Creative Arts Adventure Set

Creative Arts Adventure Set

Author: Amanda Bennett

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Creative kids in the house? You know, the ones that are always building, drawing, coloring? Time to let them shine and enjoy the learning adventures while you enjoy great savings.

For those of you with designing kids in the house, this one is for you. With this set, you will see all kinds of learning possibilities for the days ahead:

  • No prep required, just download after purchase and begin the adventure.
  • No other books required.
  • This can be your core curriculum, just add math and language arts.

Learning should be an activity that captivates your child, not a chore that they must complete each day. Take away the drudgery and the “how many pages do I have to do?” and let them explore new topics with our interactive unit studies.

The following studies are included in the Creative Arts Adventure Set:

Type Download N Go® and Unit Study Adventure™
Grade Kindergarden-4th Grades and K-12 Grades
Length 1-2 Weeks and 4 Weeks
Page Count 437 Total
Format Digital Download

Check back soon for helpful videos on this Unit Study.

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