Using Unit Studies With Multiple Ages

Using Unit Studies With Multiple Ages

Many of us have a broad age range to consider when teaching our children, and my unit studies work well with all ages. I know what it’s like to be teaching kids across a broad age range – our children covered a ten year span! Keeping this in mind, I design these studies so that the whole family can work on a unit study together, studying the same topic but varying the assignments based on each child’s abilities. While the youngest child might draw pictures of the story, the oldest child might be writing a brief summary of the book and its author.

When everyone in the home is pursuing a common topic, dinner conversation is never dull, and the ideas the kids come up with are priceless. I will never forget some of the daily stories the children shared with Dad at the dinner table . . . like the time they told him about their lesson on how metals could melt when they watched me melt a pot through an electric burner when I forgot I was boiling water for tea. Learning together as a family can provide a wonderful experience for everyone, and memories that last a lifetime.

For multiple ages of students, consider the following suggestions:

Unit Study Adventures™:
These studies are divided into four weeks of study. Designed for all ages, from early elementary through adult, each day has a basic structured learning plan for Elementary Grades (Lower Level) and one for Jr./Sr. High Grades (Upper Level). Depending on the ages and needs of your children, you can choose to use all or just a few of the daily assignments. For example, a six-year-old student might be assigned only one or two spelling words and perhaps just one of the Read and Discover questions, while a ten-year-old student might do most of the Lower Level assignments for each day. The same holds true for Jr./Sr. High school students. While most high school juniors or seniors should be able to complete all of the daily assignments on the Upper Level, a fourteen year old might not be ready to handle that much work in a day. Use these lessons as a tool, and customize them to fit your family and your children’s needs. What doesn’t get completed this year can be left for further study next year.

Download N Go™:

These studies are written primarily for grades K-4, which makes is a great resource if you are teaching multiple ages in that range. Keep in mind that the resources provided in the Download N Go™ studies are carefully researched and include titles and additional Internet Resource links that can be adapted for use with older students. For example, where the K – 4 students might be asked to draw a picture or answer a simple question about what they’ve learned, you could ask an older student to write a paragraph or two about what they’ve learned. Remember, my studies are designed to be a tool for you to use in the way that best suits your family. Feel free to have fun and improvise!

Passport Geography™:
Take an in-depth look at world geography with the new Passport Geography™ series Passport Coversby Amanda Bennett! These 1 to 2 week studies use a cross-curricular approach (covering geography, history, science, etc.) to take students on virtual journeys around the globe. Each study is interactive, available in two different levels, Scout Level for grades K-6 and Explorer Level for Grades 7-12. The Passport Geography unit studies including interactive daily lessons and are ready for use – no prep required.

Don’t forget that these are digital studies. You will be sent an email with a secure link to download your studies (pdf file) immediately.

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