If The Shoe (or curriculum) Doesn't Fit

If The Shoe (or curriculum) Doesn't Fit

If your child outgrows their shoes, what do you do? Make them keep wearing them? Of course not – you replace the shoes with a pair of shoes that fits, and childhood continues. But, shouldn’t this apply to their curriculum, too? Sadly, I see people doing just the opposite with curriculum that just isn’t working. The child hates it, and the parents hate using it – the year is lost and that time can never be found again. Forcing a child through ill-fitting curriculum can build resentment toward learning in the child – a resentment that is tough to turn around.

If you are struggling with curriculum that just doesn’t fit – your child, you, or your current situation, please consider trying something else that could bring the joy back to learning again. I know just how it feels to be where you are, frustrated parent and child bored to tears – I have been there. Textbooks just weren’t working. They were boring, and the retention of the material was minimal. Within a week or two, the information the child had to memorize for a test had vanished, only to be replaced with new information for this week’s test.

All of this led me to find an answer that would help our children love learning again – putting an end to the “how many pages do I have to do TODAY?“ routine. That’s when I began writing unit studies that kids love – first for our children, and then for yours. I’ve worked hard to create complete unit studies (no simple outlines or task lists that you, the parent, have to prepare for). I‘ve worked hard to create studies that are easy to use, complete and ready to go – no prep required, and definitely affordable.

I made a decision to spend this time homeschooling our children to help them love learning, not battle boredom. This is not a dress rehearsal, and the comment “we’ll just power through this curriculum because I’ve spent so much for it” just doesn’t work any more. Try a few of my unit studies – perhaps Oceans or Roller Coasters – and see if you notice a change in their enthusiasm for learning.

A love of learning is a gift that you can give them that will last a lifetime,
and we are here to help.