What is a Lapbook?

What is a Lapbook?

What is a lapbook? It’s a creative & fun learning tool that reinforces the unit study content – a very simple, hands on activity that is included with both the Download N Go™ and Passport Scout unit studies. Children remember things that they create, and lapbooking reinforces the content of these studies.

The colorful lapbook templates are ready for you and your child to print, cut out, and complete together. With these elements, your child will make pop-ups, vocabulary mini-books, timelines, and much more. These pieces are then attached to a simple file folder that is folded in a unique way to create a special “lapbook”.

Why is lapbooking a great choice for learning?

Lapbooking brings a lively, creative project appeal in a simple, ready-to-use format. Daily lapbooking templates are ready to just print and use. Have you ever created a lapbook with your child? These activities are made to be easy enough for a beginner, but “meaty” enough for children who have been lapbooking for a long time.

Children often learn more easily by doing something with the information they are studying. Creating a lapbook allows a child to display what he has been learning, and they work well with unit studies. Lapbooks can be a great learning tool for all learning styles, too!

Lapbooking encourages interest and motivation levels by using bite-sized pieces of information at a time. Shorter units help kids stay focused and provide them the thrill of completing their project. (Time to show Grandma as they excitedly tell all about each of those parts in their colorful lapbook masterpieces!) Here are a few videos to learn more about lapbooks:

Video: How to Make a Lapbook

Video: What is a Lapbook?

You can choose whether or not to include the lapbooking components on each study – they are optional. And remember that you can tailor my studies to fit your child – the very best approach to learning.

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