy! . . . if you’re a planner by nature (like me), you might find yourself out of a job. But don’t worry, you’ll quickly be sidetracked by little ones whose eyes are lit with wonder at our Creator.”  Christi in VA

“This is my first DNG, and I love it! It’s only a week long, so that really is awesome—it helps to break up the monotony of schooling and gives you something different to do instead of the “same old stuff” as my kids would say! It [Goofy Gecko] is very complete in content and very little preparation was needed. There is a list of books that will go perfectly with this unit study. We found all of the books that we wanted to read at our library, so there is no extra cost! . . . This is written for K–4, but I think that it is easy to use it for older kids as well! There are many links to coloring pages and some WONDERFUL family ideas at the end of the unit study . . . I hope that you have as much fun as we did!” Karilyn in ND

“Amanda Bennett, yet another amazing Download-N-Go, and horses . . . it’s the ultimate handsomehorses_lowresTRIFECTA in learning! Handsome Horses is definitely taking a trot around the winner’s circle in this homeschool momma’s book… Through this cross-curricular study, K – 4 students have the incredible opportunity to learn about various breeds and types of horses, the roles and uses of horses throughout history, horses in the Bible, horse anatomy, equine care, horse safety, and riding techniques. Facilitated by breathtaking graphics, quality videos, interactive websites, recommended supplemental resources, and suggested “just for fun” activities, students develop a great appreciation for the magnificent creatures. Handsome Horses is not to be missed!”  Angela in KY

Handsome Horses is packed full of great facts, history, science, math, drawing, Scripture and classic literature. What a fun way for your children to learn about this amazing animal. The daily video clips and questions are sure to peak your children’s interest. One of my most favorite parts of the unit study is the lapbook. I love crafts and so do my children, so this is great way for me to help my children express what they’ve learned in a fun way. I also love the fact that my children have a record of what they’ve learned and can look back at it any time they want in the years to come. I love that the work has been done for me and all I have to do is open the unit study and start teaching. It is a great addition to my curriculum and it’s very economically priced.”  Lori in MI

If you have a horse lover in your household you are going to love the latest Download N Go unit study, Handsome Horses. Introduce your younger children to the beauty of this wonderful creature or provide opportunities for more in depth study for your older children. The flexibility of Download N Go makes it a great choice for your children in grades K – 4 and beyond. In this unit study all of the work is done for you. Your children will learn what a horse is, where horses live and cool things about horses. Each day they will learn about a different horse and many other topics including Bible, math, spelling, history, anatomy, geography and more! The thing that sets Download N Go apart from other unit studies are the included video links that are embedded on a safe page to protect your children and the research links that make it so easy for your children to have the information they need at their fingertips. The graphics and lapbook pages are colorful and fun…
Use Download N Go as your main curriculum, as a breather from your regular curriculum, or as a fun supplement. No matter how you use it your children will enjoy Handsome Horses.”  Karen in RI

Incredible Insects truly is incredible. We have done many of Amanda’s studies and IncredibleInsectsCoverSMthis one is a total hit, as are all her others. Boys and girls alike will love Incredible Insects. Amanda includes ideas for finding bugs . . . something that could be a potential frustration while doing a study on bugs. There is a bug of the day, information on a bug’s life cycle, its classification, projects, family fun ideas . . . even a day buggy themed joke that my kids loved! Moms will love it equally as much because of its ease of use and all the subjects it covers. Every day includes a book list that can easily be taken to the library or bookstore. In this world of growing technology, there are apps included for using on your iPad or iPhone which is great fun. I loved that this study included not only the science of bugs, their anatomy, classification, life cycle, and in-depth descriptions . . . it covered so much more! I loved that there are quotes to use for memory or copywork, there are mapping activities, math concepts, geography, and art are all covered. I love that. Not only do your kids learn a ton about insects through daily videos, reading, nature walks, and hands-on activities, they also will complete a beautiful lapbook to refer back to for years to come . . . a great portfolio of their study on bugs. If you are new to homeschooling and are unsure what a lapbook is, like I was when I first started, there is a terrific section all about lapbooking, including great descriptions on how to make one and instructional videos too. Boys and girls will both love this study. It would be great in the spring when the bugs start appearing or even in the winter when you’re wishing it was warmer . . . enjoy this great new study by Amanda Bennett!”  Alicia in NC

“This is our first DNG (Download-N-Go) unit study and I am so impressed! DNG is a perfect title for these unit studies because everything you need is right here! With your computer and a few inexpensive items for your lapbook you are ready to begin. This DNG unit study Incredible Insects allows you to gather the kids (all age groups) and together you can learn about some very incredible insects!! In just one week you will learn some interesting facts about insects. For example, how do fireflies flash? How do insects breathe? And what is the difference between an insect and a bug? You will learn about one particular insect each day such as the grasshopper on Day 1 and the butterfly on Day 3. Every day has an Insect Safari for you and your little bug hunter to explore on a nature walk. There is spelling/vocabulary words, a book list, lapbook activity, and a “just for fun” section each day. But the most important thing to our family is how God’s amazing creative hand is revealed in each incredible insect through each lesson. Amanda Bennett has done an excellent job of packing this study with lots of information and awesome resources.”  Cantina in TN

“Have you ever wondered: How do insects breathe? How do fireflies flash? What is a Luna Moth? Why do cicadas screech? If so, chances are you are like me and have children, and like all children, mine love insects. Unfortunately, I am no entomologist and don’t have the resources readily available to answer these curious questions. That is until now. Incredible Insects is an amazing unit study by Amanda Bennett that has my children all a ‘buzz.’ In this unit study Amanda Bennett reels my children in by focusing on their inquisitive natures. Answering buggy questions about where insects come from, where they live, and how they talk. The links provided took us to a world of vivid and beautiful pictures of rare insects and amazing videos. Additionally, the extensive book list provided gave this grateful home school mom an excellent resource to use when answering all of my little insect lover’s questions. Best of all, my children learned that all creatures, big and small, are created by God and that all life, even tiny insects, have a purpose and should be respected and cared for. We even incorporated walks in the park and woods to look for insects to enhance our learning experience. Now, instead of my children always bugging me with questions about insects, I can now bug them.”  Sarah in AR

“It’s summer . . . It’s hot . . . And the bugs are out in full force . . . So what better way to make the most of summer, even if you have to be indoors from the hot, summer heat, than taking a journey and discovering the world of insects, using the latest, Download and Go™, Incredible Insects. The kids love creepy, crawly insects, even if it means dealing with days they are yelling for protection from the ant they see crawling on the ground, or the flying bug that they are convinced comes from another planet, so this was the perfect study to work with them. Incredible Insects has everything, from videos, book recommendations that can be found at the library or if you prefer to own your own copies, can be found inexpensively online or at the local book stores. Then there are the lapbook components which is a thing I love about Incredible Insects is the fact that it is really, across the page, for different ages so it makes it easier for siblings to work on together. It really impressed me how Incredible Insects also included recommendations for apps that with the portability that is being provided by e-readers, tablets, iPhones, iPods and smartphones, nature studying has become hi-tech. Kids are encouraged to use the multimedia resources that are available these days to further their understanding of the world around us. . . Another thing that makes not only just this unit study wonderful, but like all the classic Download and Go™ titles, you have a combination of science, art, copywork to help with writing skills, links to interesting videos and books to read, while learning all you might not have known about Incredible Insects. We really enjoyed Incredible Insects because it really reminds us that learning can be a fun experience, doesn’t have to be drab and all book reading, and when it comes to insects, as creepy as they may seem, Incredible Insects really helps reminds us of the uniqueness and how incredible, insects can be. Colorful, innovative, inspiring and just plain fun, Incredible Insects made a really great addition to the school and this is a unit study that can be used as a supplement, as core. Maybe you find yourself in a busy time of life, there is enough range in the Download and Go™ series to cover holidays, major topics in sciences and just plain, change from the usual school routine.”  V. Clark in TX

“My biggest question while reading over this unit study is “why hasn’t Amanda written this Sensational Sharks Cover HiRes AABbefore?!” Sharks are fascinating for kids! I love this study. You and your children will learn all kinds of facts about sharks, including what sharks really eat and their special and unique senses that other sea creatures don’t possess. Besides good, solid facts about sharks, Amanda has included wonderful links to videos and even some daily jokes your kids will love to tell. One of my favorite things about Amanda’s studies are the long book lists included, taking all the leg-work of planning out of the equation so you can have more quality time to actually do the study. I would suggest tying in Sensational Sharks with a whole semester on oceans, but it would be great alone too. Also a great study to plan around a trip to the beach! Any fears your kids might have about big scary sharks will most definitely be replaced with awe and interest when you do this study. Get ready for BIG fun!”  Alicia in NC

Sensational Sharks will keep your kids engaged through amazing videos of sharks including a baby shark being hatched, shark skin experiment and kids petting sharks. In this unit study children will learn geography, science, history, math and more. There are scriptures and funny jokes throughout. Book and activity recommendations. And each day there is an interesting, “Did You Know?” Like, did you know that some sharks glow in the dark. The unit study includes lots of great arts and crafts projects (which was our favorite part about this unit study) including salt dough, paper mache, watercolor pencil projects and more.
And don’t forget about the amazing lapbooks now included in many of the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. At the completion of this unit children will have a beautiful lapbook to read over and over again that includes information about anatomy, shark types, oceans, vocabulary and more.” Kathy in GA

“We have just started homeschooling our eldest son (10 year old). . . . with our first unitSeashellsCoverSM copy study – Download N Go Sunny Seashells. I did this with my two eldest boys (7 and 10 years). It was great! We had so much fun. We live near the coast in England and spent many days on the sea shore exploring shells with such a better understanding. We also used the unit as a base for branching out into fossil hunting too! I absolutely loved this unit and am so excited about moving on with my son!”  Tracey in England

“I have always loved looking at seashells as a kid. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Now tell me, who doesn’t think of putting one up to their ear when they hold one? I know I always do! In Sunny Seashells, you can expect your children to learn about what seashells are, some seashell history, different types of seashells, and the science of seashells. This unit can help children who (like my son) haven’t been to a beach before to imagine what it must be like to be out there. . . . I like not having to search all over the Web for information, because I get tired trying to find just the right info when we are studying something. The links Amanda provides in her units are real time-savers for us. This helps keep mom from being overwhelmed looking for answers to the questions and my son from getting restless waiting for me to hurry up already :0) To me, the best thing about unit studies is that you are incorporating learning in more than one subject area.”  Tajuana in MO

“There are scientists for everything, but a person who studies seashells is not called Under-the-Seaologist nor a Seashellologist. He is called a conchologist. Lots of fun things to learn in the science section of this study [Sunny Seashells].   The Scripture lessons and poems make for great copywork too. As always, there are components for a lapbook included. Lots of seashell and sea creature video clips all hyper-linked into the lessons. There are other great Internet resources for crafts as well. There are math lessons using shells included. Shhhhhhh—don’t let the kids know they are learning something to do with ‘school.’”  Vickie in ID

I think we have found a winner this week [Terrific Tigers]. We all have enjoyed TerrificTigersCoverSM learning about tigers . . . My 1st and 2nd grade girls spent a lot of time with tape measures this week, furthering their understanding of measuring. My eldest daughter (4th grade) is doing creative writing and set one of her stories in a jungle in Asia—with tigers, of course. Even the baby caught tiger fever. He has added growling/roaring to his cute sound repertoire. My ‘intended audience,’ the kindergarten boy, thoroughly enjoyed his first week of ‘real school’ as he calls it. Each evening he was telling Daddy all that he learned . . . I love that these studies are so easy to do. No prep work necessary. I print out the lapbook components the night before. I have found that I enjoy cutting these out and my children enjoy doing them much better when this part is already done. If my girls are wanting to write, we print the corresponding pages for their notebooks. If they are feeling pencil-allergic, we just orally go over these parts. I am so happy to have found something that is fun for my children, easy for me, and a complete study with real learning taking place.”  Hillary in IN

“My son loves making lapbooks. So when he saw the new Terrific Tigers from the Download N Go™ Series, he was so excited and wanted to start at once! Tigers are one of his favorite animals . . . his favorite part in the entire lapbook is the Treats for Tigers slider. He can move the slider up and down and discuss with me which animal the tiger eats . . . I believe that it is noteworthy that the lapbook mentioned that tigers are endangered species. This actually exposes the kids to the reality of and the responsibility of mankind to the habitat of the tigers. Another section that I like is the vocabulary section. Words relating to tigers, which are often used in the lapbook, are listed and the kids have to write down the meaning. For my son who is learning how to write, this is a neat way to practice his handwriting and increase his vocabulary too! So if your kids love animals, this Terrific Tigers Download N Go™ is a must for them!”  Christine in the Philippines

“I love the graphics in this DNG. The pictures of tigers were so cute [Terrific Tigers]. They are one of many of God’s beautiful creatures . . . Each day there are book suggestions, family fun ideas, short educational videos, questions to answer for reviewing what was learned, and more. I believe the best thing about unit studies is that you are incorporating learning in more than one subject area. With the DNG Series you can expect to cover subjects like spelling, vocabulary, history, and science.”  Tajuana in MO

This study will take you on a whaling adventure [Whale Tales]. Designed with your K-4 WhaleTalesSMgrade student in mind, it is packed full of lapbook templates, research that is already done for you, library book list to add additional review and information, video clips to enhance your lessons as well as colorful and engaging worksheets. . . . If you have yet to discover the Download N Go™ series for yourself, you will not be disappointed. . . . As we complete the studies, I watch as my son enjoys this approach to learning. With the video links, worksheets, and lapbooking templates the study comes to life for him. We look forward to many more to come.”   Lynn in MT

“There are awesome videos in this study [Whale Tales]. This lapbook is wonderfully done, colorful and full of learning opportunities for each child . . . this could be easily adapted for even an older preschool student… With daily vocabulary words, different types of whales like the humpback, bowhead, and other whales, studying what mammals are, oceans, and other learning activities, this lapbook will provide a meaningful learning experience.“  Sarah in Ohio

Download N Go™ Whale Tales is the most adorable and informative unit study on whales I’ve come across. This is a week full of study covering most of your core studies for a full week. Need to take a break from your week to week curriculum or like a more hands-on approach? Then take a look at this fantastic study about whales using the biblical story of Jonah and the whale, using scriptures, science, social studies, vocabulary, critical thinking, geography, and reading. If your crew is interested in whales and/or the story of Jonah, this is a very informative unit study covering the anatomy of whales, types of whales, and many other aspects of whales. God’s glorious creation can be quite fascinating, studying them and learning how intricate in design animals can be.”  Hollie in IL

Just the name Amelia Earhart evokes a kind of mystery for me. This … flyer lived in an AmeliaEarhartSMage when it was quite daring for a woman to be so bold. She led quite an interesting life with such a mysterious end that even today questions are unanswered . . . Included are video online links to incorporate visual learning—leave your speakers on so that all the sights and sounds can be enjoyed! I was fascinated to watch these “peeks” into the past in the form of short 4-9 minute film that introduced me to the world of early flight: Amelia’s world. I can envision using this study to enhance a study of the early 20th century or a deeper science unit on flight, atmosphere, or weather!”  C. McDunnell in OH

“We used this study in our eclectic homeschool with my children from ages 3 to 13 . . . The study [Amelia Earhart] is perfect for families who homeschool with various ages and types of learners. My children especially enjoyed using the library books recommended, and we made our own airplanes and discussed aerodynamics and had a great time coloring and “tweaking” the planes. My younger son was most enthusiastic about finding the locations mentioned in the atlas . . . I would definitely recommend this study resource to everyone I know. It can easily be adapted to fit any homeschoolers’ needs. The study is a usable, economy-friendly resource filled with lots of information and details, and in a nicely organized manner.”  Katrina in NC

“Learning about Amelia’s life, her planes, and her most famous flight are the lessons one would expect in a unit study focused on Earhart, but Amanda Bennett goes one step further. This unit study [Amelia Earhart] focuses on Amelia Earhart’s character. By examining her early life and education, and by focusing on the particular virtues that enabled her to pursue her unusual goals, Bennett allows students to home in on specific ways in which they can emulate Earhart, should they so choose. It is one thing to have a hero; it is quite another thing to have the concrete means at one’s disposal to consciously imitate that hero. Parents who are looking for something entertaining and lighthearted to tide them over between the fall and spring semesters, though, shouldn’t shy away from this unit study for fear that it focuses overmuch on serious subjects like virtue and character. Engaging and enjoyable activities abound on every page . . . I can’t wait to see what Amanda Bennett has up next in the series!”  Laura in TX

“It’s hard to think of Benjamin Franklin without certain images popping into my head: BenFranklinSMelectricity flowing down a kite string, bifocals, a printing press, and the American Revolution (to name a few). But, thanks to this month’s new DNG series, Benjamin Franklin, we’ve learned so much more! It’s incredible—the talents, ambitions, and successes (and failures) of Mr. Franklin. And, the wonderful lapbook, weekly activities, and reading material made this DNG Series very enjoyable and memorable. . . . If your family is studying the American Revolution, this would be a great supplement to the curriculum you’re currently using. That’s another wonderful benefit of the DNG Series—they are so adaptable to what you may already be doing! ” Meredith in TX

“In the Benjamin Franklin Download N Go™ you can expect your children to learn about his childhood, important people and places throughout his life, his accomplishments and inventions, as well as important character traits every child needs to learn. When I showed my son the unit study, he immediately remembered from last month about Ben Franklin’s kite experiment. He was excited that we would be learning more about Benjamin Franklin. There are some links to videos in this unit as well. My son likes watching videos to help him get a better understanding of what’s going on. We also enjoyed learning some of Ben Franklin’s famous quotes. As with many unit studies you are incorporating learning in more than one subject area. That helps you to not have to worry about having something extra planned to do because you’re getting different subjects covered in one unit. In this Download N Go™ series you can expect to cover spelling, vocabulary, history, and science.”  Tajuana in MO

“We’ve already learned about how Ben Franklin used kites in his experiments with Amanda Bennett’s wonderful Download N Go™ title Kite Capers. Now it’s time to learn more, with a whole E-Book unit study about Ben Franklin. . . . I love that, when learning about the details of Ben Franklin’s life, the student is asked to compare to his own life. I learned so much fascinating information about this famous inventor—I love learning right along with my children! Did you know that as a child, Franklin wanted nothing more than to work on a ship when he grew up? Or that he created the very first political cartoon? Or that he invented the odometer? Oh and how about some of his wonderful, famous quotes, such as: “The doors of wisdom are never shut”! (Almost every quote of Benjamin Franklin’s is something I think would make a great poster on a homeschooler’s wall.) All Download N Go™ titles include materials and instructions to complete a colourful, informative, and fun lapbook.”  Kimberly in Nova Scotia

My 10-year-old son and I are probably the most devout history lovers in this house, so we ConstitutionCelebrationCoverSMwere so excited to review the Constitution Celebration Download N Go™ . . .The lapbook pieces are very well done and the graphics are very appealing. You can print them out in vibrant color, or print in black and white and let the children color the graphics. I was so excited to see a link to information about how to save on ink when printing . . . Another great thing about the Download N Go™ unit studies is that Scripture is included in each daily lesson.It is an important reminder to us that God’s hand has been evident throughout history, even the history of our nation’s difficult struggle to become the United States of America.If you love unit studies, then I would have to recommend Constitution Celebration Download N Go™. The educational videos and links are a blast, and making a lapbook is a lot of fun. Maybe it will inspire your family to memorize the Preamble like it has ours.”  Erika in TX

“. . . I have wanted to do something like this [Constitution Celebration] for our schooling but didn’t know exactly where to begin. This product gave us a great start! The information in this unit study was well searched and very easy to follow. We weren’t able to get any extra books from the library this time, however, I don’t think we needed them as we had so much information already included, plus I had some other books at home that went along perfectly. The links to the videos were very good and kept my children’s attention. (I have an 8-year-old and our 3-year-old watches with us) There was even one particular video that had some of our favorite TV characters.We also went to Washington D.C. while we did this study, and we are incorporating some pictures from the trip in the lapbook . . .I wouldn’t have thought that you could learn so much about one topic in a week, but with the Download N Go™ products you really do. ”  Beth in PA

“The new Download N Go™ Constitution Celebration was a wonderful unit to review and also build into our curriculum.Like the other DNG studies, it is jam-packed with wonderful links, hands-on learning, and enough recommended books to keep you busy for three weeks with this five-day study . . . We found that the variety of video links in this study was really mindful of the different levels of learning maturity that would be incorporated in a study for kids in this age range. There are many links to coloring pages that can be used to reinforce a concept or keep younger ones active while listening to some wonderful, read-aloud suggestions from the book list. Links are also offered for more advanced learners as well as lots of hands-on processing through the lapbooking activities.Our greatest joy with this study was the biographies of key figures associated with the Constitution. In bringing these figures alive, the Constitution becomes personal to young minds. They can begin to relate on a greater scale to the importance of the Constitution and the sacrifices these men and their families made in standing for America’s freedom. ”  Dawn in KY

Wow, what inspiration and a wonderful unit study [Davy Crockett]! It is for DavyCrockettSMgrades K-4th, but you could always add to it to make it for older grades. It makes learning fun, colorful, and hands-on . . . I loved it so much that I . . . bought a full semester’s worth and can hardly wait to get started on them. I will be using them even with my very handicapped 7-year-old. . . this is just what our kids need to realize that school doesn’t have to be all work and boring!”  Orilla

I appreciated the fact that I was able to use it with a broad age range. My 4-, 6-, and 8-year-olds curled up beside me to listen to the stories we were reading about Davy Crockett and the little Internet videos we watched. The activity pages were a wide enough range from a simple coloring page of the Alamo that is suitable for the 4-year-old to some more complex lapbook activities that the 8-year-old can complete… I appreciated the ease with which I could use this product!”   Wendy in OH

“If your child likes to ‘play’ on the computer, then this is totally for him! . . . How wonderful to have resources like this literally at our fingertips and already searched and approved! . . . I love that the Download N Go™ Series weaves all the disciplines into one great package . . . I believe . . . Amanda Bennett did a beautiful job helping me remember Davy Crockett the soldier, the statesman, and hero at the Alamo—and passing on this piece of history and Americana to my son. All at home!”  Alexis in VA

“Children can learn so much from people in history, and George Washington is one of the GeorgeWashingtonSMbest examples . . . Amanda gives you a quick-glance sheet of what to expect and what you will be learning day by day . . . she draws out each day what you are to look up, find, and research, what to draw, and what to place in the lapbook and what to discuss with your children. Then to top it all off, she gives you ideas for family fun activities to do at the end of the week to wrap up the lesson and really make it stick . . . If you love unit studies, love to do a little research, and just love to dive into a subject for a short-term project, then this George Washington Download N Go™ unit study by Amanda Bennett is just the package for you.” Kristin in CA

“. . . this “DNG” [George Washington] is way more extensive than what Asrat’s official first and second grade social studies gave us on that great man. Reading through the lesson, I found it very thorough, full of all the information one would need to make a good study of Washington . . . One of the reasons I like these so much is that they are a great way to review information and cement it into a child’s mind, and this DNG lapbook accomplishes that purpose. I’m really looking forward to working through this lesson with Asrat and Gebre as a supplement to their social studies. . . . ” Margaret in PA

George Washington rocks. There’s no other way around it. He was a fantastic military commander, the first Commander-in-Chief and President of the new America, and yet he was a humble, Christian servant who longed to return to his farm. How do I know all this? I just read through Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go™ unit study on General George Washington. In just five short days you will learn about the man himself, how he grew up, his accomplishments, and in the process, you can teach your children many life-building, character-enhancing traits (leadership, honesty, integrity, courage, perseverance) that every child (and adult, for that matter) should know . . . I can’t think of a better way to learn about him than through this new unit study.“ Meredith in TX

This unit [Lewis & Clark] is really packed with a wealth of information and LewisClarkSMlearning opportunities . . . In all honesty you can do this study completely without the books listed, but I think that adding at least a couple of the books just lends to a richer learning experience. In addition to the unit itself, there is a wonderful lapbook that accompanies this study. There are 25 pages included in this lapbook with colorful and fun graphics. You can do them all or pick and choose the ones you really want to do. You won’t be disappointed with the Lewis & Clark Download N Go™. It is a wonderful resource for learning.”   Michele in NJ

One of the things I love about Download N Go™ unit studies is that I am always learning new things right alongside the kids. The videos, Internet links, and books make each week an adventure in learning for all of us. The more Download N Go™ units we do, the more I like them. I am so pleased with how easy it is to get ready for each day and the versatility of each unit. I can print out all of the pages or pick and choose to create personalized lapbook folders for each child . . . Lewis & Clark, like all of the Download N Go™ units, covers a smorgasbord of subjects to learn about. In addition to learning about Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, you will learn about Thomas Jefferson, Sacagawea, geography, plants, animals, and so much more! You will also find spelling/vocabulary words, puzzles and games to play online, and a joke of the day.”  Karen in RI

In using these in the past, I have found that the Download N Go™ units can easily be expanded to longer periods of time with all the great books, activities, and information opportunities included in each unit. Children are allowed to immerse themselves in the excitement and adventure of the West and the American wilderness. Using literature available from the local library and lapbook/notebook components, a child investigates the route and excitement that went with Lewis and Clark’s famous journey. Using these units is a fun, inexpensive way to encourage learning and expand knowledge in your child. A wonderful, all-around, easy-to-use education resource for the homeschool family.“  Lisa in TN

Are you ready to explore the United States in the 1840’s or travel west in a Conestoga PrairiePioneersCoverSMWagon? Are you ready to learn about the Oregon Trail or about Laura Ingalls Wilder? The new Download N Go™ series, Prairie Pioneers offers all of this and so much more. Prairie Pioneers is a fun and educational way to teach your children the history of Pioneers. Each day starts out with several videos that will stimulate the visual and auditory senses, followed by many thought provoking questions to stimulate the brain. You will cover such things as a Pioneer Trail and Pioneer of the Day, history, spelling and vocabulary words. . . .One of my most favorite parts of the unit study, is the lapbook. It’s a great learning tool and a fun craft for my children. It’s also an instant portfolio of what my children have learned and a great resource to look back through in future years.. . . With the ease of planning and the great value of Download and Go Unit studies, you can’t go wrong adding this to your curriculum.”  Lori in MI

“When I think ‘prairie,’ inevitably, I think of the inquisitive Laura Ingalls in her long dresses and braids, Ma tending to the children, and Pa ever ready to save the day. However, brace yourself! In Amanda Bennett’s Prairie Pioneers DNG, the great adventure truly begins! This unit study is engaging, action-packed, and guaranteed to please both boys and girls. Everything needed to transport to days gone by is found in this all-inclusive Prairie Pioneers DNG. Embedded video clips, kid-friendly websites, vivid graphics, lapbooking components, and notebooking pages provide students an entire week of educational fun. . . . As the various prairie trails are highlighted, this DNG also exposes the many hardships endured and challenges faced by the early pioneers. In addition, it calls attention to the fierce tenacity, endurance, strong commitment, dedication, and unwavering faith exhibited by pioneers both young and old. I truly appreciate that my children are engrossed in history while at the same time they are being taught such wonderful character traits. . . . By the end of this study, I believe, someone will inherit the nickname ‘Half-Pint,’ there will be Lincoln Log Cabin constructions scattered throughout my house, bunkbeds will be converted into covered wagons, we’ll be mining for gold, and asking for large livestock as new pets. Personally, I’m hoping that my children have a better appreciation for even our longest of road trips. Oh well, I can dream, right?”   Angela in KY

“I loved getting to know the prairies all over again! Amanda Bennett’s . . . Prairie Pioneers is a very cool book! I found myself entertained and educated as I went through the pages! Living on the prairies myself, both on the Canadian and American side, I found some engaging details that I did not know myself—I mean any John Deere fans out there will appreciate that he is included—there actually was a guy named John Deere—who knew!? Amanda provides you with a well-rounded and adventurous look at the prairies! I love that it gives enough to whet my kids appetites for the prairies and show how interesting it is! I like how it covers a wide range of interests for all ages and both boys and girls—there is something of interest for everyone. Learning about how robust and hard-working the pioneers must have been, and some of the issues they went through was so intriguing—things I had not even thought of introducing to my kids before. . . . Prairie Pioneers has definitely added some destination spots for us to visit and see over the summer! Thanks Amanda for another fabulous, well thought out adventure for us to explore! What a fun study for the family!”  Amy in Canada

We have used a couple of these units over the last few months, and I have to tell you that we Expedition_Africa coverwithoutNatGeolm11014reducedsizehave loved every one of them. One of the highlights of each day is the videos of the people and places of Africa. Each time we view one, my boys chime in with “I want to visit there!” or “Can we find out more about that place?” Music to Mom’s ears! . . . I would highly recommend this [Expedition Africa] or any of the DNG units. They are interesting and easy to use as well as reasonably priced! That’s a win-win in my book! . . . Something both moms and kids love . . . !”  Lisa in UT

“. . . I am beyond excited about what is in this Download N Go™ unit study [Expedition Africa]. . . It is fascinating to learn about far-away places and to cover a multitude of other subjects while doing it. I love how everything is all pulled together in an easily implemented unit that can be done in one week or expanded to last much longer (which is what we did with Expedition Mexico, taking three weeks). . . . I am particularly excited about the missionaries included in this study. We know a couple of missionaries to Africa, so we will certainly be adding something about them and the countries they serve in. . . . The colorful worksheets included with each Download N Go™ unit and the lapbooking mini books make for a wonderful end-of-unit review to share with family and friends and to review over and over again so your children will actually remember what they learned. We have recently started using pocket folders to keep the worksheets together, and we glue the lapbook components to the inside of the folder. I am thankful to Amanda Bennett . . . for writing and publishing these unit studies that are affordable and so much fun to do.”  Karen in RI

“These past few days we have been on safari with Download N Go’s Expedition Africa! Grandma Jean was visiting with us while we were on safari. I think she had as much fun ‘doing school’ as the boys did. We watched some beautiful videos each day before we had story time on the same topics we had just covered . . . I’ve really enjoyed each of the Download N Go™ units we’ve used so far. While Expedition Africa didn’t hold the boys’ attention as well as some of the others, when we stuck mostly with animals, they ate it up! At 3.5 and 5.5, the littles are really on the lower end of the age range these studies are intended for. I definitely plan to do this study again in a few years. I love that we can do that with these units, and I’m confident we will love it even more then.”  Jodi in VT

This is another amazing addition . . . The neat thing is this unit [Expedition Australia] is AustraliaCover Hi AABso easily adaptable that younger and older children can work together with only slight tweaking for an older child to work on his/her level . . . I suggest this study, whether you’re looking for something fun and easy to take a break from ‘regular’ school or you want to add to your other studies for your students, then this is a wonderful way to do so. Inexpensively priced, instantly available, and reusable make it very economical no matter how small or large your family is.”   Sarah in OH

“What better way to jump back into school after the holidays than with this thought-free, pre-planned study of Australia [Expedition Australia]? . . . Every day my children were excited to learn the next new thing about Australia . . . My Ms. Maddie couldn’t wait every day to hear about the animal of the day and have the coloring sheet for it! . . . My autistic child, Ms. Evie, was fascinated with the didgeridoo . . . Ms. Alana was more into the weather and the culture of the people. She wanted to know all they did and about their religion . . . Ms. Gabby (she is 9) explored a bit deeper into Australia and loved that she had Download N Go™ to get her started and provide links to research further and do more to learn more . . . Isn’t that every mom’s dream? Sparking the love of learning so that your child wants to do it because it’s FUN.”  Hollie in IL

“Have you ever dreamed to visit one specific country? Dreamed about it since you were younger? I do. And I am still dreaming about it. This country would be Australia . . . the Expedition Australia is packed with interesting activities and links to discover with your kids. You will have videos, coloring pages, fast facts about the country, learn new words, maps, discover what a didgeridoo is, discover the boomerang and how it works, and much more. With all these activities, it is almost as if I would travel there with my children . . . And honestly, I can’t wait to get all the books related to this title so I can discover the country with them.”   Isabelle in Canada

“It is hard to find good material for Canadian Curriculum (or at least I’ve had a ExpeditionCanada no nghard time finding it!). I currently have been working on my own mish-mash of material for the kids and though they’ve been enjoying it, I struggle putting it together.  I want a bit more structure and that is what Expedition Canada has. It provides me with all my resources and structure in one pretty and appealing package so I can stop searching frantically every week for what I need . . . We found a lot of extra things we liked about Canada, while studying this unit through the links and a few craft projects that we will attempt (like a really funny beaver mask) . . . I loved the variety of animals she covered, especially in some of the links she used! I found a few that I didn’t even realize were in Canada, so they were a surprise to me! I liked some of the interesting facts and places she included in the lesson—Such as the Bay of Fundy or even that Vancouver was named after Mr. Vancouver (hehe, you’ll have to look that one up if you don’t know!)”  Amy in Canada

“The 5 day study is broken down into each individual day’s agenda which makes the planning and implementation so easy for the busy home school mom . . . Your children will be amazed with wonder as they learn about the Arctic Tundra, the bright Nothern Lights, Niagra Falls and the Rockies . . . Expedition Canada also contains great video clips, website links, and supplemental activities which create endless learning opportunities for your child. The recommended reading lists are included for each day with the books being easily obtained from a local library which causes no extra expense for the home school family in a tight economy. Geography, vocabulary, history, and science—it’s all in there and so much more . . . No more struggling with research and time management to come up with a plan. Everything is done for you, and all at one incredible price.”   Lisa in TN

“Each day is filled with gorgeous videos, geographic features, animals, inventions, explorers, and much, much more . . . This is the third DNG unit in the Expedition Series that we have used and I am always so amazed at how in depth and thorough the studies are. Expedition Canada is a fun and engaging way to expand your children’s knowledge of our world. I think my boys may become world travelers, thanks to this series! As a homeschool mom, I love to see their passions ignited. What a blessing for busy homeschool families to have these units available to them and at such a reasonable price too.”  Lisa in Utah

“It is getting so that anticipating Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go™ unit studies is ExpeditionChina no ngbecoming one of the highlights of my homeschooling month! . . . You see, if you are unfamiliar with Amanda Bennett’s shorter, bite-sized (as I have come to think of them) unit studies, it really doesn’t matter what you are currently studying in your homeschool. You always have time either to take a short break to work on the current Download N Go™ topic or, as is more usually the case, to work the current Download N Go™ topic into your present course of study . . . Another wonderful part of this unit study is the animal and geographical features of the day. My children couldn’t wait to find out what the animal would be each day. Even better, these animals are tied in to the optional, but included, lapbook component of the unit study! Finally, and in keeping with the winnowing benefit I so love, Expedition China contains several videos featuring aspects of China that my family will only ever see over the computer. Once again, there are thousands of such videos online. Amanda Bennett has done all of my legwork (fingerwork?) for me, and has found examples of the best videos, which correlate to the relevant portions of her unit study. All my children and I have to do is sit back and enjoy.”  Laura in TX

“DNG has done it again! Expedition China is now our favorite unit study yet! My boys (ages 4, 6, and 14) were all completely consumed in the materials provided throughout the series. From animals to geography to history, Expedition China covered all kinds of information, including lots of things we never even thought of. The unit study was very thorough, easy to follow, and fun to do with the boys. Videos and hands-on activities really brought China to life for us, and we feel blessed and fully nourished academically on this beautiful country. We were finally able to grab our Hudson Taylor book from the bookshelf and incorporate its usefulness to this lesson.”  Katrina in NC

“I would not hesitate to recommend this series to my fellow homeschooling families. As the ‘school year‘ winds down, I can see choosing some of the ‘fun’ units (like Pizza Party or Soccer, for example) to do for the summertime. Great value, great fun, great learning! Our favorite aspects of Expedition China are the missionary profiles, the Great Wall information, pandas, and just the basic facts of the country. . . . We are spending more time on this unit and lapbook, but the information is easily adaptable for that. I’m also glad to have the clickable Internet links embedded right in the Download N Go™ to take the guesswork and frustration out of my own Internet searches. Just try Googling China and designing your own age-appropriate unit study from the results! Talk about overwhelming! I can’t give away any ‘trade secrets’ on what is included in this unit study and lapbook, but rest assured that the subjects of geography, history, science, math, and language arts are covered very well. Two thumbs up for Expedition China!”  Sara in NY

The wonderful study [Expedition Ireland] packs everything into one great file that youExpeditionIrelandCover noNG just download and then, boom! Get ready, set, and go! . . . I did this study with my children from ages 5 to 10 years old. It’s very adaptable for a variety of ages and can be used over and over. It comes with all the parts to make a beautiful lapbook that your children can keep . . . By far this is such a time saver and it covers all of the areas of study for an entire week. With just one click you have your whole week planned out! How easy is that? A high-quality study with all the subjects covered and at such a great price!”  Hollie in TX

“Ireland, land of green, green grass and stone cottages tucked neatly against an ocean shore . . . Ireland is where I long to go and where my family hailed from. . . . There is a 19-page lapbook component to this study [Expedition Ireland]—a great way to retain information that your children have learned. Vocabulary and mini books about animals and Irish information are included with full color where needed; just print, cut, and fill them in. You’ll need a file folder, glue, scissors, printer, and paper so that your children will have a wonderful memento of their trip to Ireland.”  Sarah in OH

“My daughter and I were very happy to review this unit [Expedition Ireland] and incorporate it into our family history study/scrapbook . . . My daughter was surprised to learn that Ireland had its own language. She especially loved the information on Irish setters and Connemara ponies. Since our ancestors are Irish, she’s convinced she needs one of each! The completed lapbook will become a special part of our family tree history. Expedition Ireland has been our favorite DNG so far. That’s saying a lot because we’ve really liked them all. We have really started to look forward to spending a week with the Download N Go™ Series as part of our regular studies. The topics are not only educational and interesting, but fun and engaging. They are an awesome value for the price—definitely worth what they save me in time to create our own unit studies and lapbooks.”  Sara in NY

Ever wonder what life is like in the Holy Land? I have always dreamed of being able to walk ExpeditionIsraelCover noNGwhere the history of my faith began . . . With Expedition Israel, the latest downloadable unit study in the Download N Go series by Amanda Bennett, you and your children will experience the history, heroes, and beauty that is learning about Israel. This one week study is broken down into each individual day’s agenda which makes the planning and implementation so easy for the busy home school mom. No more feeling overwhelmed at the amount of information or the time needed to put together a unit that will teach my children so much. Each day is filled with gorgeous videos, geographic features, animals, and biblical heroes. And finishing off the week is some “Fun Family Ideas.”  Your children will be amazed with wonder as they cross the Jordan River or learn about floating in the Dead Sea. They will learn about eating kosher and creating delicious latkes . . . and will be engaged as they ride with the camels and study the incredible animals of the territory such as the Canaan dog, Mediterranean Monk Seal.  Download N Go’s Expedition Israel is curriculum that has my children not calling it school—but calling our days FUN!”  Lisa in TN

“Have you ever wanted to visit a faraway place? . . . With the new Expedition Israel you and your child can now visit from the comfort of your own home and learn so much about this beautiful country! This is a fantastic unit! Your child can learn about this wonderful country rich with history and people from the Biblical time period. Not only does this unit cover the history of Israel your child will also learn about some aspects of modern day Israel. . . . With the embedded links you can take a virtual tour and see the sights without ever stepping on an airplane! The lapbooking components and book lists will give your child the opportunity to delve deeper into this study and learn more about this wonderful country! This unit would be wonderful in an around the world study! . . . ”  Michele in NJ

“I am totally excited about the Expedition Israel! This five day study is jammed full of fabulous information about Israel! Tons of animals, Bible, and information about the land and it’s people that was really interesting to see! I felt like there was a whole other side to Israel that I never thought of before! Amanda provides so many links and activities it’s hard to just keep in five days—we could easily follow this for the whole month! Expedition Israel could easily be added to any Bible, social, language arts, or science curriculum! I love that it fits and easy to work—it totally meshed with our Bible curriculum currently! I love the lapbook pieces—they really add to learning for my children! That visual that stimulates and encourages us to remember what we’ve worked on. I feel like we’re not even doing school—we’re exploring the world together as a family!” Amy in Canada

“Are the kids yelling to go somewhere fun, but there are no vacations or field trips on the Expedition Mexico cover ABcomhorizon? Expedition Mexico may be just the answer. This 5-day unit study on Mexico will transport your family there as you explore the geography, culture, food, games, and much more about this country. The best part is that everything is here—you just Download N Go™ as it is aptly named… One of our favorite parts is that when the children are asked about the size of Mexico, its population, weather, etc. there is always space to compare information about our own country and community. This helped to bring all of the numbers and information into perspective for smaller children. The combination of written work, uses of literature and website information, and also hands-on projects ensure that there is something for everyone regardless of your child’s learning style. Visual learner? It’s in there. Auditory learner? It’s in there. Kinesthetic learner? It’s in there… Sounds like a win-win situation to me!”   Dawn in KY

“I have always dreamed of visiting Mexico, and Expedition Mexico has allowed me to take my children on a festive vacation where we have learned about the culture, history, and geography of this fascinating country. We have also learned new vocabulary words, poetry, and even a little Spanish! The book lists to enhance the study of Mexico are wonderful. There are also many great video links that my children enjoyed. They cannot wait to make a piñata. My son was very interested in the Mayan history, and my girls loved learning about the animals of Mexico! Now I have to convince them that we are not decorating the entire front yard with pink flamingos! The Download N Go™ Series keeps getting better and better. We cannot wait until our next unit study adventure.” Erika in TX

Expedition Mexico is a fun-filled study that will take you and your children south of the border to learn about the United States’ closest southern neighbor. Learning the geography and history of Mexico is made fun with the games and interesting facts that abound… And learning has never been tastier. Along with taste testing many easy (and yummy) Mexican treats, we tested one of Mexico’s most delicious exports . . . chocolate!”  Dana in TN

“France is an amazing and beautiful country. And even though you may not get to actually PP France coverLvisit, Passport France will allow you and your kids to discover this country right at home through engaging videos, Internet sites, cooking projects, science lessons, research, books, and more! What I love about the Passport Geography studies are the variety of tools compiled into one unit study. Countries are explored through activities such as Map It, VIP (Very Important People), Get Some Culture, Creature Feature, and Family Projects. There are so many different ways that learning can take place and the the study is rich in subjects like geography, history, art, language, culture, science, and more! What a fun and exciting way to immerse your family in another country. The Passport France unit study is totally flexible and customizable for use with different ages and abilities. There are even two separate studies available to you, one for elementary ages, and one for Jr./Sr. High. We can’t wait until we get the opportunity to begin our trip through France!”     Lisa W.

Passport France is a fantastic one week unit study, jam packed with wonderful learning opportunities! While you may not be visiting this country in person, this study gives you such a feel for this beautiful country! Passport France takes you on a tour of some of the most beautiful and well known cities, such as Paris. You will also visit some cities that you may not be as familiar with, places like Corsica and Nice! Passport France covers a myriad of topics including geography, map skills, animals, landmarks, rivers, science, sports, and so much more! Each day you will learn about a different French VIP, learn some of the French language, with a new vocabulary word each day. Tour to a few cathedrals and famous landmarks! Oh and French food! You will learn about French cuisine and have the opportunity to make a few with the recipes linked within the study. Passport France covers all the areas of France. One of the neat parts of this study is learning about a Kids life in France! I think it is so fun to show my children how children in other parts of the world live and to learn about their culture and how they spend their day! Passport France has a wonderful list of books you can use to go along with this study as well as interactive and embedded links to enhance your learning experience. I really love the extras that are included at the end of each day. You can get the entire family involved in this study with the daily Family Fun projects and the additional Internet resources provided. This study is wonderful for elementary to high school students. There is a wonderful lapbook filled with colorful graphics to go along with this study. Passport France makes me want to pack my suitcase and head to Europe and explore!”     Michele in NJ

Passport France is an exciting new way to travel through France without really being there. The daily video clips make you feel like you’re really there and the questions are sure to peak your children’s interest. Each day you will learn Scripture, geography, important and interesting places of each country, fun food, science and so much more. One of the great features of this unit study, is the lapbook. It presents a great way for your children to learn and creates an instant portfolio of what they’ve studied. It’s a great resource for your children to look back through in the years to come. Passport Geography offers Scout and Explorers levels, which allow you to use this wonderful tool for all grade levels. This is a great addition to the unit studies. Amanda Bennett has really outdone herself with this new series. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.”     Lori in MI

“France, France lovely France . . . brings to mind music, food, and laughter . . . Why? I don’t know, it just does. :)   Passport France is all about France; divides this country into five different regions for easier study; including on a daily basis things such as Scripture, maps, important people, places to visit, things to see, animals, and much, much more. You will get a good resource list, be connected with a variety of links from all over the web, watch interesting videos, and see and learn so much!. . . .  I have to admit to being shocked to learn that France has beavers and had to go check that information out for myself. I had thought they were a particular animal to North America. So good to learn something new and it’s a good way to build connections for children. If you want to learn about France, get Passport France, with the resource list and this ebook, your students will learn a great deal of information. Viva La France!”     Annette in Ontario

. . . grab your kids and your passports and head on a virtual field trip to Germany. Like the PP Germany coverLother Passport unit studies this one-week study [Passport Germany] is packed with loads of wonderful information and a great lapbook. I think every subject is covered in the Passport Germany, including math, writing, reading, history, geography, art, home economics, religion, social studies, music, foreign language and science. If your kids beg for more, like mine often do, don’t worry, Amanda’s got you covered and includes an excellent list of recommended books, videos, Internet links, games, activities and apps to enhance your learning experience. Your kids will explore Germany and learn lots of geography terms along the way. They will experience beautiful landscapes . . . be exposed to historical figures . . . they will learn about The Berlin Wall, World War I and II. . . . Did you know you can make your own Gummi Bears at home? Science will be covered as children learn about native animals, clocks, x-rays and thermometers. And if you have some reluctant boys, like mine, just tell them they will be learning about castles, the Autobahn, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen factory. I’m pretty sure that will get their attention. Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett has done it again that’s for sure. She has created an all encompassing curriculum that makes learning fun and interesting for both kids and adults.” Kathy in GA

” . . . Having studied German as a language myself years ago and living in a town that is twinned with a town in Germany, I was looking forward to the study [Passport Germany] to introduce my children to what I knew and much much more. I was blown away to discover the content of that much much more was more than I could have imagined. Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett] products just keep getting better and better. It is definitely the most eclectic study to date, covering almost everything from clocks, cars, and classical music to glaciers, thermometers and x-rays. I love how it brings in my daughter’s favourite fairy tales and turns them into a wealth of knowledge, and how we are introduced to the German language. I certainly can’t wait to serve up some of the delicious looking recipes given for each day; what a tasty way to learn! I’m in awe of how Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett] managed to accumulate such knowledge in sciences, history and language in this one study. There are again, amazing suggestions for not only books but apps, puzzles and games, really going above and beyond! For the Explorers the wealth of knowledge blew me away! I myself would have loved to study this unit in this style when I was of that age. I see something in it for all my older children, from the Berlin Wall to Einstein while popping into the Haribo store along the way. Just amazing! I love the maturity of the Explorer section, how they can take control of their own learning by writing their own research paper, and be inspired by some of the famous quotes along the way. . . . Unit Studies [by Amanda Bennett], thank you for creating these products. I wish I could just pop by and give you a great big thank you hug for all the fun and memories you are helping me create with my children.” Nicolene in the U.K.

“Passport Geography offers Scout and Explorers levels, which allow you to use this wonderful tool for all grade levels. This is a great addition to the unit studies. Amanda Bennett has really outdone herself with this new series. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.” Lori in MI

’Geography! Not again,’ my children sighed. Past homeschooler geography curriculum and PP Italy coverLprograms have taught me and my family one thing:  geography is boring. I dread it, my children dread it, but we all know as homeschoolers that it must be done. However, all that has changed now that I have been exposed to the Amanda Bennett Passport Geography series. This study is amazing and has taken away all pre-class anxieties! We no longer dread learning about geography, we now enjoy it. I have had the privilege of doing the Passport Italy Explorer Level unit. This study drew my family in as if we were actually traveling Italian canals on a Venetian gondola! The calms waters of study moved us through each location of Italy, learning new and exciting facts about the weather, architecture, and historical figures of this iconic country. . . Additionally, my tech-savvy children raved about the web links! Amanda Bennett’s study once again catered to all of my children’s learning styles. Passport Italy truly brought out the beauty and majesty of this romantic country, and helped us to grasp the importance of learning about a culture that has so impacted ours. It is truly a blessing to have someone do all the ground work so that my family can go on an amazing scholastic journey through the land of “amore” without any stress or anxiety. In a word, this study was ‘awesome’!” Sarah in AR

“Within the first two pages of the Passport Italy unit study I knew it was going to be fabulous. Not a subject is overlooked in this study, it covers it all. My kids need to hear, see, touch, and taste their object of study to make it stick and Passport Italy covers all that too. Whether you are wanting to grow your child’s knowledge of the country of Italy itself, explore fine arts and music, delve into geography and maps, or all of the above, Amanda’s Passport studies will do all that and more. The unit study is structured to take five days but you could easily turn it into a whole semester of learning. You will make delicious Italian food, visit the famous landmarks of Italy, learn a little of the Italian language and so much more. To top it all off, you’ll finish with a great-looking lapbook and a stamp on your passport to show for it! Terrific cross-curricular learning at its finest. The links, the book lists, the research, and ideas have all been gathered for you. Thank you, Amanda, for another amazing study!”   Alicia in NC

“I never knew a trip to Italy could be so cheap and be so educational for my kids, you don’t even need a passport! This one week unit study (Passport Italy by Amanda Bennett) takes you on a tour of Italy in the comfort of your own home! The study is packed full of ancient cities to visit, geography sites to discover, historically famous people to meet, authentic Italian food to taste, and lots more. I am amazed at all that is included and how much there is to learn through this unit study! One great thing about Amanda Bennett’s unit studies is that I can include all of my children and we can take this trip together! Amanda has organized her wonderful study of the Italian Republic into five days that cover places like Rome, Northeast Italy, Northwest Italy, Central and Southern Italy. Within these five days you and your kids will visit places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Italian Alps, the Roman Colosseum, and Pompeii. You will learn about the land, the culture and people like Michelangelo, Marco Polo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Christopher Columbus. When you thought there could not be more, there is “Get Some Culture: Try Out the Local Food!” where you watch videos of making ravioli, how to eat spaghetti, and authentic Italian pizza! There is so much I can’t list it all!! To top off this amazing study you get to make a lapbook that will be a keepsake of your virtual tour through Italy. On a personal note, I am so thankful for the Scripture that is included each day. The word of God is a very important part of our family life and our homeschooling journey. The Scripture that is included each day is simple enough to be memorized by the end of the day. At the end of the five days your kids will have memorized some of the truths found in God’s Word. This is a great help in “training our children in the way they should go so when they are old they will not depart from it!” (Proverbs 22:6). Thank you Amanda Bennett and your staff for putting together another wonderful Unit Study! May God continue to use you to minister to many families!!”   Cantina in TN

“. . . If you haven’t tried these new, weeklong units for K–12 but always wanted to travel to faraway places—these units are your ticket. This study [Passport Italy] (as well as all the Passport series) is all-inclusive—you just add your regular math curriculum. The units are also outfitted with safe, integrated links and videos, making all the information available to your child with a click of the mouse. The book list is my favorite part. It is categorized by subject as well as by fiction (for younger and older students) or nonfiction, all while apprising you of the proper grade range. Add in some lapbooking (with all the booklets included at the end), map work, and family activities and you have a whirlwind tour to your favorite destination . . . Italy. . . Each day begins with a few breathtaking videos of places you will “visit” during that day’s travels. You will then go to three or four specific spots, learn about an important Italian person, encounter a local creature (and even learn how to draw some), and be encouraged to try the local fare from ravioli to cannoli, gelato to zuppa! You also get to try your hand (or voice) at some words of the day—one of my favorite parts!! Passport Italy has a fantastic science section called “See the Science” each day where you will dive into a specific scientific area from creating batteries to finding out how sound travels. Not only do you learn about the various regions, you also discover the scientists connected with these regions, learning all about them as well as their contributions to science. So grab your Passport and begin your Italian travels! Ciao!”   Kellyann in SC

“The Passport series of studies are all full of safe and informative links and videos. This makes it so fun for children and parents. I have to say that my favorite part is the very detailed book list. It lists the books by subject . . . also telling the grade/age range for each. It doesn’t get much easier than that!!! The daily lesson plans are a plus. They are very user-friendly. So much fun and exciting things to learn about. This is a great study [Passport Italy]. If you and your family are wanting to learn about Italy, look no further! I am so impressed with the amount of information in this study. From things we Americans already know about, like the Roman Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel, down to a few we have just learned about, like the Spanish Steps! I also enjoyed being able to learn about animals that live in Italy. The lapbook for this is amazing!!! Another feature that really got me excited was the section on the solar system. Who would think there would be a small study about the solar system in a study about Italy? Very Fun! From an astronomy timeline down to projects and coloring sheets pertaining to astronomy. This unit study is a MUST-HAVE!!! We love Amanda Bennett products. We love homeschooling around the family table, working and learning together. No matter what their age or grade . . . IT WORKS!!!”   Dana in MS

For those of you not familiar with all things Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett you are PP UK coverLmissing out . . . especially for the newest releases of the Passport Geography series. I had the AWESOME opportunity to review these new week long, units for K-12. This alone makes them both different and similar to the other unit studies available from USAB (Download-N-Go’s being 1 week long studies for K-4 and Unit Study Adventures being 4 week long units for K-12). The Passport series are the best of both worlds.
These studies are all inclusive (although you will want to continue with your own math curriculum) with safe and integrated links and videos making all the information available to your child at the click of the mouse. There is also a very detailed and expertly organized book list. This book list is categorized by subject and by fiction . . . or nonfiction all while telling you the grade range appropriate. There’s even an activity resource section. And there’s a fun family project included in the study as well. Oh, and you can’t forget the lapbook … another way to document your memories while traveling!
I found the daily lessons to be completely full of deep learning while keeping the learning both fun and intriguing. . . . In Passport: United Kingdom your children will be captivated by not only the geography of these wonderful nations, but also by the culture, people, and places. Your children (and you) will feel like you have been transported from your home into the heart of the United Kingdom by taking a ride on the London Eye or traveling throughout London on a double-decker. They will also come to know wonderful people including the new Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) and beloved story teller, Beatrix Potter. My children … my family have truly enjoyed this unit. Without a passport we have been able to experience the sights and sounds of the United Kingdom. We even recreated meals at home to fully immerse ourselves in the travel moment. This series will be one great adventure and I hope to see you and your family aboard the next time. Cheers!!”   Kellyann in SC

Just looking this new product [Passport UK] over I am captivated.We love Amanda Bennett products, but the new Passport series is a step beyond! The layout is so beautifully done and the pictures so majestic I want to jump in and start now!  I have always loved Amanda’s attention to detail in the lapbooking sections but these are even better than ones we’ve come to love in past studies! The newest twist I’m loving in this series is the Scout and Explorer levels!  Allowing for Elementary and Secondary learners to work side by side is genius. . . . What a lovely way to keep homeschool families at the table working together no matter what their age and grade!” Traci in IN

I love the new Passport series! I love the look, which is very engaging, and the layout, which is very user friendly [Passport UK]. The graphics are fantastic, I mean, they are really, really great. I keep looking at the pages, they draw you right in. I also love the change to use a notebook for the questions and copywork. The links are fabulous as usual, and the little girl on the airplane just may be as close as I get to experiencing flight. This new series is a winner in my book, and I can’t wait to use it!
Samantha in KY

I’m really excited about this new line of products . . . They are packed with information. . . .
We thoroughly enjoy the video clips in this unit [Passport UK], which give us an overview of each country, detailing specific landmarks, various wildlife, etc. There are videos of castles, and cooking videos demonstrating how to make various recipes, as well. We always enjoy trying foods from various locations. Each day we are given travel tips, mapping activities, geographic terms, recipes, information about a famous person from that country, a daily animal to learn about, and a biographical essay about an author on which to work daily. We especially like learning about the animals, and trying out the recipes! . . . I found the webcams in London especially intriguing to watch . . .”  Wendy in MS

Download N Go™ has taken the concept of a unit study and modified it so that the mother AutumnTreasuresSM(like me) who has not used unit studies as a part of her homeschool can implement them just as easily as those who use them every day . . . And Mom, there is even something for you. I will bet every mother has been asked how candy corn is made and why popcorn pops. This study [Autumn Treasures] gives you all the answers. So download Autumn Treasures and get your lapbooking materials ready. And why not heat up some apple cider and pop a little popcorn and sit down for the most fun you’ve ever had with a unit study?”  Dana in TN

“I can summarize my opinion of this series, particularly Autumn Treasures, in one word: awesome! It is such a timesaver for me! Everything is organized and ready to go when we are—just download the unit study and lapbook pages and you’re set. I don’t have to search the Internet for resources, I don’t have to spend lots of money on buying things from multiple sources and then wait on the shipping to get here, and I don’t have to guess about lesson plans for each subject and how to tie it all together . . . We love unit studies and lapbooking in our house . . . , you can’t go wrong!”
Sara in NY

“Are you looking for a simple way to do a unit study and lapbook together? Do you have children close in age but working on different grade levels? Would you like to streamline your school day and bring all the children together to do the same thing? Not sure how to start a lapbook to go with a unit? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then . . . [this] new series is what you need . . . Without having to worry about researching and lesson plans, it [Autumn Treasures] can allow a parent to have a relaxed week whether a break is needed due to illness, you want a way to bring all the children into a study, or you just need a slow week without taking actual time off—this study will allow it.”  Sarah in OH

“Get ready for a virtual adventure inside the deep, dark recesses of caves! Your family will CavernousCavesCoverSMtravel around the world and learn about five extraordinary caves. Did you know that the Krubera cave located in the Republic of Georgia and Abkhazia is the deepest cave in the entire world? Wait until you find out how deep it is. You will be shocked. During your travels you will learn about the different types of caves, how they form, where they are located, who lives there, and more. Stalactites and stalagmites have never been so much fun to learn about. You will definitely want to go spelunking after this unit study. And you will be prepared for that as well after completing this unit study [Cavernous Caves] since you will learn all about safety and caving terminology. As with all of the unit studies by Amanda Bennett there is a great list of books, videos, and resources to help you on your journey. The corresponding lapbook is lots of fun and has bright, colorful pictures, cute mini books and even a game. This is a fun unit study . . . a fun unit study . . . a fun unit study! Wait a minute is there an echo?”  Kathy in GA

“A lovely study [Cavernous Caves] starting with a firm definition of caves and caverns (through images, video, & room for sketches). The layout will help students understand how caves relate to the Bible in ancient times (through the stories of Elijah, the rising of Lazarus, and verses from Jeremiah); to how caves relate to our everyday life (it is God’s pleasure for us to learn more about and explore His creation). I enjoyed the mention of the stalactite organ located in Luray Caverns, VA (unique to the area, and we hope to make a visit soon). My son enjoyed cutting and pasting pictures of the four main caves into his lapbook and narrating new information into his notebook. We also enjoyed the study of bats and incorporating measurement and comparisons into the study of mathematics and caves. Overall, this unit study was well-researched, well-done, and students can glean useful information from the process of this study.” Susan in NC

“Our family loves unit studies they are just great for a break from your regular studies or to do as your full curriculum. We were recently able to work through the newest D-N-G — Cavernous Caves and I was surprised that my girls fell in love with this study. They have become infatuated with all things caves from stalagmites to stalactites to cave spiders and bats. Even their 3 and a half year old brother was happy to sit and watch the videos that go along with the days lesson. If you’ve never tried a Download-N-Go you should. All the work has been done for you. Each day planned out which includes videos, links to maps and pictures as well as to definitions and historical facts. Then there are even lapbooking pieces that can be done each day or at the end of the week as a culmination of the week’s studies. Cavernous Caves lapbook books will remind the children later of what they spent the week learning including the five types of caves, the zones inside a cave, specific cave creatures, special cave formations, and even cave safety. Once again, Amanda and her team have outdone themselves with remarkable work and a study that captures the hearts and minds of my children. My girls have raved about caves to everyone that will bend their ear and listen. I am also so happy that my son, even not in kindergarten yet, was still wowed by what he saw and heard. Thank you for continuing to make the learning process fun and fulfilling!”   Kellyann in SC

“Amanda Bennett and her team have once again done an amazing job of putting together a DiscoverTheBrainCoverSMgreat unit study! Discover the Brain . . . is a fascinating way to discovering the brain. Science, history, Bible, art, writing, and more are all wrapped up right here in this one-week DNG unit study. You will be amazed at how much is in this study! In just one week you will discover a wealth of information about your brain. This study includes learning the function of the brain, the parts of the brain, how to keep your brain healthy, and a “Brainiac from History”. And if that wasn’t enough, Amanda has included a fun “Build a Brain” section, Deeper Discovery, and LOTS of extra resources to help enhance this already great study! Each day gives an opportunity to work on a lapbook to have after the week is over, which is an awesome memory and reference for the future. What we love most about Amanda’s unit studies is the way she uses Scripture throughout the study. If you love the Bible, Discover the Brain will help you connect your brain to the Bible. I am thankful that my kids are not only learning about the brain but how God and His Word is in all of it! I can’t say enough about this wonderful DNG, Discover the Brain. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself all the wealth of information inside this one week study!”
Cantina in TN

“Think, think, think . . . think about how cool it will be to learn all about your amazing brain! In this unit study [Discover the Brain] children will learn all about the brain and how magnificent it is. Our brains are so very special and are one of the most complex things known to man. Researchers are still not fully sure how the brain works and probably never will because the brain is perfect in every way because it was created by God. In this fabulous 5-day unit study children will explore the brain in detail, learn about why we need one and learn all of the various parts that make up the brain including the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. There are so many fun aspects to this unit study including, brain exercises, brain tips and brainiac bios. There are also silly riddles and fabulous quotes like this one, “The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good.” —Carl Sagan. As with all of the unit studies by Amanda Bennett there are recommended books, apps, activities and more. I will admit it, there are things in this lapbook that I didn’t know. Like did you know that there are more brain cells in your brain than people in the world? Pretty cool, huh? Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett has done it again and created a spectacular, all encompassing curriculum that makes learning fun and interesting for both kids and adults. You and your family will have fun racking your brains and noodling your way through this one.”   Kathy in GA

“One of the reasons I love Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett is their adaptability for children in a wide range of ages. That being said, when I heard about this unit study on the brain, I immediately thought, ‘My kids {6.5 and 4.5} aren’t old enough for that!’ I was so wrong. Discover the Brain is an amazing resource for walking with your children through the world of a very complex organ in the most fun ways! You’re not just getting a lesson plan–you’re getting pages and pages of information, resources, videos, activities, and much more! There are even lapbooking materials included! My boys are particularly fond of the videos and pictures linked to in the study, as they are definitely visual learners. I think they also love the novelty of anything on the computer! Learners of all types will find something to love in this unit as there are plenty of writing, reading, and hands-on activities. I love the references to Scripture and God. I’m not sure how anyone could explain the brain without pointing to our Creator, but many try to leave Him out. I applaud Amanda for creating this wonderful lesson combining science and God! Discover the Brain covers everything from the parts and functions of the brain to keeping it safe. Your kids will be fascinated and have a blast with this unit study!”  Erin in NE

“As a mother how many times have you heard, “This algebra is making me brain-dead,” or “My mind can’t memorize all these verses.” Have you ever caught yourself saying this, “Don’t stick that fork in the light socket! Are you out of your mind?” As you may have guessed, the common link in all these infamous household quotes is the brain. As homeschoolers we use our amazing brains all the time whether memorizing scripture, history dates or even spelling words. But how this amazing brain of ours works is mind-boggling. Thankfully, Amanda Bennett’s unit study, Discover the Brain, makes learning about the magnificent mind both fun and enlightening. We started by making a salt dough brain, which not only showed us what a brain looks like, but reinforced mathematic skills such as measuring, and art skills such as sculpting and painting. Each day of the unit study was filled with labeling different parts of the “dough” brain as well as learning vocabulary and spelling. We were thankful for the many helpful tips on how to protect our brain from injury with helmets and pool safety. We were astounded by the “brainiacs” Solomon, Thomas Edison, and Ben Carson and found it interesting that even though they had amazingly gifted minds they still needed to work hard to reach their goals. Seeing these individuals rise above by thinking out of the box and learning on their own really resonated with how we learn as homeschoolers. Amanda does a great job of also showing us that God created our brains different from all other creatures in creation. He created us in His image. I highly recommend this unit study because it will blow your mind!”   Sarah in AR

Anyone who knows Amanda Bennett and her previous unit studies know that she is very DiscoverTheSensesCoverSMthorough and unique in the way she approaches subjects that otherwise we would have a hard time putting together. Her approach is streamlined and simple. She really understands us and knows exactly the certain points of any one subject that we would like to introduce to our children. . . . They are a quick, put together, unit study where literally you download the product to your computer, print it up, and get started. Simple enough, right? She includes [in Discover the Senses] a short introduction to lapbooking, book suggestions, and fun family ideas. Each day also includes a person from history that could be associated with each sense, for example Helen Keller or Louis Braille. . . . my favorite part of the whole unit study. . . . To sum it up, Amanda Bennett never really falls flat on equipping you with what you need to teach your child. It is science, history, reading, arts & crafts, and Bible class all rolled into one. . . . All the guess work was taken out of how to approach this subject with our children. Amanda has laid it all out for us.”   Brenda in AL

Discover the Senses is sure to make an impression on your family! In the course of a week, you will learn in detail about each of the five senses God has amazingly designed in our bodies. Multiple hands-on activity instructions are provided to explore each of these God-given senses with simple household materials. Also included are some sensational ideas for using food to learn about the sense organs, and turn your kitchen into a classroom for the day. Imagine making up a batch of cake balls to learn about the human eye anatomy! What a sight for sweet eyes! I love how Amanda Bennett’s units incorporate Scripture writing and study of Biblical passages that encourage us to be sensitive to God’s truth on each matter. You can truly learn about science, history, art, geography, and more from a Christian worldview. How perfectly fitting are the stories of Jesus healing people with damaged senses, and doing it by his word or a touch! Like all of the Download N Go studies, there are carefully chosen Scripture verses or inspirational quotes that are illuminated with beautiful images in the background between each day’s study. Unique to this study are daily notes of encouragement for our children to take care of their bodies that were created by God with five different sensory organs. Our children will learn how not to be insensitive to these blessings given by the Lord! Another favorite part is a biographical sketch of someone famous who has overcome the challenges of losing a sense, or being born without one or more from the beginning of their life. These true-life examples are sure to be a great motivation for your family to utilize their senses for God’s glory! Are you ready to explore your sense of adventure? Discovery Scavenger Walks provide opportunity to explore God’s Creation and also test your senses! Specific items are listed for each day to make your nature walk an exciting treasure hunt for the eyes, ears, nose, fingers, and tongue! Our family often takes the time to do some of the Digging Deeper ideas at the end of each day. One activity involves making the Braille alphabet with drops of glue! That will be a touching experience for all involved!Consistent with other Download N Go studies are the brightly colored pages with lines for younger children to record basic facts they have learned through watching the videos and reading the Internet links. Lapbooking components are often a favorite for our children, where they can color, cut, paste, and decorate a file folder to their heart’s delight! Many ideas are given for fun ways to culminate the unit study with the entire family. Your family can become sense detectives in just one week! If you have any “common sense,” you will find time to incorporate Discover the Senses into your unit study schedule for this school year!”  Melissa in IA

” . . . Sadly, there isn’t much “fun” material out there to teach our homeschoolers about the five senses. Well that is now a thing of the past. You can get out the old fashioned books that mundanely show our children what each of the five senses are or you can get Amanda Bennett’s new unit study [Discover the Senses], and feel, touch, taste, and hear your way through a exciting learning experience. You will teach your little ones how all five senses are used in all of the tasks we do each day. How can I have the sense of touch be tangible in the eyes of my child? I have often shied away from the very simple science of the senses because we inherently know that they can see, feel, touch, taste and hear. Amanda Bennett takes learning the senses to a five-sense joyful overload that will have your children jumping at the opportunity to tell you what sense they used during their everyday tasks!  This unit study also caters to the wide range of learning types I have in my household. Amanda’s “hands on” approach helps my kinetic/tactile learner by focusing on her sense of touch. The video links that are provided help my sight learners use their sense of sight. Additionally, Amanda is amazing at asking questions that get my children to really grasp the things we have looked at and learned during the day’s lesson. My favorite section of this unit study is called “Overcoming Challenges.” This section shows my children people who are lacking one or more of the senses, and how they have still lived full lives! The study of these amazing individuals, such as Helen Keller, brings such hope and courage to my children. I have to admit these amazing people inspired and encouraged me as well! I know this unit study has inspired my children and taught them to cherish the five senses that God has given them.”  Sarah in AR

“In a span of five days, you and your kid-students can have a completely jam-packed unit study [Discover the Senses] on our amazing bodies and its senses. Each day you study a different sense of the body: touch, hearing, seeing, smelling, and tasting. Here is a breakdown of what exactly I love about this study:

Football Frenzy is an excellent way to teach your children about one of America’s FootballFrenzyCoverSMgreatest pastimes. You’ll learn the history of football, the rules of the game, the science behind the sport and so much more. Lapbooking ideas are incorporated into this unit study and present a great way for your children to experience hands-on learning. They will also appreciate having a record of what they’ve learned for future reference. There is a great book list that is helpful in finding supplementary material that can be used to enhance the material presented in Football Frenzy. I found the book list to be very helpful when I was trying to find excellent outside resources, and I especially liked the fact that the work was already done for me, which saved me a lot of valuable time. My children and I loved the video links that were presented in Football Frenzy, and I felt that they helped my children and I gain a greater understanding of the sport. Football Frenzy is a great tool that helped my children nd I understand football in a new way. Now we will have a better understanding of what’s going on the next time we watch a football game. Like all Download N Go™ units, Football Frenzy is ready to use and requires very little planning. That combined with its great value made this unit study a winner in my book and a great addition to our curriculum.”  Lori in MI

“Whether you are a football superfan or have trouble distinguishing a tight end from a left tackle, you WILL score a touchdown with your kids using Amanda Bennett’s Football Frenzy Download-N-Go™. Similar to an NFL game, this week-long unit study is ACTION packed! Embedded video clips, lapbooking components, just-for-fun activities, craft ideas, snack suggestions, and recommended reading lists afford K–4 students the opportunity to learn the origins and basics of the game. Attention is given to positions, equipment, score keeping, and even the process of making a football. The science of the game is not neglected, and featured stadiums, teams, tournaments, trophies, championship rings, and Hall of Fame players will assure some cheers. The beauty of it all . . . the planning, research, and prep-work are complete! Football Frenzy is a winning playbook in your hands. Simply rally the team, Download-N-Go™, and ready, set, hike!” Angela in KY

Football Frenzy is jam-packed with wonderful learning opportunities, fro m the beginnings of football and its history, to the rules of the game, how the game is scored, and learning about the teams in the NFL. With this unit you will learn about some very famous football players, how some players help others in need, about the equipment used in football, and about the football itself. . . . How about some science? . . . Most of us do not relate science with football at all, but you will learn the role physics plays in this game! I have to say that I do know a bit about football, and while I am not an avid fan, I do enjoy the sport. But this unit taught me many things I did not know about football. Neither of my boys currently plays sports, but both of them would love this study and enjoy the learning experience it provides!”   Michele in NJ

I had no idea it was possible to know so much about kites! . . . Everything you’ve ever wanted KiteCapersSMto know about kites is in this one [Kite Capers], plus a little more . . . you could conceivably use this study to cover aspects of every subject for younger grades: science (weather, flight), social studies (kite variety according to culture), math (measurement and physics), reading (literature, Scripture, and poetry), writing, and copy work . . . I know the kids are going to go absolutely gonzo for this one, as they just the other day brought up kites and asked when we could make some to take to the park with us!”  Margaret in PA

“I have to admit this unit study, Kite Capers, from the Download N Go™ Series by Amanda Bennett could not be more user-friendly for the teacher . . . I am the type of homeschooler who does not like to have a lot of preparation for unit studies, and Amanda Bennett has done all the research and hard work for you and me. The lapbook is all ready for you to print and cut out. It is in full color and ready for your child to add his or her thoughts and creations . . . this whole project is only one week long, so you can have your child connecting the new-found discoveries of kite flying to the world around him as he flies his newly created kite he has made all on his own.”  Kristin in CA

“My son was thrilled when I showed him the unit study [Kite Capers]. He said “Oooo, I like kites! Count me in to go on an adventure to learn all about kites” . . . He was excited that we would be learning about Benjamin Franklin and his kite experiment, and also about wind and why it’s needed to fly kites. We’ll also learn about different types of clouds. He’s fascinated with the weather, because he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up. There are also other famous people to be learned about in this unit as well . . . The fun part for us is putting together the lapbook at the end of the study. My son loves looking back over and over again what he has learned when it’s made into a lapbook. I have used several of Amanda Bennett’s unit studies in the past, but I’m really loving her Download N Go™ Series.”  Tajuana in MO

“My family’s favorites are always the video links and the lapbooks. This Download N Go sure Moon DNG 2.0 cover 2.16delivers in both areas! The video footage of space exploration and our famous astronauts is awe inspiring. There is no comparison between glancing at a photo in a textbook and watching Gene Cernan sing on the moon. One is ordinary and the other is a visceral experience that you won’t likely forget anytime soon. The lapbook is out of this world (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) Sure to be a big hit is the astronaut cut-out that allows you to paste a photo of yourself on it! So cute! You can’t go wrong with Magnificent Moon. You will cover Creation, astronomy, space travel, gravity, great thinkers, fabulous vocabulary words and you get to eat Oreos! Did you ever think eating Oreos would help you learn about the moon? Well, Amanda Bennett has done it again with Moon! Off to make a space capsule!”  Kim in KY

“…Moon continues to bring all of the great things I have come to expect with the Download N Go series. This study on the moon is so full of information, videos and project ideas, you could easily extend it to up to a month of learning! … Magnificent Moon is filled with real-life science, history and geography. You will also find spelling, vocabulary and writing, as well as math and Bible verses.These unit studies by DNG are a hit with our family. Out of everything we use to learn, they retain these lessons the best. I learn right along with them, even with titles I think I know something about!”  Samantha in KY

“It still amazes me in an era computers took up whole rooms and buildings that man made it to the moon! Amanda takes us on a wild ride from Galileo to Apollo and beyond in this awe inspiring study! Enjoy a daily moon watch and learn about a different man on the moon each day too! So many fun family ideas in this study [Moon]…the lapbooking elements are the best and most exciting I’ve seen yet…those are this Mom’s favorite part!”  Tracy in IN

“If you have science-loving kids like I do, they are going to love this one! . . . We are so RockingRobotCoverSMexcited to use Rocking Robots! Even dad wants to be in on the action . . . Every day is filled with fascinating videos as you learn all about what robots are and how they are used, as well as Leonardo da Vinci, planets, and the human body. There are experiments, recipes, and even fun costumes to make. We have done several of the Download N Go™ units, and I am always amazed at how much is included in each unit but not in an overwhelming way, and this one is no exception. The information is presented in an inviting way, and the layout is bright and attractive. The lapbook is a great keepsake and can be used for later review. My kids are always so proud of their work and take turns keeping it in their rooms. My boys, who can never get enough science, were completely intrigued! I love seeing them so excited about learning. I used to spend hours trying to put together studies to keep my kids passions alive, but now it has been done for me. These units have truly changed our homeschool!”  Lisa in UT

“This was just what I needed for my son [Rocking Robots]! He loves everything about robots, and this gave him the opportunity to put it down on paper and do it for school! He loved working on the lapbook and even learned a few things that he did not know before about robots. It came perfect timing as well because he had been saying “I hate school” for the previous week, and this seemed to have cured him! We did a bit of it on our after-school time as well because he liked it so much! I think our spelling book will be covered with the lapbook spelling pages if he has anything to do with it! We also liked the videos for this unit study. I think we watched the violin playing robot at least 10 times!”  Amy in Canada

“This study [Rocking Robots] is full of delightful robot lapbooking pages that are a joy to look at. We are recent converts to lapbooking, and I have Amanda Bennett and the Download N Go™ Series to thank for that! Every study has an introduction to lapbooking at the beginning of the study. She really makes it easy for those of us who have never made a lapbook! . . .  You will watch engaging videos and listen to music. You will learn history and science. You will also cover math, spelling and vocabulary. There are Bible verses and my weakest area of school—art. (Thank you for giving me art!!) You will learn about fun robots that reflect the image of robots I get in my head when I think of a robot: you know, Rosie from the Jetsons. But I think more importantly, you will learn about serious robots. I didn’t even think about that side of robots when I decided to do this review! These robots are needed for times when a job needing to be done is too dangerous for a human to do . . . Robots are used far more than I thought they were. They are very useful for our lives today!”  Samantha in KY

WARNING: The Download N Go™ Roller Coasters unit study may bring high levels of excitement and enthusiasm to your child’s learning. . . . The incredible video links that are incorporated into each day’s lesson will keep your most challenging learner on the edge of his/her seat. . . . You will twist and turn through history, biographies of those influential in the rise of roller coasters, geography, chart and map reading, and hands-on activities that use all of your child’s own creative juices. Our family particularly loved the links to the websites where we could create our own roller coasters. Most amusement parks offer a two-minute splash of excitement followed by long lines to wait in before your next adrenaline rush. Download N Go™ Roller Coasters is constant stimulation and will hit all your senses. . . . Whether you are preparing for a year of physics in your classical education series or just a last-minute vacation before your official school year begins, Download N Go™ Roller Coasters may give you just the spin you’ve been looking for.“  Dawn in KY

“It [Rocking Robots] really could not be simpler to use! She has given you plenty of resources, like books, which she gives you the ISBN numbers for those books (nice), as well as links for videos, which I love that idea. . . . Worksheets are included to complete either orally for the younger students or written for the older students, vocabulary sheets, etc. . . . All you have to do for the lapbook is print and cut it out. It is in full color and ready for your child to add his or her writing, vocabulary words, or artistic renditions, etc. You can use the lapbook components either as your traditional lapbook, or in a notebooking style if you would like. One of my favorite parts was on Day 3; there is a “Just for Fun” section, and she gives you a link to go build your own roller coaster and see how it rates on the Fun-O-Meter. My son will LOVE this and your kids will too!”   Kristin in CA

“Perhaps you think I’m stretching when I say we can study roller coasters and RollerCoasterSMlearn educational material! (I honestly wondered what there was to learn about roller coasters other than some fun trivia!) But think gravity, Newton, laws of motion, physics, and also some plain, fun, interesting facts about roller coasters! This study [Roller Coasters] is complete with links to videos (me, the visual learner, finds these a plus!), book lists for each day of the study (and even if you don’t have time, keep in mind for future reading–we will!), links for online activities. It also includes a lapbook section for those of us that enjoy cutting and pasting those little folder flap activities. If you have a doubtful friend looking over your shoulder when you tell her you’re studying roller coasters, just drop a few of the vocabulary words that you are learning, such as inertia, and launch into the law of motion!”  Wendy in OH

WARNING: The Download N Go™ Roller Coasters unit study may bring high levels of excitement and enthusiasm to your child’s learning. . . . The incredible video links that are incorporated into each day’s lesson will keep your most challenging learner on the edge of his/her seat. . . . You will twist and turn through history, biographies of those influential in the rise of roller coasters, geography, chart and map reading, and hands-on activities that use all of your child’s own creative juices. Our family particularly loved the links to the websites where we could create our own roller coasters. Most amusement parks offer a two-minute splash of excitement followed by long lines to wait in before your next adrenaline rush. Download N Go™ Roller Coasters is constant stimulation and will hit all your senses. . . . Whether you are preparing for a year of physics in your classical education series or just a last-minute vacation before your official school year begins, Download N Go™ Roller Coasters may give you just the spin you’ve been looking for.“  Dawn in KY

“It [Roller Coasters] really could not be simpler to use! She has given you plenty of resources, like books, which she gives you the ISBN numbers for those books (nice), as well as links for videos, which I love that idea. . . . Worksheets are included to complete either orally for the younger students or written for the older students, vocabulary sheets, etc. . . . All you have to do for the lapbook is print and cut it out. It is in full color and ready for your child to add his or her writing, vocabulary words, or artistic renditions, etc. You can use the lapbook components either as your traditional lapbook, or in a notebooking style if you would like. One of my favorite parts was on Day 3; there is a “Just for Fun” section, and she gives you a link to go build your own roller coaster and see how it rates on the Fun-O-Meter. My son will LOVE this and your kids will too!”   Kristin in CA

Simply Soccer is an excellent way to introduce children to this popular sport. This unit SimplySoccerCoverSMstudy includes history, science, geography, and much more. We have learned about the history of soccer, the rules of the game, and how soccer is played around the world. Lapbooking and craft ideas are included to add a hands-on aspect to the soccer study. . . I really appreciate the book list included for each lesson. These lists are a major time saver for me. I am not wasting countless hours on the library website reserving books that may or may not be appropriate for my children. My kids and I enjoyed the educational links included in Simply Soccer. We especially love the instructional videos. Now I will not feel so ignorant about this sport when we show up to our first practice. This unit study is great for boys and girls—and moms!”  Erika in TX

“To complement the many Saturday mornings all soccer moms will spend watching that black and white ball spin into gray in between the feet of your little ones, Amanda Bennett . . . scored another goal . . . Simply Soccer is the go-to manual for all who want to learn more about the game or refresh their knowledge before heading to the pitch (the soccer field). Not only will your children learn about the origins and rules of soccer, but Bennett also includes lessons behind the science of soccer, the people that live to play and watch the game, and the gadgets and all the other goodies that keep soccer interesting. Games are bound to be more fun for all with a little knowledge of the history and science behind the ball.”  Dana in TN

“If your child is really interested in finding a modern-day soccer hero, the biographical information on some of soccer’s all-time athletes will be a great start. ‘But we aren’t really done with school yet,’ you might want to scream. ‘How does this fit in with school without looking like we are already headed for summer break?’ Have no fear, history and geography are incorporated through exploring the beginnings of the sport and key locations that are significant globally to soccer as an international pastime. There are plenty of opportunities throughout this unit study [Simply Soccer] for your children to refine their creative writing skills. ‘Science, what about science,’ you ask? Would an exploration into how to create spin on the ball or the physics principles behind how to kick the ball really hard suffice? The only way to sum up this interdisciplinary approach and knowledge base would be to say that Amanda Bennett . . . [has] once again scored a hat trick to win the game. And the crowd goes wild . . .”  Dawn in KY

Spring Surprises Download N Go™ lessons will reflect all that you do with your family at SpringSurprisesSMthis time of awakening . . . With spring in the air and the warmer weather coming, it is wonderful to be encouraged to go out of doors, to touch, to smell, to taste, to dig your hands in the dirt, to grow and learn about God’s creation first hand. I am really enjoying the concept of this lesson as a family unit . . . The lapbook itself is fairly simplistic . . . I think we will probably add to it or take from it so it fits the needs of all learning levels in our home. It is a good basis for a beginning of a lapbook journal of our spring session.” Nichole in PA

“We all marvel at the new life and surprises that we find if we put on our exploration hat and begin searching God’s creation in spring. The masterful way in which Amanda Bennett . . . brought all this together into this unit study is also a marvel . . . Mrs. Bennett has certainly done her research in pulling together a vast base of knowledge and making it into a cohesive study . . . There is a long list of suggested books that are commonly found in most libraries or book stores. I think that even if our family had the highest speed Internet connection, we would still choose many of the books as we just love the warm, cozy feeling of gathering around our couch learning through literature . . . If you need a spring break, set aside those textbooks and workbooks and celebrate spring through the Download N Go™ Spring Surprises unit study.” Dawn in KY

“Spring is many things to many people. But there are many events that spring brings that we can all depend on. . . . Spring Surprises, will have you thinking about the many questions and events of spring. As always, there are minimal effort, supplies, and planning on the part of the user, making the Download N Go™ Series a great project for any homeschool. Winter is still in the air. But, believe it or not, spring is just days away. What better way to get ready for all the fresh air and sunshine than to Download N Go™ . . . Spring Surprises, that is!” Dana in TN

Whether you school year-round or you’re just looking for a boredom buster to beat the heat SummerSensationsSMthis summer, I suggest you take a look at Summer Sensations, the newest addition to the Download N Go™ series. . . . Summer Sensations is a great way to do some learning without having to design a lesson plan myself. . . . This particular unit calls for nature walks, which will appeal to those who are Charlotte Mason inclined. There are also chances for narrative answers and discussions between teacher and student, which is something we especially enjoy. For the value, convenience, and educational content, I have been very pleased. Big Sis has given all of the units a big thumbs-up as well! When a child is enthusiastic about a fun learning project, I would call that a success.“  Sara in NY

Summer is a fun season and there’s no better way to learn more about it than through Download N Go’s Summer Sensations. . . . It has many activities which kids certainly will find interesting to complete. There are several fun family ideas which can help the students remember the lessons they learned more efficiently. If the parent-teacher sees that there is a need to discuss the subject further, the book contains a list of book suggestions for every chapter. Aside from the activities, there are some memory verses, spelling and vocabulary challenges. Download N Go™ Summer is definitely worth checking out. It has plenty of materials which surely would make the kid’s summer special and busy!”  Christine in the Philippines

“Download N Go™ is here with some fun for your family. Do you school year- round like we do or do you take off some time for summer vacation? No matter which way is your style, this Download N Go™ study [Summer Sensations] will fit in perfectly. Rainy day or afternoon too hot to enjoy the outdoors? Check out the videos hosted on Download N Go’s site and get started making memories and a lapbook… If you have not tried any lapbooking or unit studies, this Download N Go™ study would make a great first introduction. You may find you want to make these a regular part of your learning fun.”   Hillary in IN

Okay, I’ve got to say this [Tremendous Trees] is probably my favorite TremendousTreesSMDownload N Go™ yet! The graphics in this one are just so lovely and eye-catching that I wanted to print out everything… Our favorite project was the accordion book. My oldest carried it with her on our trip so she could check out the different types of trees around Canada… It brought practical application into our homeschooling and made our “tourist” visits more alive! Not to mention, there were so many other interesting activities in it, and some very cool videos that showed us some amazing trees that we hadn’t really realized before just how ‘tremendous’ they really were!“  Amy in Canada

Tremendous Trees earns a ‘Bravo’! The videos are great, and the websites are something my kids will definitely enjoy! Amanda has really done well putting this unit together. I can’t wait to share this with my boys . . . This unit is so fascinating! Each day covered something different about trees. Each day you also learned about a different tree. The activities that were at the end each day and also at the end of the unit look especially fun! I plan on taking my boys on walks in the parks near our house to explore the trees in the area. . . . The activities for the lapbook are beautiful. Your child will definitely enjoy learning about Tremendous Trees.”  Beth in PA

“I have always been fascinated with trees, and so are my children. This [Tremendous Trees] has many fun things to do having to do with trees. You will learn all about some very special trees in Washington, D.C., and where they came from. We have been lucky enough to visit and see them. The lapbook is adorable. The graphics are clear, and the activities are simple and concise. I was able to use it with my older child with more intensity and my younger ones with less writing and intensity. If you enjoy trees, this is a must-have. Everything is ready to go for those busy moms. It is divided into units for each activity that are very clear. Thanks again, Download and Go™.”   Nichole in PA

“Given that I live just south of Tornado Alley, tornadoes are a very real threat to my family TwistingTornadoesCover edit medSMand me, and we have experienced more than our share of tornado warnings. While my older children know the basic causes of tornadoes, and all of my children know what to do in the case of a tornado threat, I was thrilled to see that tornadoes had come under the thoughtful eye of Amanda Bennett [Twisting Tornadoes], because I know that now I will be able to teach all of my children the ins and outs of every aspect of tornadoes in a fun, but still meaningful, way… It really is hard to overstate how complete and all-inclusive this unit study is. Through a comprehensive series of embedded external links and a concise and easily understood lesson plan, Amanda Bennett truly does make it possible to teach your young children everything they might want to know about tornadoes.”  Laura in TX

“Sometimes the best cure for fear is information, and Twisting Tornadoes provides plenty of that to satisfy curious kids . . . This unit study covers the science of vortexes and the hands-on experiments to demonstrate a twister in action. It also covers the geography and vocabulary of tornadoes. Most importantly, it provides Scriptures and prayers to alleviate fears and remind children of God’s loving protection . . . My daughter is always happy to work on a lapbook to display the knowledge she’s gained—and to have something to show off to Grandma and Grandpa! We love unit studies and lapbooks at our house, and we definitely look forward to each installment of Download N Go™. We have not been disappointed yet!”  Sara in NY

“This [Twisting Tornadoes] is an easy way to learn the crucial information—all the FUN STUFF related to tornadoes—and certainly I hope you never get to experience one firsthand, but their power is something incredible! Children have such natural curiosity, and while a REAL tornado may evoke fear, if we teach all the information prior to such an event or as a point of knowledge as the seasons change from winter to spring, what greater peace can come as well as being prepared for safety . . . You will find this easy to teach and rich for your child!”  Cheryl in Ohio

“Volcanoes! What an interesting topic! If you have children who love learning about the Volatile Volcanoes Cover L2 AABearth and the many mysteries it contains you will love Volatile Volcanoes! This is such a fun unit! Filled with all kinds of facts and information about volcanoes. This unit covers so many aspects of the volcano. Have you ever wondered how they were formed or where they are found? Maybe you are wondering if there are still active volcanoes today? This unit covers these topics and many others. Each day you will learn about a different volcano. The myths and realities of volcanoes. The science of volcanoes!  I especially love all of the hands-on activities that are included!  How about making your very own volcano? Or taking a journey around the world visiting some of the world’s volcanoes via webcam! Maybe you would love to visit an ancient city that was destroyed by a volcano? Or finding out that volcanoes can be found in places you may never have suspected! The lapbook included with this unit has colorful graphics and is a wonderful tool to record your child’s observations and facts learned during their study of volcanoes. There are even some cute jokes included in this lapbook to add some laughs to your school day! This is a wonderful unit! Don’t be surprised if you end up on some rabbit trails as a result of learning about volcanoes!”  Michele in NJ

“This fascinating study will captivate your K – 4th grade students. (You could easily adapt for older students as well.) Volatile Volcanoes fits all learning styles with stunning videos (safely embedded on an Amanda Bennett page to keep your child safe), informative links, colorful worksheet pages, fun projects like making volcanoes and an edible earth, and a lapbook complete with easy instructions. In addition, you will find an optional book list for enhancing your study. In Volatile Volcanoes, students will learn what a volcano is and where they can be found, and each day a different volcano is introduced and explored. Volatile Volcanoes includes science, history, geography, vocabulary, Bible and more!”  Karen in RI

Volatile Volcanoes is an excellent way to teach your children about the earth and about one of God’s phenomenal geographical wonders. Each day starts out with several videos that help your children visualize volcanoes and pique their interest, followed by many thought-provoking questions. You’ll learn history, geography, science and so much more. Lapbooking ideas are incorporated into this unit study and present a great way for your children to experience hands-on learning. It’s also a great way for your children to create a record of what they’ve learned, so that they can look back at it any time they want in the years to come. I love the great book list that is included. It makes finding supplementary material a breeze and I really appreciate the fact that the work has already been done for me. As with all Download N Go units, Volatile Volcanoes is ready to use and requires very little planning.  It’s a great addition to my curriculum and a great value.”  Lori in MI

“What a wonderful study [Volatile Volcanoes]to show children how amazing God is! The idea of a volcano . . . hot molten earth shooting up out of holes in the ground is an example of the creativity of our Creator! My oldest, who is 8, would love the experiments and hands-on activities that I see in this study. For example, the “edible earth” craft/project on Day 1 would be right up her alley! I appreciate the fact that Download N Go has gone to the trouble to find the craft and link it for me so that part of my work is done for me. . . . I always find the book list provided in each download n go study to be EXTREMELY useful . . . we manage to read almost every book that we can get from our library! . . . with a study like Volcanoes, being able to watch these breathtaking videos of nature in action will be wonderful. Where we live (as I’m sure many can relate), we don’t have a volcano near us, so being about to watch footage of it up close and researched by a reputable source is wonderful.”  Stephanie in TN

“My 6-year-old son adores lapbooks, and the Winter Wonders Download N Go™ E-Book WinterWondersSMlooks like it will be right up his alley! I love that it is a one-week project that is totally do-able. There are different activities and emphases for each day . . . A further bonus is the poem that supplements each day’s focus. What a wonderful way to bring “the arts” into everyday life. Plus, the unit has cool, daily, “fun” projects, experiments, and even recipes! He will be able to play and do familiar (lapbooking) things, all while learning something that he is interested in as well as something pertinent to his real life. I am so excited to get him started in this adventure!” Alexis in VA

“The cute graphics and detailed lesson plans [Winter Wonders]  give you a week’s worth of activities. I easily get our lapbook materials together and do all the cutting; the kids do the coloring while we read. We could spend all day viewing the videos that are linked in the lesson plan . . . The Download N Go™ series will be an excellent addition to any homeschool. These lapbooks and lessons will work with just about any homeschool method, need, or age.”  Amanda in CA

“I remember making paper snowflakes with my grandmother as a child and all of the questions I had about these small miracles. I had long since forgotten how to make the paper snowflakes or all of the answers she gave to my many questions. I was excited to see this subject covered so thoroughly in this study [Winter Wonders]. With instructions on paper snowflakes, a study of snowflake researcher Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley, and directions for making your own snow globe, I know my children will enjoy learning about snowflakes just as I once did. Bennett also includes introductions to winter sports, animals, and winter safety along with many crafts, projects, and scavenger hunts that are sure to keep us busy learning and investigating during the long days of winter. Winter Wonders is the answer to questions on all of winter’s wonders.”  Dana in TN

“I have been homeschooling for over 10 years and am always looking for new and BountifulBreadCoverSMinnovative ways to teach all of my children… During this unit study [Bountiful Bread], our family learned geography while researching the origins of different types of bread such pita, pumpernickel, and ginger. We learned practical applications of science and mathematics while watching yeast grow in bread and measuring out ingredients to bake it. My children and I were able to have excellent social study discussions around the cultures from which these amazing breads originated. Additionally, my “littles” enjoyed the art lessons derived from the coloring projects provided in the unit study… Finally, incorporating Scriptures in each lesson ties into what I am trying to instill in each of my children; a love for the Bread of Life. We learned how God has made bread important to every culture. Bread is essential, and brings families together. This study did that for our family… I loved doing this unit study, and look forward to bringing more of these studies to my home school table to feast upon!”  Sarah B.

Bountiful Bread is a unit study that appeals to my age range of children from preschoolers to middle schoolers. What a wonderful way to learn together – with lapbooking, cooking and investigating. This study is complete with the Biblical references and knowledge behind all things bread… Bible, geography, science, copywork, writing, vocabulary/spelling words, projects, coloring pages, reading assignments, a study of inventions, encouragement in the practice of hospitality and even daily, video field trips!“  Tricia H.

If you haven’t tried one of Amanda’s unit studies, now is the time. I just finished reading through Bountiful Bread from Download N Go, and I can’t wait to use this in our homeschool! We are currently learning about Egypt in Genesis and this fabulous unit study will fit in perfectly. In Bountiful Bread, you’ll travel to Greece, Egypt, Mexico and Germany. You’ll learn about breads used during the holidays. You’ll learn about the steps for making bread, and read well-loved stories involving bread. You even get to watch bread making in action! There are experiments, book suggestions and videos abounding in this great study, as well as lots of math and science. Amanda and her team keep impressing me! I am especially excited with how much Bible is incorporated into Bountiful Bread, which is the most important subject of all in our home, and the “Idiom of the Day” will be a hit for sure. This title will also keep us in the kitchen, one of the things I want to incorporate more of in our school. A beautiful and fun unit study with daily bread recipes? Yes please!”  Sam K.

“As I was going through the unit [Bountiful Bread], I would have thoughts on something great that should be included and to no surprise really, I would stumble upon that exact thing shortly there after, the first thought was a video of grinding grain, and then there it was! Another idea was to make butter in baby food jars, and then there it was!I love the holiday and country references to bread, and the science experiment ideas! Great hands on! Reading this unit made me crave bread so much I made French bread for dinner. ;)  I think it’s great!”  Jen A.

“Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, I love Chocolate. . . . Amanda Bennett’s ChocolateChallengeSM [Chocolate Challenge] inspired me again to teach a fun lesson on chocolate. Wouldn’t the children be all smiles to start the year with such a sweet treat? We could probably visit chocolate world and the amusement park. There is also a Wolfgang’s candy factory nearby as well that we could tour. The children will learn facts about chocolate, the story of chocolate, different types of chocolate, the science of chocolate, and end with a fun chocolate party. They will create a lapbook and taste some yummy goodies. What a tasty unit of study to dig into and fun to learn about when those days are tough.”
Nikki in PA

“Amanda Bennett does a wonderful job with each of her unit studies and this one [Chocolate Challenge] is another great one for the DNG collection! It is written for K-4 BUT, once again can be used for those that have a severe handicap child and aren’t ready for kindergarten yet. I will be using it on my son that is 7 but can only do preschool-age things. If you love chocolate you won’t want to miss out on this one. . . . Watch some wonderful videos about Brazil, learn some interesting information about the country, and keep up with the weather there daily. You will have a Chocolatier of the Day when you learn about someone who became famous because of what they did with chocolate. During this journey you will have math, spelling, and other learning tools used; there is even some recipes that the kids can use in the kitchen. At the end of this FUN study you find out how to do your own Chocolate Party! What a neat way to show what you have learned and have lots of fun. This is a fun filled and exciting study!”  Orilla in MO

“What could be better than finding a way to incorporate chocolate into our school day? Seriously? Can you think of anything more fun? . . . Aside from it being all about chocolate, I thought this was a well-done study [Chocolate Challenge]. It allows for some good hands-on projects—from taste testing to poll taking and graph-making. The students will get a brief history of chocolate, learn about some famous chocolatiers, determine their favorite brand of chocolate, and create a really gorgeous lapbook. The decoration for the lapbook on this one are just limitless. Cut-outs from magazines, chocolate bar wrappers . . . this could be fun! We’re going to be busy this month, but I am definitely going to be writing a post about this DNG along with pictures of chocolate-smeared kids sometime in the future. It’s just too fun not to do.”  Margaret in PA

“This might just be one of my favorite “Amanda” studies. Composers can be a hard thing to composers-cover-proof-1study . . . music study, in general, is sometimes hard to fit into a busy homeschool schedule. This study combines everything, like all great unit studies do. You cover history when you talk about each of the five composers and when they lived in history. You cover geography and maps when you cover where these composers lived and compare it to where you live. You cover the science of music and how you hear it. You cover language arts and new vocabulary with different worksheets and lapbook activities. Of course you will cover music, learning some simple songs on the piano and basic lessons and you’ll listen to fabulous videos and music clips to go with your composer. If you feel like you need to dig deeper into your composer study, there are plenty of book lists, app ideas, and extra activities to do. You will love doing this study with your kids and you’ll love getting to know these Composers!”
Alicia in NC

“Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin, OH MY! Composers is filled with loads of information about some of history’s most famous musical masters. Learn about their trials, challenges and successes. This new DNG unit study covers not only these five composers lives and their music but it also covers information about how our ears work, rhythm, orchestras, sheet music and instruments. Children will even learn what an idiom is, now that’s “music to my ears”! My favorite sections in this unit study are where children listen to different pieces from each composer and then indicate how the music made them feel. There are lots of great resource recommendations including books, movies, video clips, apps and more. I loved the hands-on activities like the memory game and instrument making craft. And the field trip recommendations are fabulous too. Doesn’t an instrument petting zoo sound fun? This unit study is a great musical journey for the entire family!”  Kathy in GA

“The subject of composers can be a dull one if presented to children in the wrong way. As a former elementary music teacher, I’ve seen the topic of composers bore children to death. But I’ve also seen students become fascinated with musicians of old when the lessons were engaging and stimulating. That’s exactly what I found in Amanda Bennett’s Composers unit study—stimulating, fun lessons about music and composers that my children will really enjoy! The combination of music lessons and composer info provides a great introduction to the world of music bigger than the common play songs they may have learned at an early age. We almost always have classical music playing during our homeschool time and the boys want to know the name and composer of each piece. Composers takes five well-known composers and gives us a great foundation of history, biography, and music to build upon for future music experiences! As I’ve come to expect from Amanda Bennett, the book lists are fabulous and many, many videos and listening experiences are provided to enhance the study. And I love the suggestion of the children trying out some music of their own on a piano—or piano app, if needed! I say, “Brava!” to this newest unit study! Let the music play!”  Erin in NE

“AHH!’ It was music to this homeschool mother’s ears when I heard that Amanda Bennett had added Composers to her unit study library. Music holds such a big part of my family’s heart that when my children heard we would be studying about the greatest composers of all time they were literally dancing for joy.
Like Amanda’s other studies this was no let down. It caters to the music lovers in my family by introducing them into the world of composing. We have spent years listening to classical music, wondering how we could ever connect with the genius of these composers… This truly appealed to my budding Bachs and Beethovens.
Each day of Amanda’s unit study truly reflected the beat and melody in each of my children. While some were quickly going through the idioms of the day, others were slowly and methodically learning the hometown geography. The melody of this unit study flowed perfectly making each day transition harmoniously with the next, catering to the cornucopia of learning styles in my home. We were learning geography, creative thinking, spelling, vocabulary and the Scriptures in one grand symphony with each child learning within the style that suits them.
The most splendid part of this unit study was the making music section. This section was able to bring out the best and most creative parts of my children. It was so much fun to hear their different styles and what appealed to each. I was in awe by the amazing Biblical teachings that Amanda was able to bring in to remind my children what a gift God has given us with music and that He is the ultimate composer.
Lastly, the “just for fun” section of each day captured the attention of my younger children who love to hear lively music and were extremely entertained by the fireworks. They had so much fun learning about beats in music without even realizing it!  I have done many of Amanda Bennett unit studies in the past, but none has brought this mom more joy than Composers.”   Sarah in AR

I don’t know how Amanda and her team keep doing it, but they do! Every new title seemsCrazy Cartoons to be better than the last! Crazy Cartoons is one of the most fun unit studies I have seen! Besides the history and science, this title has unexpected things, like character traits. I would have never thought of that myself, but it fits!
There is lots of art, which I am weak at in our homeschool. The books suggestions to go along with the study are fantastic, and can help your budding artist long after the unit study is finished! Crazy Cartoons gets 5 stars!“  Samantha in KY

Crazy Cartoons is the latest release from Download N Go and it is packed with fun and learning! If you are a lover of cartoons and animation then you are going to love this study. However, there is plenty to love even if you don’t enjoy cartoons mainly because Amanda Bennett is a master at designing unit studies based around one topic that cover a multitude of subjects. You will learn about famous cartoonists Walt Disney, Charles Schultz and others. Flipbooks, cartoons, and different types of animation are all covered as well. In Crazy Cartoons there are plenty of opportunities for practicing drawing skills too. In addition to all of the cartoon topics, there’s geography, art, spelling and vocabulary, history and even Bible! The included video links are embedded on a safe page to protect your children. There is an extensive book list which is completely optional but can add so much. The video links, books and informative internet links throughout the unit make using Download N Go a breeze. You could use this as a fun breather from your regular curriculum or do what I do and use them as the basis for your homeschool.”  Karen in RI

“Now get this . . . Download N Go has made a study where you get to learn all about cartoons! Fun Fun. Crazy Cartoons is unit study from Download N Go that can be completed in one week. Each day a new cartoonist is featured, and each day also comes complete with all the work done for you. Links to videos and activities, pictures to colour, words to learn, and so much more. Let your budding artist explore that fun world that is cartooning. I enjoy how the lap book activities work well with the daily activities. They keep your student involved in the process of learning. There are lots of cute and child friendly graphics throughout the study, it comes so completely made that taking side trips is easy to do. :) Have fun with your child, study cartoons!“  Annette in Ontario

We are so excited to work on DNG’s Crunchy Cookies! Everyone loves those hot fresh CrunchyCookies cover SM copyhomemade goodies. Who knew that learning could be so much fun and so tasty too? Your student will not only learn about the science of cookie making but geography, presidential history, weather, math, and so much more. As always, each unit is packed with informative videos, websites and lots of activities to enhance your studies. Best of all, lots of yummy recipes to share with your children! If you are someone who has never tried unit studies or are uncomfortable creating your own, you should definitely give Download N Go a try. Amanda takes all the work out of it for mom and your kids will love it!”  Lisa in UT

“With Crunchy Cookies you and your children will learn about all things cookie… different recipes, a vast array of ingredients, favorite types of cookies, etc. but along with these things are origins of cookies, famous cookie makers, the history of certain types of cookies, facts about different countries famous cookies come from, U.S. President’s and their favorite cookies, and so much more. Map skills, the science of food, handwriting and memorization work, history, math practice, baking and memory-making, and batches of fun are all included in this one-of-a-kind study by Amanda Bennett! Thank you Amanda, for bringing the fun (and yumminess!) back in to our learning! We will never look at cookies the same way again!” Christy in KY

“Once again, I am impressed with how thorough Amanda and her team are. I could never have pulled all of this together [Crunchy Cookies] on my own! DNG is such a joy to study—Amanda makes it so easy to fall in love with unit studies! From the history of cookies and famous cookie makers to the science of cookies and recipes, you will learn everything needed to be a cookie expert. As usual, there are lots of book suggestions and memory making lapbooking pages. You will be pleasantly surprised at how varied this study is. Of course, any study that ends in a cookie party is worth doing more than once, just to make sure you know it all!” Samantha in KY

[Hoppin’ Popcorn] is filled with fun and educational videos, an extensive book list to use HoppinPopcornSMfor selecting books to enhance your study if you wish and loads of internet links to help you and your children learn all about corn. It is packed with geography, science, writing, history, Bible and even math activities! Download N Go units are designed for grades K-4 but, I have used them with children younger and older. My younger children especially love the coloring pages. The videos in Popcorn bring excitement to the learning experience and they are on an embedded page to keep the children safe. Download N Go’s Popcorn unit study is so colorful and easy to implement. I use Download N Go units as my main curriculum. We learn so much using Download N Go units and I have very little to do to get ready to use one. I just print off the pages we want to do and we are ready to begin. I love the lapbook section… The vocabulary pages are colorful and the minit-books have fun graphics with lots of learning packed in. I have to say, the lapbook in this unit might be the best one yet! It never ceases to amaze me how Amanda Bennett covers so many subjects in each study and does all of the work so my family can just spend time learning and exploring together.”  Karen in RI

“Everyone loves popcorn, right? What a fun unit study! Who knew there was so much to learn about one of our favorite snacks… Hoppin’ Popcorn is filled with interesting videos, lots of activities, new vocabulary, recipes, and so much more! Your kids will be studying geography, science, and history. What a great way to get kids excited about learning. You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing research, all the work is done for you. Everything you need is here…websites, activities, videos, and lapbook pieces! There is also a very extensive list of books to go along with your studies. Prep time for the teacher is minimal. Mainly printing and putting books on hold if you so choose. Just as the name suggests, you just download & go! Amanda Bennett has done a remarkable job putting these units together in a way that is very easy for mom to implement but is so intriguing and engaging for the kids. What a blessing for busy homeschool moms! So make sure you stock up on the popcorn, and get poppin!”   Lisa in Utah

I used this study [Pizza Party] with my three sons ranging in ages from 3 to 13. The kids PizzaPartySM copyhad a great time experimenting and learning all about pizza. I really like the way the study is laid out and organized for each lesson. We used some of the library books recommended, and then we made our own pizzas and discussed yeast, cheese, and spices. I just got a new globe the other day at a thrift store, and this study provided a great first time for use for my boys. . . . We watched a couple of the videos on pizza twirling which was fun. I would recommend this study to families with children, young and old. It can easily be adapted to fit some of the regular studies we do during the week. The study was a fun learning experience, with lots of hands-on stuff for my busy fellows.”
Katrina in NC

“I was pleasantly surprised by the detail and fun learning involved with Pizza Party. As always, I love the thorough lessons and ease of use of the Download N Go™ Series. The book/resource list, the embedded links, and the clear outline are still my favorite aspects. I can get a lesson ready quickly, so we have more time to enjoy the subject without any of the frustration of planning and searching for information.”
Sara in NY

“Literature options abound in the suggested reading, and range from easy readers for the younger members of the family to chapter books for more independent readers. Further, would you believe that the Bible even addresses the issue of pizza? Well, okay. Even Amanda Bennett can’t tie pizza directly to the Bible, but she can find a food-relevant verse so that your unit study can include a Biblical component! Science, too, is an integral part of [Pizza Party]. . . The lapbook component is not necessary to complete the unit study, but it has wonderfully high-quality, full-color graphics and, given that it is included at no extra cost, almost everyone will undoubtedly welcome its addition to the study! Although the topic of pizza is, on its face, not very academic, it is one that is fraught with academic possibilities, and Amanda Bennett fully mines her subject! By the end of the week, your students will be able to tell you about the lives of five different great Italians, will be able to point out Italy and several of her cities on a world map, and so, so much more! After all, isn’t one of the reasons parents homeschool to keep learning fun? No one accomplishes this task better than Amanda Bennett . . . ”
Laura in TX

Birthday is a lovely celebration of birthdays! … It’s full of wonderful ideas and Birthday coverresources, and the lapbooking companion is absolutely great. It’s a piece of cake doing the activities; in most of them all you have to do is fill in!”  Noha in Dubai

“[Birthday] is WONDERFUL! . . . So many times I wish I had more individual time with each child; it is tough when you homeschool a few or several children to really fit in time for each one. I feel this book is a wonderful way for you to connect to each child on his special week, and I can’t wait to share each one of their stories with them.“  Angela in KY

“As usual, Amanda Bennett has thought about a multitude of activities to do with this unit study! I think this Download N Go™ Birthday product will bring lots of fun in the days before the special day of your child. Having an excited kid in the house can get overwhelming sometimes, and this wonderful product will help to go through the week before the BIG day for sure.”   Isabelle in Canada

“It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of the Download N Go™ unit study series . . . Amanda Easter Promise cover 2.16Bennett never fails to take us on an incredible journey through history. Easter Promise met and exceeded my expectations. What a wonderfully sound Biblical platform to teach grade school aged children about the life and death of Christ! Some of the things you can look forward to sharing with your kids during this week long study are: Who Jesus is, His Miracles & Ministry, The Twelve Disciples, Old Testament Prophecy, The Last Supper, Good Friday and The Resurrection. One of my favorite elements of the DNG series is always the vocabulary. You will find that is the case here also with challenging words to study that will help your kiddos comprehend the story of the resurrection with more clarity. Vocabulary is included with Amanda’s lapbooking elements. They are so colorful and inviting I want to do them too! There is no doubt in my mind that everyone with grade school aged children would benefit from this study!” Traci in IN

“Being a big fan of all things Amanda Bennett, I have to say that Easter Promise is probably my favorite DNG unit so far. Maybe it’s because I love the Easter story so much, but I think the illustrations for the lapbook are simply beautiful! One of my favorite parts of Easter is that not only are the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus taught but so are his birth, his teachings, his miracles, fulfilled prophecies, his disciples, and so much more. Coming from someone who grew up believing Easter meant the Easter bunny, eggs, and candy, I am so thankful for products like Easter Promise that help parents teach their children the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter. I even learned some things I didn’t know before! Thanks Amanda!”  Christy in KY

Easter Promise outlines who Jesus is, what a prophet is, what is prophecy and how the Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. I LOVE that a piece of artwork that depicts Jesus’ life is discussed each day. This is such an important angle that I had completely neglected when discussing Easter. Not only does this invite the children to interact, but also exposes them to some of the Great Masters in the art world. The important basics are covered as well: Jesus’ miracles, Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Gethsemane, sin, redemption, Good Friday, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Ascension. The lapbook for Easter Promise is so well done. I love that this lapbook requires very little writing, making it a great product for young and old alike! I can’t recommend this study enough. Whether your children are young or old, everyone can draw from this study and reinforce core truths regarding our Savior, Jesus Christ.”  Kim in KY

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell my kids this is part of school! Amanda Bennett’s Father’s DayFathersDayCoverSM in the Download N Go™ series is filled with crafts and activities for children to try and learn – I love these studies because they go beyond your basic educational learning – they get imprinted in my children’s mind and they take some of the treasured activities and learning in their hearts for the rest of their lives. With the Father’s Day Unit Study, my children will learn just how hard a daddy’s job is to do! Things I loved about this study:
I loved the history behind Father’s Day ~ some things that I don’t think I even knew before! I also liked that it showed how different people celebrated it ~ whether it was New Zealand, Finland or even my home Canada! As usual there are fabulous activities and celebratory ideas in this book that were so much fun, it was hard to choose what to try! I’m excited and will use this Unit Study for a few years just to get out of it all there is with my children! It was much more fun and a treat than feeling like schoolwork!”
Amy in Canada

What a fun and engaging way to learn about Father’s Day! This unit was so much more than I expected. It not only includes the history of Father’s Day but how it is celebrated in several different countries. Every day you and your children will learn about a different father from the Bible. You will spend some time learning about your own history as you interview your dad about his experiences as a child. The lap book components are filled with wonderful pieces that would make a lovely gift for dad. I love that there is also a beautiful way to bless fathers who may be alone on Father’s Day. This unit is packed with fun ideas, recipes and other ways to honor our dads. Thanks Amanda!”  Lisa in Utah

“Who is one person who has made a true impact on your life? One person who you could count on when needed? The hero who supported, loved, and provided for you as a child. This person of course would be your father. And what better way to celebrate a wonderful father than by using the Father’s Day Download N’ Go from Amanda Bennett. This unit is a relaxed, fun way to learn more about this holiday that celebrates the wonderful fathers in our lives. With activities and lapbooking components to complete over a week, you will have a treasure that will serve a dual purpose ~ an educational notebook activity and a homemade gift of love that can be given to the special father in your family. Amanda does an intensive study on fathers. From the biblical history to the modern day celebration. Looking at celebrations of fatherhood in other countries and cultures. A complete week of activities complete with a suggested book list, crafts (which would make fine gifts for that special father), and delicious recipes.”  Lisa in TN

Flag Day will have you snapping to attention . . . attention to all the Americana Flag Day cover 2.16detail! You are going to love this journey into American history with Old Glory! There is so much more to Flag Day than a few dates and pictures!
Learn songs and stories passed down for generations. . . . Meet patriots like Betsy Ross and Paul Revere! Research icons of American history like the Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. True to Amanda Bennett style, there are many activities to do and pursue . . . there will be no boredom here for your scholars! Amanda’s writing style and attention to detail always bring us back for more . . . Flag Day is no exception!” Traci in IN

“One of my most favorite things about homeschooling is making traditions I would have not made otherwise. I’m sad to say that I have never celebrated Flag Day, so I was happy to see this Flag Day addition to the Download N Go line-up! This title takes a deeper look into the flag we know and love. Flag Day is filled with information that our children need to know to become the best patriots they can be. Amanda and her team have done a wonderful job tying in all of the things we love about her unit studies, and our country. If you want to start a meaningful tradition with your family, and learn a whole lot on the way, then download this newest offering from Download N Go. Flag Day will take your family on an historic journey of patriotic proportions!” Samantha in KY

“Did you know we have a holiday called Flag Day? Well, we do and what’s even better is the newest Download-N-Go Study by Amanda Bennett. Your kids will learn some amazing things while working through this unit study including the story behind the first flag of our country, the date of this holiday, some important and key historic figures (including Betsy Ross and Paul Revere). They will also learn some patriotic songs, symbols and even the Pledge of Allegiance.
Within these daily lessons your child will be learning through watching entertaining yet educational videos and websites that are linked to throughout the unit. There are books that will also coincide with each day to help make this study your all in one stop for most of your subjects (you probably need to add in a little more math). When we do these units we totally focus on the day at hand to really get the most out of the unit.
With these units the information is fun, engaging and full of wonderful tidbits, especially created for the target audience of K-4. One of my favorite things about the DNG units is their ability to be lengthened to more than one week. With my children, sometimes they get totally interested in one part of the study, so we stay there a little longer and get the most out of it. Another great reason to purchase the DNGs is that… you can use it over and over again. Each time you come back to the unit your children will learn more (and so will you). So why not go and check out Flag Day? Summer is the perfect time to take a “break” from your normal school and have some fun while doing school.“ Kellyann in SC

We are so excited about the Independence Day Download N Go. July 4th is one of our IndependenceDayCoverSMfamilies’ favorite holidays so I jumped at the chance to do this review.
We love American History and this unit is filled with fun and interesting projects, videos, and even some yummy recipes. Throughout the week, you and your children will learn about different patriots and what it means to be a patriot. You will study fireworks, our flag, enviable character traits, parades, and the Revolutionary War. Independence Day is packed with history, geography, music, art and so much more! What a fun way to celebrate our country’s birthday and chase away that summer boredom!
Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue and Amanda Bennett’s Independence Day Download N Go!”  Lisa in Utah

“What do picnics, parades and fireworks bring to mind? If you said Independence Day, then you are correct. But,there is so much more to this holiday. In this unit study, your children will explore why the United States celebrates Independence Day through historical facts and information. Your children will also learn why we celebrate with such holiday traditions as parades and fireworks. Independence Day is a fun, yet educational way to teach your children the rich history of the United States. Learn about the Revolutionary War and get to know some great patriots like John Hancock and James Madison. All of this and more is waiting for you in this exciting, new unit study. As always, Amanda Bennett pours her heart and soul into this unit study. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.”  Lori in MI

Independence Day! Parades, picnics and fireworks! All of these go with celebrating Independence Day. Why do we really have this celebration? With the new Independence Day Download N Go from Amanda Bennett you will learn why we hold these celebrations each year on July 4th! It is not just a time for fun but to remember the sacrifices that our forefathers endured so that we could live in a country that is free!
This unit is filled with information, videos and Internet links about the Revolutionary War, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and who signed it! Do you know when Independence Day became a national holiday? It is in this unit!You will learn about the patriots that were a huge part of our Independence from England. Men like Patrick Henry and James Madison. Each day of this unit you will learn about a different patriot and what they did to help gain our country’s independence! Science is not left out of this unit either! Most kids love fireworks. How about learning the science behind fireworks, what they are made of, how they are made and used and the safety of fireworks! Other things you will find in this unit are geography, copywork, vocabulary, musical instruments, and music! There is also a large book list of books to go along with this unit as well as notebook pages and lapbooking components. In addition to what I have already mentioned at the end of each day you will find a list of just for fun ideas! There are crafts, Internet links and ideas to add more fun to this already jam-packed unit! I especially like the list of family ideas at the end of the unit. It gives you even more ideas to do as a family!. . . With the Independence Day Download N Go you will come away with a deeper understanding of what our forefathers sacrificed so that we have the freedoms we enjoy today.”  Michele in NJ

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays I have always thought was invented by MothersDaySMthe companies selling cards and candy. After going through this study from . . . Amanda Bennett, I have learned I was wrong. Mother’s Day may have only been an official holiday in these United States for 96 years, but a day for celebrating mothers has been around in one form or another since the times of the early Greeks . . . What makes this study even more special? It will be a unique card for Mother’s Day . . . There are options for younger and older children with differing amounts of writing required. Older children could do this on their own, especially when they are motivated by wanting to surprise their mama . . . What was new for us is the special Download N Go™ link for videos. . . . I was thrilled to see this different environment for my children to enjoying watching these clips in. Especially in this particular unit where I want to be as hands off as possible, this feature makes it even easier to ‘download and go’.”
Hillary in IN

“In this study [Mother’s Day], I love the fact that we get a glimpse of the lives of some famous Biblical moms like Moses’ mom and the Pharaoh’s daughter . . . How great to learn about women and moms that we should be aspiring to as moms who are training their children up in the Lord. The lapbooking activity is a lot of fun and will become a cherished keepsake for moms as their children work on it throughout the study. Children express their love for their mom through creative expression and other activities interspersed throughout. Also included are some notebooking pages, which will add to the overall study. Again, another well-done unit study to make a fun week during the school year . . . I cannot stress enough how much fun this study will prove to be, and at a low price, it is affordable and interchangeable enough to be used for a wide set of children’s ages and abilities.”  Sarah in OH

“Just wanted to let you know that we really like and appreciate your unit studies! My children have so enjoyed them and when my husband found out there was one for Mother’s Day he took it upon himself to do it with the children each night last week! They loved that and learned a lot! They made me a wonderful big card and then breakfast yesterday morning too! They were so excited! Thank you again Amanda Bennett for all you help inspire us to do with our children!”  Kymberly in FL

“If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the few months’ worth of weekly unit studies, this week would be a great one to start . . . After the week’s completed, you will have a better understanding of this wonderful holiday to celebrate mothers all over the world . . . We’ve really enjoyed working through our Download N Go™ unit studies. I love the ease of putting it together, and the lesson planning is all done for you. . . . you will get an entire week of studies that include reading, writing, videos, library books, lapbooking, notebooking, and a whole lot of fun. Let’s learn more about why we celebrate Mother’s Day and then kick back and enjoy this wonderful gift that God has given us—our mothers.“
Lynn in MT

Each day children will do a little of the lapbook learning all about love. They will learnValentine cover 2.16 the history of Valentine’s Day, how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, how to make candy hearts, how the heart works, and Bible verses containing the word love. All of the planning is completely done for you. A list of books is included and categorized to go along with each lesson . . . Not only will we learn about love, but I can show them love and care as we go through this lesson. I have children ranging in a wide span of ages from elementary to high school, and I believe this can be adapted to any age of learning. Finally, a project we can all work on together.”
Nikki in PA

“Why do we give cards and roses? What do we know about Valentine’s Day, and what is legend? Find out in Valentine’s Day, the newest installment in the Download N Go™ Series from . . . Amanda Bennett. And what better subject to spend a week on than Valentine’s Day? From fun candy hearts and Valentine’s gifts to how the heart works and what the Bible says about love and the heart, Valentine’s Day is sure to leave you with a new appreciation of all the pink and red and a new outlook on an old tradition.”
Dana in TN

“Lapbook templates and instructions are included in this fun-filled unit study. Are you new to lapbooking? Then this is the product for you. The activities are broken up … so it is a simple and gentle way to start lapbooking. Internet links are included to help illustrate the folding and making of mini-books. The Valentine’s Day unit study begins with an amazing book list with many fabulous titles to enrich learning. Bible, math, science, history, geography, literature, crafts, and even cooking are covered over the study. I enjoyed the educational video links provided with each lesson.”
Erika in TX