Seminars by Amanda Bennett

Seminars by Amanda Bennett

Author: Amanda Bennett




Being the Homeschool Mom That They Need

No one ever said that being a mom was going to be easy, and the added responsibility of being a homeschool mom can be overwhelming at times. What do your children NEED from you that will carry them through the bumpy road of life ahead?

How can you be that homeschool mom – the one that they need – and still stay fairly sane and enjoy this life of homeschooling? With three kids now through college, Amanda’s got plenty of experience, lessons to share, and loads of encouragement for your journey. Don’t miss the “Mom Move” and prepare to laugh and learn as Amanda shares from her own wild journey through homeschooling.

Getting Them Ready for College

This is my “real college prep” talk for parents – NOT about the ACT or SAT, or about counting credits or transcript preparation, which are important, of course. This is about getting children ready for LIFE at college and beyond. With two through college and one beginning his senior year of college, Amanda has learned from personal experience how to help kids make the transition successfully. The high school years are vital in the transition from homeschooling to pursuing a college degree, and there are plenty of things that you can easily work on during this time. Preparing them for classroom lectures, “interesting” professors, educational bureaucracy, responding in new situations, and so much more – these are vital to the success of many kids in college. Amanda takes time to explain these and more, and shares her heart about the importance of getting them ready for life, not just a diploma.

Reality Homeschooling for This Generation

It’s not just about curriculum choices, or homeschool room design, or methods, or learning styles. As a homeschool mom of three with 18 years of firsthand experience, Amanda shares what she’s discovered that can make your homeschooling effective in these days of ever-changing technology and so many distractions.

In reality, making choices mesh for each individual child AND your family is vital. Learning is occurring at every corner of the world, and the world has truly become the homeschool student’s learning environment. Making it all work today can be daunting or a walk through childhood years that they will never forget. Join Amanda and learn some very important ideas and methods for your success, and prepare to be encouraged!

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