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Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC (“USAB”) Online Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC (“USAB”) is strongly committed to protecting the personal privacy of all people, including our customers, website visitors, and contest participants. Any person accessing or using the USAB website, (“Website”), downloading or purchasing products directly from the Website, or entering contests run and/or operated by USAB is a “User” for purposes of this USAB Online Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), whether or not that person has created a personal account with or given personally identifying information (“Personal Information”) to USAB, the Website, or any third party.

1. Purpose, Applicability. This Privacy Policy exists to explain and establish guidelines for information gathered from and about Users by USAB, the uses of that information, and User options with regard to disclosure and use of Personal Information. This Privacy Policy applies to USAB and USAB’s Website only. It does not apply to third parties and websites owned or operated by third parties, which may operate under similar or different policies. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any person, entity, organization, or website to or from which Website links or is linked. Social media websites and third-party content appearing on the social media pages operated by USAB are not governed by this Privacy Policy. Users are strongly encouraged to read and regularly review posted privacy policies on all websites, whether or not owned by USAB.

2. Use of Information. USAB will not sell, trade, rent, or disclose Users’ personally identifying information (“Personal Information”) to third parties without the User’s permission except pursuant to posted Website Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), Contest Rules (“Rules”), USAB policies (including without limitation this Privacy Policy), and mandatory disclosures required by applicable law, law enforcement officials or judicial proceedings. Users hereby grant USAB the continuing right to use Personal Information provided or submitted to USAB or the Website for the following purposes: (a) product information and updates, including without limitation email notices of downloadable updates and product information, (b) USAB advertising and promotions, including without limitation email solicitations, provided that Users will always be given the opportunity to “opt out” of further communications and advertising, (c) USAB’s internal use, information, and recordkeeping, and (d) all other uses authorized or anticipated by this Privacy Policy or for which Users grant permission to USAB either electronically (via any method) or in writing.

3. Cookies, Collection of User Information. Users may browse and read general Website content without revealing Personal Information other than default information customarily logged by Website and its host server. USAB, Website, and the host server may automatically collect information from all Users, including without limitation: (a) the date and time of Website access, (b) the originating IP address from which the User accessed Website, (c) the Internet address of third-party websites from which User accessed or linked to Website, and (d) pages and portions of Website the User views or accesses. USAB and Website collect this information through the use of Cookies. “Cookies” means text files with electronic identifiers which store and retrieve information from and about Users, permitting the Website to recognize returning Users, track Website use and maintain customized Internet webpages and preferences. Session Cookies expire when a User exits the Internet browser. Persistent Cookies remain on a User’s computer for a given time or until deleted. USAB and Website use both session Cookies and persistent Cookies. Cookies used by USAB and Website do not collect other personally identifiable information. USAB and Website do not combine information collected from or through Cookies with other Personal Information to determine the identity or email address of Users without the individual User’s express consent. USAB and Website collect and periodically review information collected using Cookies in order to provide access to, review, and evaluate the Website and related services, to establish priorities and allocate resources associated with Website and related services, and for other internal informational purposes. USAB and Website may also use Cookies, web beacons or other programs to determine, on an anonymous basis, which portions of Website are most frequently accessed by Users. Users who wish to purchase products, enter contests, or actively use other services available from USAB and/or Website may be required to provide specified Personal Information as part of the purchase, entry or other use of Website or USAB services. Users have the option to choose not to purchase products, enter contests, or use other services or features which would require disclosure of Personal Information. USAB reserves the right to keep copies of all information, including without limitation Personal Information, provided to USAB and/or Website.

4. Registration, Download, Purchase, and Entry. USAB may, but have no obligation to, permit individual Users to register for and use personal accounts and/or submit various types of information to USAB and/or Website. As part of the registration, download, purchase, contest entry, and/or account creation process USAB may ask for Personal Information about the relevant User, including without limitation the User’s name, age, address, e-mail address, login name, password and, with respect to purchases or downloads, credit card or other payment information. USAB requires this information in order to provide products and services and to engage in transactions with Users. USAB and Website may use Cookies and other available technology to remember User preferences and customized settings, facilitate User access to products, verify User access to product updates and personal accounts, and for all other reasonable purposes related to User’s registration, downloads, purchases, updates, contest entries, and other transactions with USAB and Website.

5. Nondisclosure of Private Information. USAB will not sell or disclose Users’ Personal Information to any third party except as reasonably required: (a) to provide products and services offered by USAB and Website, to engage in transactions with Users, and to provide Users with notice of new, available, or modified USAB products and services, including without limitation updated product offerings, (b) by law or to comply with legal process served on USAB or Website, (c) to comply with applicable Terms of Use, Contest Rules, Disclaimers, this Privacy Policy and other applicable policies, rules, procedures and practices of USAB and Website, as in effect from time to time, (d) to develop, improve, operate, maintain and debug Website, (e) to maintain USAB’s company records, and/or (f) to protect and defend the rights, property and personal safety of USAB, Website, Users and/or members of the public.

6. E-Mail and Other Contact. Users who register for a personal account, purchase or download products, enter USAB contests, and/or access other products and services available from USAB and/or Website must provide a valid e-mail address and other identifying Personal Information as requested. USAB may use Personal Information to contact Users from time to time for purposes of updating User information and providing Users with information about: (a) updates to previously purchased or downloaded products, (b) contest entries, (c) products and services offered by USAB, (d) changes to USAB and Website policies, rules, procedures and practices, (e) User’s personal account, and/or (f) other legally mandated notices, or for purposes of compliance with law enforcement. USAB does not and will not sell or disclose User names or e-mail addresses to third parties. USAB does not engage in “spamming,” but submission of Personal Information constitutes the User’s permission for USAB to use the User’s Personal Information to contact User by e-mail and postal mail for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, including without limitation USAB advertising and promotional information, subject to the User’s right to opt out of future solicitation and promotional email and mailings.

7. No Unsupervised Minors. USAB is concerned about safe, supervised use of the Internet by Minors. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Minor” means any natural person under the age of eighteen (18) years. USAB does not knowingly collect information from Minors without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Use of Website, purchase of USAB products, and/or entry into a USAB contest constitutes a warranty that the User is not a Minor or is a Minor using Website with the full knowledge, supervision and consent of his or her parent or legal guardian. USAB strongly encourages parents and legal guardians to review all posted Website policies, rules, procedures and practices carefully and to monitor use of the Internet by their Minor children. USAB reserves the discretionary right to block or terminate the access, downloads, purchases or contest entries of any User suspected or determined to be a Minor acting without the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.

8. External Links. Website and USAB products may contain links to other Internet websites (“External Links”). External Links may be provided, owned, or maintained by third parties not related to or affiliated with USAB. USAB has no control over and disclaims any and all liability and obligations arising out of and relating to third-parties, third-party websites, and External Links, whether or not linked to or from Website, USAB products, or otherwise. Users are advised and strongly encouraged to carefully review and understand the individual privacy policies of other websites, and to exercise caution and discretion in using External Links. USAB accepts no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies or actions of third parties or for information provided to or by third parties, whether or not linked to or accessed through Website.

9. Privacy Rights. Personal Information may be subject to a variety of legal rights, including without limitation privacy and publicity rights. Use of information appearing in USAB products or on Website is subject to applicable law and USAB policies. Users are hereby placed on notice that content created by USAB and posted, linked, uploaded to, downloaded from or transmitted via the Internet, including without limitation Website, is covered by copyright and other applicable law. USAB reserves all rights in and to its copyrighted materials, which may not be redistributed, resold, published or made available via peer-to-peer or other file sharing services. Reposting or distributing copyrighted materials may subject Users to substantial legal and other penalties, including without limitation fines, attorney fees, injunctions, and statutory penalties. Users are also placed on notice that information transmitted via the Internet may be intercepted or captured by third parties without the permission of USAB or Website and despite the use of software programs designed to prevent such interception and misuse. Users hereby agree to hold USAB harmless from and against all interception, distribution, and unauthorized use of Personal Information by third parties not under the actual or legal control of USAB, including without limitation the disclosure or distribution of Personal Information obtained from USAB or Website through “hacking” or other illegal means.

10. Modifications of Privacy Policy. USAB reserves the right to change the terms of use and this Privacy Policy from time to time, with or without cause or prior notice. USAB will post changes to the Privacy Policy on Website. Changes are effective immediately upon posting. Users are responsible for reviewing the Privacy Policy regularly and understanding its terms and legal consequences. Use of Website, purchase or download of USAB products, entry into a USAB contest or other use of or access to products or services offered by USAB and/or Website indicates the User’s verification that the User has read this Privacy Policy and any other applicable rules and policies in full and completely agrees to abide and be bound by them as if the User had signed a written contract containing this Privacy Policy and other applicable rules and policies.


General Disclaimer: USAB expressly disclaims any and all liability and obligation for statements, actions, and warranties of or made by any person or entity other than USAB and its managers and owners.