Passing the Baton - An Introduction

Passing the Baton - An Introduction

Amanda is excited to announce that all of the USAB products are now being published by Paradigm Press! Amanda has been writing for the homeschool market for over 20 years, and she's known Ashley & Alex Wiggers, owners of Paradigm Press, for many of those years. When Amanda first met them, they were youngsters whose parents were also publishers for the homeschool market. As Amanda has watched them grow up, fall in love, and marry, she's known they were going to do some amazing things.

Over the years, Amanda was blessed by her friendship with Debbie Strayer, author and publisher of Homeschooling Today magazine. Debbie encouraged Amanda, pushed her into speaking at conventions, writing articles, and getting the word out there that homeschooling with unit studies was and is a doable thing. A few years ago, Debbie went home suddenly to be with the Lord, leaving a big hole in our lives. Ashley had recently married Alex Wiggers and together they formed Paradigm Press and took on the publishing of Homeschooling Today magazine, one of Amanda's favorite homeschool resources.They work hard to honor the knowledge that they gained from their parents as they were homeschooled, and they are now bringing the USAB products under the expanding Paradigm Press product line.

USAB has grown so much over the years (it now has almost 100 study products) that Amanda felt it was a good time to move the business side of publishing over to a new publisher. After much prayer and many conversations, Amanda decided to choose Paradigm Press as the new publisher of her products. She's still going to be around, writing and dropping in from time to time. She loves to do exactly what her friend and Ashley's mom said over and over again, "Speak LIFE!" Amanda and Ashley are born encouragers and moms with bold homeschooling attitudes. They want you to be encouraged and bold in your homeschooling, and their products are ready to help you. While Amanda's  children have finished college and are off chasing their dreams, Ashley and Alex have a young toddler and a new blessing on the way!

One of the most unique features of the USAB studies is their interactivity. Students interact with each part of the study as they learn. There are video links, information links, projects, and much more. Paradigm Press is excited about the interactive features of USAB, and they've got some great ideas to expand these products along new lines. So many of our customers use our interactive studies on Kindle Fires, getting one for each child when Amazon has a sale. This helps us move closer to a child being able to virtually reach out and touch whatever they are learning about.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week's update to learn more about our story, our mission, and our upcoming giveaways!