Facebook Party

Facebook Party

We are so excited to have you join us tonight as we share about the relaunch of UnitStudy.com! 

Make yourself comfortable and get ready for a fast-paced party, filled with lots of fun. We have lined up some great giveaways and we'll be taking you on a fun, prize-filled Scavenger Hunt!  

Click Here to download your freebie! (this freebie is no longer available)

Here are some Party Tips: 

1. Be sure to "like" our page!  
2. Things will move quickly along the timeline! So Refresh Often -- you can use the F5 function (PC) or Command R (Mac) to make that quick and easy. 
3. Consider turning off notifications. It might get just a little bit busy here tonight!
4. The giveaways will be available for you to enter after the party ends. Don't feel like you have to rush over and enter right away, causing you to miss all the fun here at the party! They will be available through Monday night, September 17.
5. Have fun!