Homeschool Tip: Tree Forts and No Regrets

Homeschool Tip: Tree Forts and No Regrets

There are several moments in your life as a homeschooling parent that will stand out in clear focus when your children grow up. One of those moments came for me at the high school graduation of our oldest child, and it came in the form of a repeated sentiment during graduation ceremony when parents stood at the podium to express their feelings to their graduating child.
 The repeated sentiment was one of regret that they had never made the time to build a tree fort with their child.

As I stood there waiting for our turn to speak, I couldn’t help but reflect on what that might say about our efforts as homeschooling parents. Perhaps we get so wrapped up in covering all of the academics that we lose sight of some of the fun and amazing things—things like building tree forts, counting shooting stars, hiking and camping with our kids.

I pray that you aren’t one of the parents standing at graduation with regrets about the fun and amazing things that you didn’t do with your child. Create time for the delightful moments of discovery and adventure that are there for the taking when the kids are young. Trust me, the time flies all too quickly, so don’t wait.

Get out there and go exploring!