Elections Pop-Up Co-Op 2018

Elections Pop-Up Co-Op 2018

You might be wondering, what is a Pop-Up Co-Op?

While transitioning from retail work, where we had Pop-Up Shops—you've seen those at special events— it occurred to me that those would be a super fun way to create a mini-homeschool community. They are super popular here in Kentucky around Derby.

They have a single purpose. They focus on the element of FUN. As homeschoolers, you're also aware of what a co-op is. If you've never participated in one, it's a time of shared inspiration and shared community. Like the retail Pop-Up Shops, they also have a single purpose and focus on the element of fun!


With the re-launch of UnitStudy.com, it seemed the perfect time to "set up shop" with our own fun-filled little family via the Pop-Up Co-Op! Our first one will focus on Elections. Grab your copy of the Elections 2018 Unit Study for only $7 this week.

Rather than hold these co-ops within a larger group, we've created a singular community that will work side-by-side for a time-- focusing on how we can inspire one another, laugh together, and learn with one another.

It'll be a great place to ask questions, get those questions answered on a specific Unit Study!

Elections 2018 Pop-Up Co-Op begins Oct 8 and runs for 4 weeks, ending the Friday before Election Day.

So, jump in- have fun! And let's co-op!