Download N Go®

Download N Go®

Our DNG studies are interactive and engaging one-week studies that are cross-curricular (include history, geography, science, etc.). They include integrated lapbooking components, and are ready to use immediately—no preparation required. Written primarily for grades K-4, they are a great resource for teaching multiple ages in that range. Keep in mind that the resources provided in the Download N Go™ studies are carefully researched and include titles and additional Internet resource links that can be adapted for use with older students. For example, where the K – 4 students might be asked to draw a picture or answer a simple question about what they’ve learned, you could ask an older student to write a paragraph or two about what they’ve learned. Remember, our studies are designed to be a tool for you to use in the way that best suits your family. Feel free to have fun and improvise!


“I am so happy to have found something that is fun for my children, easy for me, and a complete study with real learning taking place.”
Hillary in IN


This series of unit studies offers a new kind of learning experience. The studies contain daily lessons woven together with eye-pleasing pages and interactivity based on exciting themes. There are no expensive resources required. These studies are complete and affordable. Many homeschoolers love this method because it works so well for simultaneously teaching multiple age levels.

Some benefits of unit studies include:

  • Students learn more detailed information with an in-depth study of a topic. Capturing children’s natural curiosity with many exciting themes to choose from opens up the path to deeper understanding and better retention.
  • Unit studies encourage the use of imagination, creativity, and thinking skills. The basic subjects are covered while reinforcing other academic abilities.
  • The topic studied is perceived as a whole instead of bits and pieces scattered throughout their education. They are not likely to forget what they have learned and experienced!
  • It’s a great way to learn and bring the whole family together!


“I love that the work has been done for me and
all I have to do is open the unit study and start teaching.”

Lori in MI


Why is the interactive and very visual approach of Download N Go® studies so successful?

  • Use of multimedia engages students and provides valuable learning opportunities. There are numerous links to educational videos, complementary worksheets, a variety of crafts, and valuable information.
  • Research has shown that most often, verbal information is better remembered when accompanied by a visual image.
  • Provides a fun, meaningful aspect to learning.
  • Saves you time—all the work and research have been done for you! Just click and you’re there!


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