Sensational Sharks

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It never ceases to amaze me when we go to a large aquarium—kids always search for the sharks. They look for them among all the tanks and displays, and then simply stand and watch them swim by, totally captivated with these eating machines. Sensational Sharks was written to build on that fascination and broaden the learning experience with geography, science, and much more.

You are about to set off on an exciting learning adventure with your child. Just imagine:

Discovering the many senses of sharks.SensationalSharks_spread
Learning about the anatomy of sharks.
Investigating the way that sharks breathe.
Exploring one new kind of shark each day. Watch this video to get a glimpse into Sensational Sharks!

Sharks are powerful and rapid-moving creatures that have plenty of teeth and play an important role in God’s creation. From the frills of the frilled shark to the wacky camouflage of the wobbegong shark, these fish come in all shapes and sizes. Who would not be curious to find out more about the cookie cutter shark, or investigate the megamouth shark? Let the curiosity and fascination of your child run wild with this study, and watch his wonder as he discovers that learning can be amazing.

The research and study of sharks provide a wide-open door of adventure for our children. Dive in with Sensational Sharks and let them learn!

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Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Sensational Sharks:

My biggest question while reading over this unit study is “why hasn’t Amanda written this before?!” Sharks are fascinating for kids! I love this study. You and your children will learn all kinds of facts about sharks, including what sharks really eat and their special and unique senses that other sea creatures don’t possess. Besides good, solid facts about sharks, Amanda has included wonderful links to videos and even some daily jokes your kids will love to tell. One of my favorite things about Amanda’s studies are the long book lists included, taking all the leg-work of planning out of the equation so you can have more quality time to actually do the study. I would suggest tying in Sensational Sharks with a whole semester on oceans, but it would be great alone too. Also a great study to plan around a trip to the beach! Any fears your kids might have about big scary sharks will most definitely be replaced with awe and interest when you do this study. Get ready for BIG fun!

—Alicia in NC

Sensational Sharks will keep your kids engaged through amazing videos of sharks including a baby shark being hatched, shark skin experiment and kids petting sharks. In this unit study children will learn geography, science, history, math and more. There are scriptures and funny jokes throughout. Book, app and activity recommendations. And each day there is an interesting, “Did You Know?” Like, did you know that some sharks glow in the dark. The unit study includes lots of great arts and crafts projects (which was our favorite part about this unit study) including salt dough, paper mache, watercolor pencil projects and more.

And don’t forget about the amazing lapbooks now included in many of the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. At the completion of this unit children will have a beautiful lapbook to read over and over again that includes information about anatomy, shark types, oceans, vocabulary and more.

—Kathy in GA

Grades K-4, takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

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